Adventure Camping with the Robens X3 HT Tent

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Last Updated: October 19, 2017

Family camping doesn’t always have to be about large tents.
Sometimes, just one or two small tents are all you need to throw in the back of the car for a quick overnight weekend camp.

We can’t always all get away as a family either. Sometimes it’s just me and our little lad. Sometimes I take my daughter with a few of her friends, sleeping in a separate little tent.

As your kids get older, you may find that they will need a little tent, such as if they go on to do the Duke of Edinburgh award.

We’ve reviewed a few small tents from Vango before, but this time, we asked Robens to send us one for us to get a closer look.

The Robens X3 HT Tent

Robens are known for their innovative lightweight adventure camping gear, and this tent falls right in that bracket. The X3 HT Tent is just as ideal in your backpack as in the car.

It’s not one of their most expensive or lightest of tents, but it does just weigh 3.7kg. Compared to the 30-60kg family tents, that is a nice relief.

Robens X3 HT Tent Details

The tent is technically a three person tent, though you’ll find it more comfortable with just two of you sharing.
It also has a small porch area that’s ideal for drying out boots.

Pitching the Robens X3 HT Tent

On all the small tents we’ve had to date, you have to slide the tent poles into sleeves on the tent.

With the Robens X3 HT tent, you instead put the tent poles into anchors on each corner and then clip the tent onto the poles.  I found this a great way to pitch the tent and a good change from sliding poles into sleeves.

a great way to pitch the tent

At the top of the tent is a ventilation grill. The final piece of pitching is to affix a piece of material that simply clips over the top of the tent so that rain doesn’t come in through the grill. This also helps hold the tent structure together.

Using the Robens X3 HT Tent as a Family

We’ve used this Robens tent a number of camps now, and we really like it.

Using the Robens X3 HT

I’ve found that the double Outwell Dreamboat fits perfectly in it. That’s not the sort of SIM you would take if you were backpacking, but if you are just popping off for the weekend in your car, it makes the Robens tent very comfortable.

Size wise, with just two of us in the tent, we found it quite spacious for a small tent.
Of course, there’s no standing height, but you can sit up inside the tent.

with just two of us in the tent, we found it quite spacious for a small tent.


GOWTK Thumbs Up AwardIf you are looking for a small tent for backpacking, D of E, or just something for an overnight stay at the weekend, then put this on your list as a tent to consider.

We like it, recommend it, and give it the GOWTK Thumbs Up award.

Disclaimer, Thanks, and Credits: We would like to thank Robens for supplying us with a Robens X3 HT to test and review. All opinions are our own.

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