Outwell Outtex® Airtech

The Outtex® Airtech is a polycotton tent fabric. This is a mix of polyester and fabric, providing you with the benefits of both classic canvas and modern technologies.

This is a breathable material, which gets more water-resistant the wetter it gets. It is also treated with both a water-repellant and UPF50+ coating.

Outtex AirTech

The Outtex AirTech tent fabric (Image credit: Outwell)

Being polycotton has the following advantages over normal polyester tents:

  • Warmer than polyester when the weather gets cold. It will retain more heat inside your tent.
  • Cooler than polyester when the weather gets hot. Polyester tents soon get very hot. Your Polycotton tent will stay cooler.
  • Quieter. Less noise from the campsite to disturb a great night’s sleep.

To get your tent ready for camping, you will need to “weather it”.

The naturally breathable fabric has small airholes. These seal up when the fabric gets wet, and then dry in their new position.

The Outtex Airtech has a water-repellent coating, but to make extra sure your tent is ready for the campsite, pitch it at home and wet it with the hose and then dry out a few times.

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The Outwell Yosemite Lake 6TC is a massive family holiday tent with that classic cotton tent feel.
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If you want a top of the range tent, with that luxury feel, for your summer camping holiday, then the Outwell Yosemite Lake 6TC should not disappoint. Ideal for a family of four or five.
Value for Money
Family Friendly
  • Technical Cotton for the luxury and traditional feel, which also helps with heat and sound insulation.
  • The tent material has a UPF50+ rating, helping to protect your family from UV rays when inside the tent.
  • Zip up blinds and tinted windows for privacy at the campsite.
  • Lots of tent doors to choose from.
  • All exterior doors and bedroom doors have bug mesh to help keep the insects out.
  • Larger than standard bedrooms, with an even bigger main bedroom.
  • Darkened bedrooms for a better night's sleep.
  • Quick and Quiet door on the main bedroom and main door to the living space.
  • Massive living space with plenty of room for camping furniture.
  • Large and flexible porch zone.
  • Power cable entry into the tent, bedrooms, and porch zone.
  • Price. The Outwell Yosemite Lake 6TC is an expensive tent. Technical Cotton is excellent, but if it's not high on your priority list, opt for one of the other large Outwell family tents with polyester-based material. It will be cheaper, and you'll get just as many, if not more, features.
  • The tent is heavy, even when split into two bags. You will need AT LEAST two people to help pitch it.
  • The tent is designed for extended camping stays and is too big to be practical for just one or two nights camping at the weekend.
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The Outwell Mountain Lake 5ATC is a luxury family tent, ideal for family camping holidays, for two adults and a couple of kids.
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The Outwell Mountain Lake 5ATC is a top-end tent that's ideal for creating that family holiday home-from-home.
Value for Money
Family Friendly
  • Outwell Outtex Airtech polycotton tent material.
  • Darkened and larger tent bedrooms.
  • Large and flexible living space.
  • Wing-lounge.
  • Multiple cable entries.
  • Optional groundsheet for porch area.
  • Quick and Quiet inner doors.
  • Tinted windows with zip-up blinds.
  • Expensive.
  • Bulky and heavy when packed.
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