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Three sizes of tent, with a popular and useful layout for family camping. Inflatable for ease of pitches.
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Family Friendly

Last Updated: January 25, 2017

The Vango Edoras tent is a great family layout, with a good living space, bedrooms at the back, and a shelter on the front.

If you don’t like the shelter on the front, you purchase an awning that closes the front off with a door.

It comes in three sizes:

  • Edoras 400 XL
  • Edoras 500 XL
  • Edoras 600 XL

The smaller Vango Edoras tents are very similar to the Vango tent we use, which is a great size for weekend camping, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is quick to pitch.

If you have a small family (or small kids) then the 400XL or 500XL may be fine for much longer camping stays too, such as staying a week somewhere in the summer.

Obviously, the Edoras 600XL will give you more space for longer stays.

While there is nothing technically wrong with using the Vango Edoras 600XL for weekend camping, you might find that the additional size is a little more work, especially if you fill it with a lot of stuff 😉

Tent Dimensions and Specs

4 Person, 5 Person, 6 Person
This is the number of people that the manufacturer reports the tent could accommodate. Some manufacturers provide larger bedroom dimensions than others, so take the tent’s bedroom sizes into account. On some tents you will want less people than this number to make it more comfortable.
2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms
We class a bedroom as a separate compartment that you can sleep in from the main living space. A sleeping area may be divided into separate bedrooms. Make sure the bedroom is big enough for your needs.

Ideal for Weekends
This is a tent you might want to consider for weekend camping, where you will only be sleeping in it for a night or two, but you want something quick and easy to pitch.

Ideal for Longer Breaks
This is a larger tent ideal for longer stays where you will be sleeping several nights or even a couple of weeks.

Air Framed
This is an inflatable tent, where you pump up air tubes instead of inserting tent poles.

  Vango Edoras Pitching Instructions

Vango Edoras Awning

Each of the 3 sizes of the Edoras tent has an awning that fits over the open shelter on the front of the tent.

This can provide you with a little bit more living space, or a way of providing some extra shelter if you are using your tent during the cooler months.

As you can see below, it adds a little extra length to the tent too.

400XL with Awning

500XL with Awning

600XL with Awning

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