Outwell Bear Lake 6É – It looks like a canvas tent, but is it?

The Good Stuff
The Bear Lake 6E tent has a great layout for family camping. The large sheltered porch is a real plus. You also get the new Ambassador bedrooms and the new Taslon fabric.
The Not So Great
Not got anything bad to say about it really, though do consider the weight of this tent when pitching and transporting to the campsite. It will need at least two of you to pitch. There is an inflatable alternative option.

Overall Rating


Family Friendly

Last Updated: January 28, 2017

I have always really liked the design of the Bear Lake tent.

It’s got a practical living and sleeping space, but what gives this tent its character, is the sweeping front porch. It’s a perfect place to sit out and shelter from the wind/rain/sun (if we ever get too much of the latter that is!).

The Outwell Bear Lake 6É is a version of the Bear Lake in Outwell’s new Élan collection, which features the new Taslon Fabric.

What is the Outtex Taslon Fabric?

Simply put, the new Outwell Taslon fabric is a polyester tent fabric that looks like polycotton or canvas.

So, why might you want this new fabric?

Well, obviously, if you like the traditional canvas look, however, you like the practicality that 100% waterproof polyester gives you, then this is the fabric for you.

It also feels thicker than regular polyester tent fabric, and Outwell claims it is much tougher. In theory, this could mean your investment in the tent lasts longer.

Taslon is based on an Outtex® 6000 fabric, which has a hydrostatic head of 6000mm.

the new Outwell Taslon fabric is a polyester tent fabric that looks like polycotton or canvas
The downside, of course, is that it is slightly heavier than normal polyester, and so take that into account when pitching the tent.  Outwell recommend that at least two people should pitch this tent. (Click here for the Outwell Bear Lake 6E Pitching Instructions).

The flysheet for the Bear Lake 6E weighs 34.1kg. The flysheet for the Outwell Denver 6, a similar design but with Outtex® 4000 fabric, weighs 18.3kg.

Other Outwell Bear Lake 6E features?

Of course, you get many of the Outwell details, such as guyline retainers and the drop-down tent entrance so you don’t trip when going in and out of the tent.

Ambassador bedrooms are larger than standard tent bedrooms, stretching to 2.5 metres
This tent carries the new Ambassador bedrooms, which are larger than standard tent bedrooms, stretching to 2.5 metres. They also have their own cable entry for powering lanterns and gadgets in the bedrooms, plus the back of the tent doesn’t slope as much, making them roomier.

Talking of the bedrooms, the ceiling is darkened to help prolong sleeping hours when the sun rises early in summer, and they also have a thermo-reflective coating, helping keep some heat in during cool nights and keep heat out during hot days.

As standard, you also get tinted windows for privacy on the campsite. Having used these, I can tell you they work really well and they don’t make the interior of the tent too dark.

all the doors come with mesh, so you can leave them open for ventilation without the bugs flying in
And if you don’t like bugs in your tent, all the doors come with mesh, so you can leave them open for ventilation without the bugs flying in.

Extras and Additions

Carpet and tent footprints are available, as well as a front awning if you don’t want it open.

This wraps around the front of the tent, converting that large porch into a panoramic living space.

The awning might be something to consider if you plan on using your tent most of the year, providing you with the ability to sit out and watch the view but with more protection from the weather.

Another addition is something Outwell call the dual-protector.

This fits over the roof of the tent and provides additional protection from things like bird droppings and the harmful sun’s rays.

It too has a thermo-reflective coating. Fitting the Dual Protector one way around, and you’ll have improved insulation in your tent. Fitting it with the silver side up, and you’ll keep more of the sun’s heat out of your tent.

With the Taslon fabric, the Dual Protection may be an addition you want to consider, as polyester heats up and cools down quicker than breathable polycotton fabric.

the Dual Protection may be an addition you want to consider

As you notice from the photo, the Dual Protector also adds a side canopy, which is a nice addition.

Tent Dimensions and Specs

6 Person
This is the number of people that the manufacturer reports the tent could accommodate. Some manufacturers provide larger bedroom dimensions than others, so take the tent’s bedroom sizes into account. On some tents you will want less people than this number to make it more comfortable.
2 Bedrooms
We class a bedroom as a separate compartment that you can sleep in from the main living space. A sleeping area may be divided into separate bedrooms. Make sure the bedroom is big enough for your needs.

Ideal for Longer Breaks
This is a larger tent ideal for longer stays where you will be sleeping several nights or even a couple of weeks.

Rigid Frame
This tent has a rigid frame using metal or steel tent poles.

Outwell Bear Lake 6E Pitching Instructions

More specifications on the Outwell website

Alternatives to the Outwell Bear Lake 6É

Like the tent but want real Polycotton?

Then check out the Outwell Alamosa 6ATC.

You get the same great design, but with Outwell’s polycotton fabric. Plus, the Alamosa 6ATC is ‘air framed’, so there will be less steel poles to mess about with 😉

Like the tent but want something cheaper?

Then check out the Outwell Denver 6.

This has the same layout with the sweeping front porch, but does not have the Taslon fabric and has fewer features.

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  1. Hi Gav,

    I’ve bought a Outwell Bear lake 6 2016, but I can’t find the misures of the carpet and the footprint. Where can I find them? Is there any compatible model?


    8:08 am on May 24, 2017
    • Hi Andrea,

      So this year Outwell have the Bear Lake 6E, but unfortunately, it has different dimensions.

      Your tent’s living area is 420 wide x 280 deep, and the Bear Lake 6 is smaller at 400 wide x 260 deep.

      You could, of course, get the Bear Lake 6E carpet, but you’ll have to live with a 10cm gap at the edges.
      Unfortunately, after having gone through all the Outwell tents for you, the Bear Lake 6E carpet appears to be the best fit out of all the current tent carpets they do.


      5:50 pm on May 26, 2017

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