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Suggestions for Regatta Tents

Below are some suggestions of extensions that may fit some Regatta tents. The fit may be not always perfect, and you may have to ‘make it work’.

Click here for a guide on fitting tent extensions from different tents.

Regatta Premium 4 Man Tent Extension

Regatta Premium 4 Man Tunnel Tent
Regatta Premium 4 man weekend tent

There are two types of Regatta Premium 4 Man tents.

If you need an extension on the front of your tent, have a look at one of the Vango Adventure Tarps. If you shop around you may be able to still get a blue one. Alternatively, you could go for the neutral coloured Coleman Classic Awning.

Neither of these are fully enclosed but will give you a bit extra shelter, especially if you add some windbreaks too.

The tarps will also work if you need a side shelter. Unfortunately there’s not many blue side extensions around at the moment. You could go for a bigger tarp to create a larger shelter. Click here for more information.

These are suggestions only. Always double check the measurements from where you end up buying the extension from before you purchase.

Still can’t find an extension for your tent?

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