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Using an Extension or Awning from another make of tent

Using an Awning from a different brand of tent

If you still haven’t found an extension for your tent, you might be able to use one from another tent. Even from another brand of tent.

Side extensions are usually easier to fit than front ones.

How to find an extension that fits

Side extensions are usually easier to fit than front ones
For side extensions…

  1. Find out the height of your tent. You may need to search the internet if you don’t know it.
  2. Use the table below to find an extension of similar height that looks as if it might be a good match.

With side extensions, the height doesn’t have to be exact as you usually have at least 5cm higher or lower to play with.

For front extensions, you want the dimensions to match pretty well, though a fraction larger on the extension may still work. Check the width of the extension with the width of your tent, as well as the height.

Click on the button below for more guidance.

Read our guide on using an extension from another tent >>

‘Universal’ Tent Extensions

Some manufacturers create extensions that can be used across a range of their tents. The design of this type of extension usually works well on tents from other brands too….though you might have to ‘make it work’. (See our guide for more details on fitting a tent extension from another tent).

Here are some universal tent extensions that you might want to look at.

Front Extensions that may fit

Vango Woburn 400 Awning (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 185cm Width: 260cm View Details >>
Vango Iris 500 Awning (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 195cm Width: 210cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Enigma 5 Canopy (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 195cm Width: 290cm View Details >>
Vango Icarus Deluxe Awning (2016) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 195cm Width: 330cm View Details >>
Vango Icarus 500DLX Awning (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 195cm Width: 335cm View Details >>
Robens Shade Grabber (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 200cm Width: 280cm View Details >>
Freedom Trail Universal Canopy (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 200cm Width: 300cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Aura 3 Porch (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 205cm Width: 230cm View Details >>
Vango Iris 600 Awning (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 205cm Width: 270cm View Details >>
Coleman Classic Awning (2014) Type: Front    Universal? Yes    Height: 205cm Width: 462cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Oasis Elite 6 Canopy (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 207cm Width: 450cm View Details >>
Vango Anteus 600 Front Awning (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 210cm Width: 380cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Oasis 6 Porch (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 215cm Width: 410cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Voyager Elite (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 216cm Width: 420cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Oasis Elite 8 Canopy (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 235cm Width: 145cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Frontier 8 Porch (2017) Type: Front    Universal? Possibly    Height: 235cm Width: 550cm View Details >>

Side Extensions that may fit

Kampa Watergate 6 Enclosed Canopy (2016) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 205cm Width: 230cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Kalahari Elite Porch (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 205cm Width: 330cm View Details >>
Hi Gear Zenobia Elite Porch (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Possibly    Height: 205cm Width: 330cm View Details >>
Vango Excel Side Awning Standard (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 205cm Width: 345cm View Details >>
Kampa Watergate 6 Canopy (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 205cm  View Details >>
Kampa Watergate 8 Canopy (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 205cm  View Details >>
Vango Exceed Side Awning Std (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 210cm Width: 240cm View Details >>
Vango Exceed Plus Side Awning Tall (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 220cm Width: 320cm View Details >>
Vango Exceed Side Awning Tall (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 220cm Width: 320cm View Details >>
Vango Excel Side Awning Tall (2017) Type: Side    Universal? Yes    Height: 220cm Width: 345cm View Details >>

If you do find a good match, let everyone know by adding a comment at the bottom of this page.

Use this information as a guide to narrow down your search. Always double check the measurements from where you end up buying the extension from before you purchase.

Did you find a good match?

Let everyone know of your discovery by leaving a comment below. Upload a photo too to help other people see how it fits.

Is there nothing that currently fits your tent?

You can still have an additional shelter by using a camping tarp. Click here to find out how.

Click here to see how to create your own tent canopy >> << Back: Start Over

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Extension Search February 18, 2017
  1. I have a vango dunkeld 500 tent. Will a vango avington 500 extension fit it?

    12:07 pm on June 23, 2017
  2. Hi, recently bought the outwell colorado 5 2nd hand and want to purchase side and front extension. The front is 350cm width x 200 cm high and the side us 145cm wide x 290cm high. Its also the blue tent. Any suggestions for compatible parts.

    10:04 pm on June 15, 2017
  3. Hi, looking for a front extension for an Outwell Oregon 5. They did do one, but is discontinued and am finding it hard to find a used one. Would also prefer one that is fully enclosed. Am thinking something like the Vango Icarus awning would fit, or this universal Vango one (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vango-Universal-Premium-Front-Awning-Medium-Epsom-Green-330cm-wide-SV-/272252836091?hash=item3f638898fb:g:cKoAAOSwepJXUF65) – just worried they might be a little too wide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    12:17 pm on June 14, 2017
  4. Hi. We are new to camping so have bought a second hand Gelert Alaska 8 (model down from the Gelert Horizon 8 I think). We have just taken the plunge and booked our first trip away in the summer hols to see how we like it before we then invest in a new tent. Can you recommend a side porch that will fit? An end one won’t do as we need to use all 4 bedroom pods and I can only find these in my searches.

    11:00 am on June 13, 2017
  5. Hi We have a Vango Tigris 400 and I’m looking to make it larger either by extension or side. Every site I look on seems to be for the 600. Are there any available for the 400. We brought it a couple of years ago thinking we would be able to extend but now I’m struggling to find anything.

    11:42 pm on June 12, 2017
  6. Hi, we are looking for a front canopy for our Vango Mira 500. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks Mel.

    10:46 pm on June 9, 2017
    • Hi Mel,

      Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good match for an extension to fit on the front of your tent but you might have some luck with a side extension. See here fore details: https://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk/tent-canopies-porches-extensions/vango-tent-extensions/#mira-500

      8:28 pm on June 13, 2017
  7. Hi Gav
    We’re brand new to camping and have just bought a trespass torrisdale super cheap. I wondered if you know of a front extension that might fit?

    8:55 pm on May 29, 2017
  8. Hi, we have recently started out camping and had a fantastic bargain on a second hand Sunncamp Stratus 4. Can anyone recommend a suitable side extension or porch?

    9:23 pm on May 27, 2017
  9. Hey there professionals… anyone know if a side porch is available for this Regatta 8 man tent? http://www.homeessentials.co.uk/shop/regatta-premium-8-man-family-tent-with-carpet/hi564/product/details/show.action?pdBoUid=9696#colour:,size:

    Thanks so much


    11:13 am on May 23, 2017
  10. Hi Gav,

    I have the Vango Icarus 500 classic tent which now seems to be discontinued and can not get the canopy for love nor money. I read somewhere that the Outwell Rockwell 5 extension would be a good fit, any ideas if thus is true or you know of another canopy/extension that would work.



    9:51 am on May 22, 2017
  11. Hi
    I have a Coleman Coastline deluxe 6 berth and I’ve been desperately in search of a front extension as the Coleman product is now discontinued.
    Looking at the Vango Iris 600 Awning (2017) dimensions I believe it may fit?
    Does anyone have any experience of this extension or knowledge of any other extension?
    Many Thanks

    10:04 pm on May 19, 2017
  12. Hi, we have a hi gear sahara 6 and are looking for a front porch. Could you help advise best one that will fit please. Thanks.

    8:53 pm on May 18, 2017
  13. Hi

    I have a vango nadina 600 tent and would like to know if i can get a zipped front extension for it.

    After having looked through your advice it seams to me that the vango exceed side awning tall may fit, it has the same width as the Nadina entrance 320cm and the height is 220cm which is 10cm bigger. It is the closet thing i have found and is a colour match.

    Any advice as to if this would work as a front entrace extension gratly appreciated.



    7:37 pm on May 17, 2017
    • Hi Neal,

      Well, it might work, but you might end up with quite a bit of spare fabric over the top of the tent, since it is a side awning.
      You might also find it difficult to attach it to your tent as the side awning is designed to warp over the top of a tent, but that probably won’t be easy to do. You might be able to rig something with the extension tent poles and spare guylines to your tent’s poles. It probably won’t look too pretty though.

      I’ve added a search for your tent on our Vango page, but couldn’t come up with any better enclosed front extension.

      Sorry it’s not better news.


      10:40 pm on May 18, 2017
  14. Hi , I am looking for either a side extension or a front extension for my Outwell Covington 4 tent. The front width is 300, height 200. Do you think the Outwell flagstaff 5 front awning extension width 320cm , height 205 would that work ?

    im looking for an extension for cover and a little space for sitting down . Can you suggest something ?

    I read on the Outwell site that it was common to look at awnings that were slightly wider -5cm wider either side and height 5cm . I’m not sure the reason for this and whether this applies to awnings in general whether they are side or front.

    Many thanks

    4:17 pm on May 16, 2017
  15. I have a vango orchy 600 and i cant find a front canopy to fij. Do you have any ideas where i an get one please

    1:26 pm on May 14, 2017
  16. Hi, we have just purchased the urban escape 6 man air tent. Unfortunately there is no official awning, it would need to be a side awning as the bedrooms are each end. The height of the tent is 205cm and the width is 310cm. Does the width of the tent matter so much on a side awning? And as it’s an air tent, do we need an air awning? Thanks, Gemma.

    10:14 pm on May 11, 2017
  17. Hi

    I have an old Vango Equinox 350.

    I’d love a “shelter/porch so I can get into the tent in the rain without the wet door flapping on my back!

    Any suggestions please?

    9:44 pm on May 7, 2017
    • Hi Ann,

      For the Vango Equinox, I think you are limited to a tarp.  There are a few tarp options that can work to create a shelter over the top of the door. https://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk/camping/camping-tips/universal-tent-extensions/#tarp

      8:37 pm on May 11, 2017
  18. Hi. Do you think the Hi Gear Oasis 6 porch would work with the Mojave 5 tent?!! Or any suggestions for one that might?! Thank you

    7:56 pm on May 3, 2017
    • The height looks a good match. Unfortunately, it’s 30 cm wider than your tent.  A gap of 15 cm each side might not look too bad, but I would be concerned about it catching the wind.
      Also, since the front of your tent slopes, you might not get much usable space in the porch, since the Oasis 6 porch would mainly just cover the front door of your tent. 

      I’ve added the Mojave 5 to the Hi Gear extension page https://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk/tent-canopies-porches-extensions/hi-gear-extensions/#mojave5 

      An extension that is 380cm wide is the Vango Anteus 600 Front Porch. This is also sold at Go Outdoors.  It connects to the front of the tent by clipping onto the tent poles. this might be something that you have to adjust to make it work. 

      Hopefully, the Porch is on display at a Go Outdoors local to you so you can go and have a look. 

      Alternatively, I have just seen someone selling a Mojave 5 tent with awning on eBay – though you’d have to buy another Mojave 5 to get it!

      7:34 am on May 7, 2017
  19. Hi, we have an Outwell Lakeside 600 and was wondering if we could get a front extension for this.

    5:00 pm on May 1, 2017
  20. Hi, we have a Vango Aura 400 and would like an extension for it. Have you any advice please? Thanks

    8:23 am on April 29, 2017
    • Hi Caroline,

      Unfortunately it’s really difficult to find an extension for the Aura 400.  I’ve added some details for your tent’s options on the Vango extension page

      However, I think you are looking at creating a shelter using a camping tarp and some windbreaks, or something like the Coleman Classic Awning

      7:41 am on May 3, 2017
  21. We have an Outwell Nevada XLP from 2013. Height 215cm width 370cm Do you have any suggestions for a front extension? I wondered about the Outwell Whitecove 6 front extension as it is the same height, 215 cm but at 390cm it is a full 20cm wider.


    8:53 pm on April 23, 2017
    • Hi Karen,

      You might be able to make this Whitecove 6 extension work, but that 20cm gap could also spell disaster if it catches the wind – though you could minimise this by making sure most of the gap is covered by your side door entrance porch.  The Whitecove 6 front awning secures to the Whitecove tent with a strap that clips onto the tent pole. I’m not sure if the strap will be the right length for your tent or if it will be in the right place. For example, if it is where your side entrance porch is, then securing to your tent without causing damage could be a problem. 

      Unfortunately, I can’t easily find another good match for your tent’s dimensions.  Depending on what you want the extension for, you might want to consider creating a shelter with a tarp and windbreaks instead.

      7:23 am on May 3, 2017
  22. Hi I have a van go Maritsa 700 in blue , is there a front porch that would fit

    9:34 am on March 19, 2017
  23. Hi, we have a Vango davinci 500 and are looking for an extension for it, couldn’t see it on your list, can you advise on the best match please

    10:43 am on February 20, 2017

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