The Vango Diablo – A pod style tent ideal for larger families

The Vango Diablo - A pod style tent ideal for larger families
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It's great to see a return of this popular layout.
The Good Stuff
The Vango Diablo is a great solution if you have older kids that want their own space.
The Not So Great
This can be quite a big tent, especially the Diablo 1200XL, so make sure you have space to transport it.

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Family Friendly

Last Updated: January 22, 2017

It’s great to see this layout back, this time in the guise of the Vango Diablo.

The layout is ideal if you have a family with kids that want that bit of independence, with Mum and Dad on one side of the tent, and the kids on the other.

Vango is producing this in two sizes: the Vango Diablo 800XL comes with two 4-person sleeping pods, and the Diablo 1200XL comes with 3 4-person sleeping pods.

The 1200XL is a massive tent, and most families won’t need to accommodate 12 people, but if you do have a large family, this massive tent is certainly an option. Watch our video below for a quick tour of the tent.

Vango Diablo Awning

If this massive tent isn’t already big enough, you can get an awning for it too.

The Vango Diablo awning will fit either the 800XL or 1200XL versions.


Another advantage of the Vango Diablo is that it is a Vango Airbeam, so simply pump it up to pitch it.

A quick look at the Diablo

Tent Dimensions and Specs

8 Person, 10 Person+
This is the number of people that the manufacturer reports the tent could accommodate. Some manufacturers provide larger bedroom dimensions than others, so take the tent’s bedroom sizes into account. On some tents you will want less people than this number to make it more comfortable.
4 Bedrooms, 6 Bedrooms+
We class a bedroom as a separate compartment that you can sleep in from the main living space. A sleeping area may be divided into separate bedrooms. Make sure the bedroom is big enough for your needs.

Ideal for Longer Breaks
This is a larger tent ideal for longer stays where you will be sleeping several nights or even a couple of weeks.

Air Framed
This is an inflatable tent, where you pump up air tubes instead of inserting tent poles.
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  1. Is there similar alternatives to this tent? The T shape is ideal for what I’m looking for but is there any others? Also any that are poled and not air? Thanks

    8:34 am on June 17, 2017

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