Are you looking to make your tent bigger?

We have three steps to help you find an awning, canopy, or extension for your tent.

If you are taking your family away for a number of nights, making your tent a bit bigger can certainly make life a little easier, even if it is just somewhere to keep muddy boots.

On this page, we try to help you find an extension for your tent, even if the manufacturer doesn’t make one.

There are three steps to follow.


Browse the list of Extensions and Awnings for different Brands of Tents

Over the years we have been building an archive of older tent models and possible matching extensions. To find an extension for your tent, click on the tent brand below to search the archive.

If you can’t find your tent, then go to Step 2.

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Locate your tent’s height and width and see some possible options.

Put in your tent’s height, and if you are after a front extension, your tent’s width too, into our Tent Extension Search.

Step 2 - Tent Extension Search >>

Still no match? Go to Step 3.


All is not lost if you still can’t find a tent extension. We have some tips on making an extended shelter for your tent.
Camp kitchen under tarp

You might still be able to create a shelter from the elements and create a bit more space. See our guide to creating a shelter with a camping tarp kit.

Learn how to create a shelter with a camping tarp kit >>

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Tent Canopies, Porches, and Extensions – Search for one that fits your tent June 16, 2012
  1. As there are so many people looking to fit tent extensions, couldn’t read them all, I think the manufactures are missing a lot of business. Would you consider a section for photos and details of tents where people have successfully fitted or adapted an extension, canopy or awning. I recently bought a new Outwell Hornet 6SA and have adapted a canopy from a Montana 6,it looks like it was designed for the Hornet and adds that extra bit of shade.

    12:21 am on July 19, 2018
  2. Hi Gav, I’ve just bought an Outwell Oakland L but can’t seem to find a front extension to go with it. Do you know if these are available or if there’s a compatible one? Many thanks Suzanne

    2:47 pm on June 27, 2017
  3. Hi Gav, we have the freedom trail bhutan tunnel tent, would the coleman galileo 4 porch extension fit

    10:43 pm on June 24, 2017
  4. hi gav, we are lookig for a front extension/canopy for a gelert bliss 4 tunnel tent, or one that would fit, havent had much luck as i beleive gelert is no longer trading?
    Mart Palmer

    8:16 pm on February 17, 2017
  5. Hi I’ve just bought the Outwell 7p alabama tent. And after it arrived last week I was thinking I might purchase a side awning for it but then to find its been discontinued. (Gutted) any ideas on weather i can get any other side awning to fit this tent please?

    7:38 pm on January 14, 2017
    • Hi Liz,

      Well, the good news is that Outwell still make the Alabama 7P
      However, were you referring to a specific year? Do you know how your tent differs to the 2017 Alabama 7P?


      9:25 am on January 15, 2017
      • Hi Gav Its the 2016 alabama tent and I haven’t a clue on how it differs to the 2017 tent.

        9:51 pm on January 16, 2017
        • Well, the good news is that there’s not much difference from 2016.
          Outwell have made two of the bedrooms slightly longer, which has meant they needed to make the tent a fraction longer too. But height, width, and colour are exactly the same as you have.

          The bad news is that there’s no official awning or extension for the Alabama 7P.
          And there’s more bad news. A side-awning from another brand will not be great fit on the Alabama, and you’ll not get a great colour match.
          The closest I found was this inflatable porch at Go Outdoors.
          However, I’m not sure it will fit that well and might look a little weird.

          If you are after a bit of extra outdoor living space, my recommendation is to get a tarp kit. The Easy Camp tarp kit that we use is a grey colour, and so it will probably look coordinated with your tent.
          Another option is to join the Outwell Camping Club on Facebook and ask if any other 2016 Alabama owner has found a good side awning alternative

          Hope that helps.

          7:19 am on January 17, 2017
          • Ok Gav thanks for your help. Allweathers wear I ordered the tent from have all so gotten back to me to say I could try the Outwell universal AC side awning for our tent so I’ll try and have a look into that.

            8:28 am on January 17, 2017
          • Yes, that might work… but different colour of course 😉

            9:12 am on January 17, 2017
        • Hi Liz – did you find an awning or extension that fitted as I am looking for the same as you! Just bought the 2016 alabama and looking for an extension side or front for a bit more space.

          3:34 pm on August 7, 2018
  6. Hello, I’m looking for a side porch for my Quechua 6.3xl air tent. Preferably one with a door which we can use to cook/eat in when raining, also not too bad a colour match. Thanks.

    11:20 pm on December 17, 2016
  7. Hi, I have a gelert quest 6 man tent which is 210cm, and I am wanting a side porch. Could someone please help advise in the best one that would work. I am a first time camper aonhave no knowledge of brands etc

    10:17 pm on November 8, 2016
  8. Hi,
    I’m really struggling to find a side extension for my Outwell Glendale 5 2013 model.
    Dimensions of the extension are 225Hx280W. Tent height is 220.
    I’m not really bothered if it’s a different brand or even colour! Do you know if a front extension could be used as a side extension? I’m just wondering if the top flap attachment might be longer on side extensions.

    12:18 pm on August 16, 2016
  9. Hi,

    We have the Hi Gear Atakama 5 tent really struggling as some of the new Hi Gear tent extensions appear they would fit but the tent is blue and Hi Gear now only appear to do their tents in green ?
    Any ideas I have been looking at the Vango Icarus 500 extension it’s a bit wider but the height is a match as is the colour.


    2:04 pm on July 29, 2016
    • Hi Laura-Jenny,
      Yes, it does look like a reasonable match. The additional width could catch the wind, but since this is an open ended canopy, that might not be too much of an issue.

      9:57 pm on August 2, 2016
  10. Hi I have a vango kasari 800 with the canopy, do you know if the canopy would fit on the side entrance as well as the front? the side entrance is 20cm narrower and slightly shorter so I’m guessing it could just a little baggy? want to check before I pack it as our tent pitch isn’t big enough for it to go on the front

    9:29 am on June 3, 2016
  11. Hi, I have a Vango Tigris 800 tunnel tent which is 210cm high, would I be ok using a side porch extension that was 220cm high?

    11:45 am on May 16, 2016
  12. Hello,I wondered if you know if there is a porch to fit the urban escape atago 5 man tent?many thanks

    8:51 pm on April 17, 2016
  13. Hi, I want to add a front porch to my Vango Maritsa 700. The tent has been discontinued and whilst I can find lots of options that match the width, everything is 5cm to short. Can I use another brand that is a few cm shorter or will I struggle with it?..

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated as I don’t want to go down the road of a tarp as I want it covered at the sides.

    7:12 am on April 5, 2016
    • Hi Edward,
      Fitting front extensions from other brands is possible but it can be tricky as front extensions are usually specific to the tent they are designed for and often require certain attachment points on the tent, which another brand will not always have.
      Side extensions are easier since they don’t normally attach to the tent. However, with the Vango Maritsa, I understand why you would prefer a front extension.
      You might be able to rig something with only 5cm difference in height. You would need to be careful that it didn’t put too much pressure on your tent’s fabric and it is a flush fit, as if it got windy, it could increase the risk of damaging your tent.
      If I’m right in thinking, you need a front extension that is 320cm wide and 200cm high? Last year’s Jura 500 extension appears to match that exactly. See here
      This year’s extensions should be coming available now, and I expect Vango will have an equivalent if you can’t find the Jura 500 Awning.

      7:59 am on April 5, 2016
    • Hi Edward,
      It is possible to fit a front extension from another brand, but it can be difficult as a lot of front extensions are designed to attach themselves to a specific model of tent. As well as possibly making a different attachment with some spare guy lines, you will want to make sure it fits flush to your tent to avoid damage if the wind catches it. With an extension that is 5cm smaller you might be able to stretch things to make it work, but be careful it doesn’t put too much pressure on your tent.
      I believe the Vango Maritsa 700 is 200cm high on the front opening and 320 cm wide? In which case, check out last year’s Vango Juno 500 front extension. It appears to be the same dimensions. Here’s a link to it

      8:49 am on April 5, 2016
  14. Hi someone has asked me if a gelert large porch end would fit onto a outwell mantana 6 birth tent iv been told it may fit but I’m not sure. Thanks

    7:38 pm on April 4, 2016
    • I think it depends which Gelert end porch and which version of the Outwell Montana 6 it is. The current Monty 6 is 415 cm wide and 225cm high, so the Gelert End Porch would need to be quite big. The large Gelert end porch that’s available on Amazon is only 400 cm wide and 210 cm high. It might work, but doubt it would be a great fit.

      8:40 pm on April 4, 2016
  15. I have a sunncamp haven 8 flex tent anyone know what porch will fit this as I can’t seem to find the one that goes with it anywhere.

    5:47 pm on March 27, 2016
  16. Hello, wondered if you might be able to tell me if the Vango Kalu 400 awning would fit my Boston 400 tent??? It’s 10cm taller – do you think we would get away with this?

    10:11 pm on March 20, 2016
    • Hi Emma,
      Does the width work well with your Boston 400 tent? If so, you may be onto something.
      I notice that Vango’s exenstion does slope downward where it gets to the tent, so that 10cm may not be much of an issue.
      It does appear that the Vango extension fixes into some poles on the Vango tent that aren’t in the same place on the Boston, so if you do go down this route, you might need to use some extra guylines to secure it in place.

      10:37 pm on March 20, 2016
      • Thank you for your time – yes the width is 260cm so the same as the Boston 400 so hopefully it will fit ok!
        It’s on offer so may treat us!
        Thanks for the tip on guy lines – Can I buy those separately and just add them then?
        Thanks Emma

        10:12 pm on March 21, 2016
  17. Hi I have a hi gear sendero 4 .wundered if anyone new any porchs or canopys tht wud fit ??

    4:01 pm on January 2, 2016
  18. Hi, I’m looking for a canopy/awning for a Outwell Nevada L tent. Any idea if the Nevada LP Front Awning
    will fit the older Nevada L tent or are there any alternatives that I can use with the Nevada L?

    3:31 pm on August 28, 2015
  19. Hi, I’m trying to find a front awning for my Vango Avington 600 that is in green, so far I can only see that the Anteus 600 will fit that is in blue. Is there another one out there that will fit? thanks

    9:11 pm on August 17, 2015
  20. hi, does any one know what will fit our hi gear, Mojave 5 tent. Unfortunately we do not have the money to pay the current price of £140+, anyting that may fit but alot cheaper would be great! Many thanks, Colin.

    12:13 pm on August 7, 2015
  21. We have the higear Gobi elite 4. We read all that you’ve said – no porch made, best option Coleman classic awning, but, we cannot get hold of the Coleman classic anywhere, its totally sold out. Is there a similar alternative as we thought it looks great.

    10:51 pm on August 4, 2015
  22. Hi I am looking for a porch to fit hi hear sahara 6 man tent any suggestions please

    8:40 pm on July 27, 2015
  23. Hi, we have a Hi gear rock 4 tent and I am having no luck finding a porch/canopy as I am told that the tent is no longer sold.
    We haven’t used the tent that many times but now we have 2 little boys we need a bit of extra space, reluctant to buy a larger, newer tent due to us still being novice campers and only use the tent for weekend breaks.
    Any advice appreciated.

    6:04 pm on July 5, 2015
  24. I’m looking for an extension for my Outwell Nevada M (mocha). Would the Nevada MP (grey) fit?

    9:37 am on June 16, 2015
    • Hi Phil,
      Is your Mocha Nevada M 360 wide, 485 long, and 200 high? The Nevada MP has the same width and same height. I believe the extension clips to the frame, so I suspect it will fit the M as well as the MP.

      10:48 pm on June 22, 2015
  25. Hi, I am looking for an extension/awning for my Outwell Iowa 6 tent. It’s the topaz colour so I know I haven’t a hope of finding anything to match it colourwise. I was looking at the Vango Excel side awning. The height matches but I don’t know whether I should go for large or small. The door and window section measurements of the Iowa are 220 and the small Vango awning is 240, so is that big enough? I fear the large one at 345 would swamp the tent but I know the actual extension made for this tent was 325, so I’m confused. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?



    9:24 pm on June 14, 2015
  26. Hi I’m looking for a exstension for my rage alta but having trouble finding one and was wondering if you know of any alternative

    Kind regards


    11:26 am on June 7, 2015
    • Hi Dawn,
      I just dropped you an e-mail.

      8:41 pm on June 10, 2015
      • Hi Gav,
        I noticed Dawn asked you about an extension for the rage alta 4 tent, but you didn’t post it public?

        If poss could you guide me to some extensions etc for it as I am struggling ‘being a new camper’ to find anything.

        Ideally additional rooms would be great but more space is needed for us all lol.

        Thank you and I will look forward to seeing what you come up with.



        9:46 am on July 26, 2016
    • Hi Dawn, did you find an exstension for the rage alta tent?
      I can seen to find the right one, as the tent only has a front door not a side door lol.
      If you have any suggestions id really appreciate it.

      9:32 am on July 26, 2016
  27. Hi, I have a 4 man Regatta dome tent, bought a couple of years ago and am looking for an extension. Any ideas?

    4:10 pm on June 6, 2015
  28. Hello, I’m still on the quest to find a awning – either side or front for my Icarus 500 (200H x 315W) circa 2010 model. Has anyone used the Excel side awning (small) or the Juna 500 front awning on this tent? or has anyone found another good match?


    12:44 pm on June 1, 2015
  29. Hi

    I really hope you can help, I’m sure you can as after reading all the comments on here, it appears to be one of the most helpful sites I have come across!

    We have just purchased an immaculate 2nd hand Vango Airbeam Infinty 800. We are desperate to find a canopy which fits, and I note that approx. 1 year ago you have someone the advice about the Vango Airbeam Exclusive Canopy?

    Is this still the right one for us to purchase? The reason I query this is they are still retailing at just under £300 which I find very steep considering we got the tent itself for £550!

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Debs.

    10:34 am on May 31, 2015
    • Hi Debs,

      I’ve put a few suggestions for the Vango Infinity 800 on the Vango awnings page:

      The best price we found on the AirBeam exclusive was £250, which is not bad for an AirBeam awning…especially when you consider the price of a new Vango Exclusive AirBeam. I agree, it is nearly half of what you paid for your tent, but that’s the difference between older models and the latest versions.

      If you don’t mind a few tent poles in the awning, you could go for the non-AirBeam version. That’s currently around £115, and might even be a better fit for your Infinity. Have a look at the large Exclusive Side Awning and see what you think.

      I hope that helps.


      5:59 pm on May 31, 2015
  30. I have a Lichfield Sandwood 4 + 2 exceed and am looking for the side extension…. does anyone know has this been discontinued?

    12:15 pm on May 18, 2015
  31. Hi
    We have a Vango Exclusive Palena 600, which they no longer make. We are after a shelter/sun canopy rather than an extension- it’s a big enough tent, I just need shelter for cooking in the rain etc- but having huge problems. Vango themselves say there isn’t anything that is compatible. My local camp shop have suggested the Vango Advernure Tarp but I’m not sure it is big enough. I really wanted something ‘attached’ to the tent as there is no porch at all on the tent. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks

    4:17 pm on May 15, 2015
    • Hi Emma,

      A tarp is probably your most flexible option, though I agree the Vango Adventure Tarp is too small for the Palena 600.

      We’ve been using the much bigger High Peak Tarp, which you can see in our article on creating a camp kitchen

      We sometimes put the tarp right up to the front of the tent, or sometimes to the side, depending on what our pitch is like.

      I couldn’t spot any other canopy option that will fit the Palena’s height of 220cm and width of 370cm.

      Hope that helps.


      5:01 pm on May 15, 2015
  32. Does anyone know if the Easycamp wichita 500 front extension will fit the Easycamp Boston 500? Or anything else similar? I have found the official Boston 500 awning bit it hasn’t got any sides and after the drenching we got at the festival this time last year would prefer something enclosed to keep the cycle trailer and wet gear in!

    10:51 am on May 15, 2015
  33. If it is the Vermont P side awning it is perfect. It was made for your tent 😉
    Hope you manage to get it.

    6:54 pm on May 13, 2015
  34. Good find 🙂
    Yes, that looks like it could be a good fit….and a good sizes extension for the price.

    11:38 pm on May 12, 2015
  35. Unfortunately it’s too small. 🙁
    The front extension needs to sit just outside the width of your tent.

    The side extension I mentioned yesterday, the Hi Gear Kalahari Elite porch should fit, but it’s a lot more than £30.

    A tarp shelter may be the best option unless you can find a secondhand side extension.

    8:06 pm on May 12, 2015
  36. Does anyone know if an outwell glendale E side extension will fit onto an outwell vermon XLP side the height is the same but I’m not sure how far over the material will go, given the different widths of the tent.

    4:32 pm on May 12, 2015
    • Hi Gary,

      I take it you have the green Vermont XLP?

      I don’t know for sure if it does fit, but the height is a good match.
      The sides of the Glendale E tents I think are a little more curved than the Vermont’s, which might mean the fit isn’t perfectly flush, but I can’t see anything in the side extension pitching instructions tha would cause an issue.

      If you do go for it, come back and post us a picture to show what it looks like.


      8:23 pm on May 12, 2015
      • Hi Gav, yes Ive got the vermont xlp, and im concerned about the length of the part that reaches over the roof, not really worried about the sides. The width of both tents are quite different.

        Interesting ive just seen this on gumtree….Ive asked them what extension that is as it looks perfect for what I want

        8:45 pm on May 12, 2015
      • yup got the xlp, concerned about the roof part (might be too wide), just seen this on gumtree, perfect for what I want. asking them what model it is.

        8:53 pm on May 12, 2015
  37. Hiya I am really struggling to find a decent fit canopy or porch for my sunncamp vario 6 tent. It’s 220 high and 390 wide, luckily the front is flat vertical where I want it to go, so I don’t have a slope to contend with. Do you think something like a Colorado high gear 5 canopy would do it? Ideally I wanted something that would close but I think I’m expecting too much! Many thanks

    7:31 pm on May 11, 2015
    • Hi Anneliese,

      Do you mean the Hi Gear Corada 6 Front Canopy? If so, I’m not sure you’ll be able to find a new one, unless a Go Outdoors store still has some stocks left.

      Fitting front extensions is actually much more difficult than the sloping side extensions.

      Since the Corado 6 is 215cm high and 410 wide, you might be able to get it to work, but you’ll need to try and get the Corado canopy over the top of your Vario 6 tent.

      Alternatively, something like the Hi Gear Kalahari Elite Porch might be another option, putting that extension over your side door.

      Since the Corado extension is an open ended shelter, I’m wondering if you’re more after a sheltered area to sit out under outside your door than increasing the indoor living space of your tent?

      If so, there could be another option by using a camping tarp like the large one we’re using

      You could place one side of the tarp over the top of your tent at the front. You would put poles out to the side and front (you can get extra poles; most tarp kits only come with two).
      That would create you a sheltered cover. Add a few windbreaks at the side and you’ll have an enclosed are right outside your tent’s front door.

      You would probably want to get that down in strong winds, but it might offer perhaps a more flexible option and you won’t have to worry about colour not matching.

      I hope that helps.

      If you decide to get an extension or create a shelter for a tent it would be great if you came back here and posted some pictures 🙂


      9:43 pm on May 11, 2015
  38. Hi I was wondering if you new or had any suggestions on a canopy for the Southwold Air 8 tent. We only brought the tent last year and was surprised that they have discontinued it. Many Thanks 🙂

    3:30 pm on May 10, 2015
    • Yes, it’s really annoying when manufacturer’s end things all of a sudden and you can no longer find an extension.

      This year it is hard to find an alternative that has a good colour match.

      I’ve added some thoughts and suggestions here:

      The best I could find was Vango’s inflatable side extension, though it’s a completely different colour.
      My personal preference would be to create a separate shelter using a neutral coloured camping tarp.

      Hope that helps.


      6:21 pm on May 10, 2015
  39. Hi
    Am looking for a canopy/extension for my vango infinity 600 tent… Is there a universal one?

    10:44 am on May 4, 2015
  40. I have a coleman 5 instant dome tent. Any ideas what i could use as a porch. They dont do one for this tent even though they advertise one on coleman web site. Mistake thet say when i phoned them .

    8:13 pm on April 27, 2015
  41. I am trying to find the side porch for the coleman coastline 6, but its not available anywhere. is there any alternative ones that can be used?

    12:04 pm on April 23, 2015
  42. Hello Everyone,
    I have just purchased the Outwell Trout Lake 6 2014, but unfortunately now I can’t find anywhere to buy the front Extension from.
    Does anyone know when I could get it from, or offer an alternative.
    Thanks in advance,

    7:22 pm on April 19, 2015
  43. Is there a canopy for the regatta premium 4 man weekend tent?

    10:53 am on April 19, 2015
  44. Hi Dan,

    I wasn’t sure which Adventura tent it is as the link was to a dome tent, but isn’t this the tunnel tent?

    If you have the dome tent then have a look at the Coleman Classic Canopy or the Vango Adventure Tarp. It won’t give you a closed shelter though.

    If you have the Tunnel Tent then finding an extension that fits well on the front is going to be difficult, and even a side extension could be problematic as the side door is close to the sloping front, so the porch may not fit too well.

    If you need a big shelter, we’ve been using the High Peak Tarp 2 throughout last year rather than a tent extension. See here

    Add some windbreaks and a few extra tarp poles, and you have a large outdoor kitchen and living space, which can free up a lot of space in your tent.

    However, if you’d rather have more space in the tent, say for a camping holiday where you’ll be staying a number of nights, then rather than invest in lots of extensions, you might want to think about upgrading your tent.

    Here’s some 6 person family tents

    Look at the layout of the Boston 600 for example:

    You have a much larger living space, more light, and even weather protection on the side entrance, which you can always use as storage space if you are not going in and out of the side door.

    Lots to think about there.
    Hope that helps though.


    8:07 am on April 15, 2015
  45. Hi looking for a porch for a regatta 8 man premium tent can any one recommend anything

    8:26 pm on April 12, 2015
  46. Hi does anyone know if there’s a extension for the lichfield yuchi 8 man tent (old version)

    9:46 pm on April 9, 2015
  47. Hi we were looking for a cheap extension for a 2012 outwell Birldand 3 and wondered if a hi gear Corado 4 canopy would fit? Thanks

    8:23 pm on April 4, 2015
    • Hi Sarah,

      Unfortunately the Hi Gear Corado 4 canopy is 320cm wide and your Outwell Birdland 3 is 255cm wide. Sometimes you can make things work with a little difference, but I think this may be difficult to do in this case for a successful awning.
      The Corado 4 canopy is not very deep either, so you wouldn’t get a lot of space once the sloping front of the Birdland is taken into account.

      I’ve had a search and it’s difficult to find a great match.
      The Hi Gear Aura 3 porch looks a better fit. Again, it doesn’t exactly match the dimensions of the Birdland 3, but it is deeper and has material at the back that you can use to make a better fit around your tent.

      However, if I were in your shoes I’d look at getting a neutral coloured tarp to use as an additional shelter, with some windbreaks.
      You can even cover the front of your tent with part of the tarp so that you can come in and out in the dry.

      Hope that helps.


      11:38 am on April 7, 2015
  48. Looking for an extn in green to fit a Nevada mp 2014 Either an open front or a side extn.

    1:49 pm on April 1, 2015
  49. Hi, we have a Coleman Columbus 6 tent and are looking for a side awning/extension. It is a great tunnel tent but it is slightly narrower one end than the other. So am wondering if a side awning would fit? Can anyone help?

    12:48 pm on March 30, 2015
    • Hi,

      That tent is an interesting shape!

      You might be able to put a side extension on at an angle. One with plenty of material to cover. But it may look a little odd and not be a perfect fit.

      Colour matching may be an issue too. I looked at some blue extensions but none appeared to be a good fit for your tent.

      Perhaps going for a tarp and wind breaks will be the best option. You could get a big tarp and pull over the top of your tent, securing with long guylines on the far side, and then with tarp poles on the front – a bit like the canopy in the picture but a lot bigger.

      Put a windbreak around and you have an area that’s protected a lot from the elements and you can walk in and out of your tent in the dry.

      It may also help with colour matching. You could go with a neutral light grey tarp, like the High Peak one we reviewed.


      1:06 pm on March 30, 2015
  50. Hi, desperately after a green extension canopy for my 2012 Vango Kasari 600. Ive searched high and low but cant find one! Any ideas or one that may fit? Many thanks in advance!

    10:29 pm on March 27, 2015
    • Hi Antony,

      Effectively your Vango Kasari 600 already has the Vango side extension already built in.

      I did find this picture here of someone fitting side extension onto the Kasari.

      It doesn’t look a perfect fit, but it appears to work. Not sure if that was the official extension or something else.

      The closest Vango match I could find is the Excel Side Awning.

      Unfortunately this is 240cm wide and I believe you need 260cm width?
      Vango have also been tweaking their green colour, so you may not find an exact colour match.

      A non-Vango option might be something like the Hi Gear Voyager Elite 6 porch, though that is 290cm wide, there is some material that you can gather in to make it work, but you’ll need to have a look and judge that for yourself.

      If you are just after another sheltered area to sit and eat, a camping tarp and wind break could be an easier way to go.

      Hope that helps.

      9:18 am on March 30, 2015
  51. Hi does anyone know if there is a porch or tent extension for the lichfield yuchi

    9:40 pm on March 27, 2015
    • Hi Lynne,
      A side extension that is around 200-210cm high would make the most sense, but since the Yuchi already has a porch over the entrance door, you would need a long side extension to get any benefit, as most of the extension would be taken up with the porch.
      I think it really depends what you need the extension for. If it is just for eating, sitting, and cooking, I recommend you look at getting a camping tarp and a wind break or two. You can position the tarp right up (and even over) your existing tent entrance, so you can walk in the dry straight from your tent to your sheltered enclosure.
      Hope that helps.

      8:42 am on March 30, 2015
  52. Hi all I’m wondering if any 1 knows where I can buy a hi gear voyager 6 porch from in blue. As the new 1 out now are green. ??? I’ve searched and searched and this is the 1st time I’ve drawn a blank when finding some thing. Thanks michele

    1:40 pm on March 16, 2015
  53. Hi, we have a Skandika Montana 6 tent and are looking for an extension/porch etc to give us some extra space. Skandika do not sell these so we are looking for an alternative that we could use, any suggestions please?

    9:21 am on February 25, 2015
    • Hi Lee,

      Have a look at the Vango Anteus Side Awning. They’re currently proving popular for blue tents, so not sure how long stocks will last.

      I found some available at Go Outdoors

      You should be able to pull the material at the back of the awning over the top of your Montana but as the Skandika tent has taller sides than the rounded ones found on the Vango Anteus, the awning’s fabric may not fit perfectly, which is always a gamble when fitting tents from different brands.

      An alternative idea that could match the colour of your tent would be to use a tarp like the High Peak one.

      If you just need some shelter rather than enclosed tent space, you could pull part of the tarp over the top of your tent, and then secure the tarp poles at the front, creating a shelter over the doors of your tent.

      Hope that helps.



      4:40 pm on February 25, 2015
      • Thanks for your help Gav, we’ve actually decided just to bite the bullet and upgrade to the bigger version. It’ll give us the space we need now and in the future when hopefully our family grows. Appreciate your time and help though!

        10:17 pm on February 26, 2015
  54. Hi
    I have a Blue Kalahari 10. I can’t find a Blue porch anywhere as they’ve upgraded to the elite in green. Would the Vango Anteus Side Awning work?
    Thanks in advance x

    9:54 am on February 20, 2015
    • Yes, I think you’ve found a good match there.
      I believe your Kalahari will be slightly taller than the Anteus Side Awning, but not enough to cause a problem. If you go for this option and find that the guy lines that secure the Anteus Awning over your tent are too short, simply buy some spare guy line from any camping shop and tie to the Awning’s rear guy lines to make them a bit longer.

      5:24 pm on February 22, 2015
  55. Hello, I’m looking for an awning to fit a Vango icars 500 (2009 model). Height 200cm and width 315cm. Thanks

    10:04 pm on February 2, 2015
  56. hi I have recently bought a regatta 8 man premium tent and im having trouble finding a porch to fit, would you be able to recommend one here are the dimensions for my tent the height is 200cm and the width is 315cm thanks

    11:41 am on January 25, 2015
    • Hi Karen,

      Is that the blue one? I found it hard to find something that matches the colour.

      However, something like the Gelert Side Porch or Hi Gear Kalahari Elite Porch should fit. Although it’s 205cm high, there should be enough material there to match up to the side of your tent.

      Another extension that is a bit higher (210cm) is the Vango Anteus Side Awning. The good thing about this is that it is blue…though a slightly different shade.

      Again, there’s plenty of material on the extension to wrap over your tent, so the minor height difference shouldn’t an issue.

      If colour matching is a concern, the best solution might be to create an extra sheltered area using a neutral coloured camping tarp.

      Hope that helps.


      8:27 am on January 26, 2015
      • Hi gav thankyou very much for taking the time out to search for a porch i really appreciate it and thanks for replying I will be definitely
        the vango as I would like the colour to match ????

        6:29 pm on February 14, 2015
  57. I have a vango meadow 600 im looking to enclose the front porch ..any ideas what will fit ??

    8:48 pm on January 18, 2015
    • Hi Juls,
      As you are probably aware, Vango make an enclosed side extension for the Meadow V600 (the Exclusive extension), but not unfortunately for the front.
      Find an extension from another brand to fit on the front of a tent can be a bit tricky due to the different widths of the tents as well as all the different shapes of tents.
      You could of course make the shelter on the Meadow a bit more sheltered with some tall wind breaks or even get a very large camping tarp to cover it, but I couldn’t find a proper extension that looks a good fit.
      Probably the best bet is to get the enclosed Vango side extension if you need extra storage or bedrooms, and then use wind breaks to make the canopy area more sheltered for cooking and eating.

      5:20 pm on January 19, 2015
  58. Hi,
    I wonder if you can help- we love our Outwell Georgia 7P but really want an extension to give us some shelter when its wet, and so we can leave the cooker outside, rather than in the tent. Outwell only do the awning for Georgia 7p so I wondered if there were any other extensions that might fit?

    8:01 pm on January 17, 2015
  59. Hi,
    I wonder if you can help- we love our Outwell Georgia 7P but really want an extension to give us some shelter when its wet, and so we can leave the cooker outside, rather than in the tent. Outwell only do the awning for Georgia 7p so I wondered if there were any other extensions that might fit?

    8:01 pm on January 17, 2015
    • Hi Philippa,

      This last year we’ve created a large outdoor kitchen, including with Outwell Kitchen and table, all under a shelter. You can read about it here:

      This keeps all the cooking away from the tent and we found a practical alternative to an extension.
      I don’t think you’ll find an extension that fits onto the front of the tent as well as Outwell’s. There are a few side extensions 220cm high, but don’t match the colour of the Georgia 7P. Using a camping tarp might be your best option.

      Hope that helps.

      10:46 am on January 18, 2015
  60. I am looking for a porch for my Vango Maritsa 600, do you have any suggestions please?

    1:44 pm on January 14, 2015
  61. Hi, we’ve just purchased a vango seaton 800 upsizing from our coleman coastline 4. We’d like to get a shelter for the side after getting a lot of use out of the front shelter on the previous tent. Any recommendations please?

    1:42 pm on January 13, 2015
    • Would the coleman classic awning work on this…?

      2:28 pm on January 13, 2015
      • Hi Carrie-Anne, yes, with a height of 200cm the Coleman Classic Side Canopy should be a good fit, though a different colour. Vango’s Excel side awning would probably also fit and comes with a door.
        Alternatively a neutral colour camping tarp can work well as an additional shelter and what we used last year instead of an extension. You can still find a blue Vango adventure tarp available at Millets that should match the colour of your tent, but it could be a bit small against your 8 man tent.
        Hope that helps.

        9:33 pm on January 13, 2015
  62. I need porch for highgear colarado & any ideas please ?

    3:03 pm on January 12, 2015
    • Hi Tina,

      I’ve had a look and these do now appear very hard to come by, even second hand at the moment.
      Hi Gear change their tent models but sometimes keep the dimensions the same. If you don’t mind that the colour doesn’t match, you may be able to find something that fits at Go Outdoors. Take the measurements of your tent (height & width), and you may find something that fits that size.

      Alternatively if you are just after some extra shelter, you could use a camping tarp

      We’ve been using a tarp and a windbreak all last year instead of an extension and it worked really well for us.

      Good luck.

      8:37 am on January 13, 2015
  63. Hi, Whilst camping, I stupidly left the poles for our High Gear Rock 5 at the camp site. Do you know what size poles I need to replace each of the 3 sections, e.g. length and width?

    Also I am not sure if this is of use to you, however I have seen a few comments asking about a porch or canopy extension for the Rock 5. Whilst away in the summer a family we spoke too had the Rock 5 with a Mojave Porch attached to the front. It looked like it fitted really well, so much so we have recently purchased one ourselves for next years camping trips. That is if I can find the replacement size poles for the tent first, haha.

    Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to provide me.

    Here is a picture of the Mojave Porch attached to the Rock 5 tent

    7:31 am on December 20, 2014
  64. Hi. I am looking for a front porch for my Corado 8, can u help please?

    11:26 am on December 10, 2014
    • Hi Craig,

      So I’ve had a good look but finding it difficult to suggest a really good solution.

      Front extensions are always difficult to find when the manufacturer stops making them as you need one that will easily fit the front of your tent, and there are many subtle design differences at the front of tents.

      Side porches are usually easier to find and you can match up different side porches from different brands and they can still fit…though colour sometimes doesn’t match.

      Unfortunately the Corado 8 is a large tent and I couldn’t see a side porch I could confidently suggest you look at.

      All is not lost though. If you just need an extra shelter to sit, eat, and cook in, consider a large tarp and some windbreaks.

      It’s what we did this year and didn’t need the extension once despite many camping trips. See this for more info

      Good luck!

      7:00 am on December 11, 2014
      • Hi thanks for that will look into it.
        looking at the porch for the new hi gear Oasis 8 not sure weather to risk.

        10:05 am on December 11, 2014
        • Unfortunately the Oasis 8 has different dimensions. For example, it is 550cm wide and the Corado is 50cm shorter. Likewise with height, with the Oasis is 235 cm but the Corado is 220cm. The front canopies are unlikely to line up well, with a big gap above and either side of the tent. If you can live with the gaps you might be able to make it work, but it’s not something I’d risk.

          5:33 pm on December 11, 2014
  65. hi gav its Yosemite shaun here my mate is after a bear lake 4 2009 front extension , they are so hard to get hold off , can you recommend an alternative that’s close mate

    4:36 pm on October 22, 2014
    • Hi Shaun,
      Unfortunately finding an alternative front extension for the Bear Lake 4 from 2009 is almost impossible. Something like the large Vango Excel Side awning might be big enough to go over the side door, but totally the wrong colour. The Coleman Premium Side canopy is green, but still not a colour match.
      A couple of other options.
      1) Get a neutral coloured camping tarp as additional sheltered space.
      2) Go to a tent repair place and get some side panels made up for the Bear Lake shelter.

      7:02 am on October 23, 2014
  66. I have a vango Airbeam infinity 600. Can you tell me if you can only attach Airbeam extensions? And if not which pole one would fit ?

    6:55 pm on October 1, 2014
    • Hi Riane,

      In theory you could fit a non-Airbeam side extension to an AirBeam tent. Front extensions can be a bit more difficult.
      For the Infinity 600 I think you’ll want to look for a side extension that’s around 205cm high, and around 205 wide too.

      Hope that helps.

      2:20 pm on October 5, 2014
  67. Hi there would a vango Woburn 400 canopy fit a altantis 400

    Any help appreciated

    6:04 pm on September 25, 2014
    • Hi Nicola. That’s a really good match. Obviously I can’t say for sure without trying it, but the dimensions look spot on and the Vango fitting looks as if it will work.
      Normally matching front extensions is really difficult but it looks like you’ve found a great combination there that looks like it will fit fine.

      9:07 pm on September 25, 2014
  68. We have a moss green Vango icaris 500 circa 2011? Can you recommend an awning to fit it. We have searched for the awning for this tent in that colour with no success . Thank you . Jilly

    4:06 pm on September 5, 2014
  69. Hi
    ive got a Vango Icarus 600 tent in Moss and would like to buy the front enclosed canopy for it which is causing a problem. Could you let me know if i can get one from somewhere or alternatively what canopy would be compatible for it.

    12:10 pm on August 26, 2014
  70. Hello,
    I’m looking for an extension to fit an Outwell Montana 6 (2012). Any advice appreciated.

    3:13 pm on August 17, 2014
  71. Hi am looking for a porch to fit kalahari 8, what would you recommend as the porch for this tent has been difficult to find, cheers

    1:52 pm on August 15, 2014
  72. Hi, I am looking for a canopy for the Hi Gear Rock 5 tent, but an able to fine one. Do you have any suggestions for an alternative? Thanks Mel

    12:06 pm on August 14, 2014
    • Hi Mel,

      Ria was looking for one too. Have a look at this comment

      You might want to ask Ria if she found a good solution.


      8:19 pm on August 14, 2014
      • Hi, I’m not sure if you have been able to find a canopy for your Rock 5 yet. If not, try the Mojave 5 Porch. When we were camping in our Rock 5 during the summer, we spoke to a family who had it on their Rock 5, and it fitted really well onto the front of the tent. We have recently bought one ourselves for next years camping trips. We have also found quite a few images of the Mojave 5 porch attached to the Rock 5 on Google Images so you you could take a look at those to see how it looks before you decide whether to buy one. Hope this information is of use to you.

        7:14 am on December 20, 2014
  73. Hi could you recommend a tent that would fit a gelert lakesbury 4 porch

    12:49 pm on August 10, 2014
    • Hi Mark,

      We normally get the question of what extension would fit my tent, not the other way around 😉

      If I’m correct, isn’t the Gelert Lakesbury 4 porch to fit over the end of the Lakesbury tent rather than the side? End fitting porches are much harder to use with other tents than side porches, since the ends tend to be very specific to the design of the tent.

      You might be able to find something that’s under 2m high and fits within the dimensions of the porch, but it may be hard to find something that’s a good fit.


      6:25 pm on August 12, 2014
  74. Hi, I have recently bought a Gelert Bliss 4 but would like to extend it with a canopy? Could you recommend a canopy that would fit the Bliss 4 please, thanks

    6:22 pm on August 7, 2014
  75. Hi, I have recently bought a Gelert Bliss 4 but would like to extend it with a canopy? Could you recommend a canopy that would fit the Bliss 4 please, thanks

    6:22 pm on August 7, 2014
    • Hi Michelle,
      As you have probably found it’s hard to find an extension for the Gelert Bliss 4 but the Hi Gear Corado 4 is the same tent and Go Outdoors are currently selling off them very cheaply
      It is a different colour of course.
      Alternatively the Coleman Classic Awning may be of use, but check the measurements to see if it is the sort of extension you can make work.

      8:47 pm on August 8, 2014
  76. Hi, we have an outwell nevada m but the extension has now been discontinued, is there an alternative extension/porch we could use?

    9:37 pm on August 4, 2014
  77. Hi
    We have an Outwell Michigan 8. Please can you recommend an extension/porch canopy that will fit our tent? It seems impossible to source a secondhand Michigan extension! Many thanks 🙂

    11:38 pm on August 3, 2014
    • Hi,
      Not sure on this one. The Outwell Trout Lake 4 front extension looks the right sort of size, but that extension is designed to fit onto the front of the Trout Lake, so not sure you could make it fit the Michigan tent.
      You may have to go with something other than an outwell, such as a Coleman Classic awning to provide a bit more shelter, or even a tarp shelter.

      8:53 pm on August 4, 2014
  78. Hi,
    Just bought a Hi Gear Voyager Elite 6 tent but porch out of stock everywhere. Does anyone know of another porch that might be an ok fit for this model? Thanks

    9:44 pm on August 3, 2014
    • Hi,
      I couldn’t spot anything exactly the same. The Voyager Elite is quite high.
      You could go with a separate shelter such as a tarp. Alternatively a simple generic shelter like the Coleman Classic awning.

      8:34 pm on August 4, 2014
  79. New camper….any idea if the canopy of a hi gear corado 4 will fit our icarus 500? Just want something cheap & cheerfull to keep the rain off the door & a little shelter, slight difference in the measurement but not sure how flexible they are x any advice please xxx

    2:02 pm on August 2, 2014
    • Hi Rachel,

      Although the Hi Gear Corado 4 canopy is going cheap at the moment, I don’t think it would be a good fit for the Vango Icarus 500, as apart from being slightly higher, the side door of the Icarus is right next to where the front of the tent slopes away. This means that the canopy will have difficulty sealing over the top and around the side of the tent. It might not be too good at keeping the rain off that side door.

      If you are after something cheap then have a look at the Coleman Classic Awning

      That should be big enough to provide enough shelter to cover the the front door of the tent. It’s also a neutral colour so wouldn’t look out of place on your Vango Icarus 😉

      Alternatively, you could create a tarp shelter, but unless you pulled part of the tarp over your tent, it won’t solve your door problem.

      Hope that helps.

      4:18 pm on August 2, 2014
  80. We are new to camping and have recently bought a regatta premium 4 man weekend family tent H205 W400 L320. If you could please advise us on a front or side extension that would fit our tent or an awning that would give us some extra living space we would be delighted as not sure what we are looking for!

    7:49 pm on August 1, 2014
    • Well for the Regatta Premium you may find it hard to find an exact fit, I’m sure a few things could be made to work.

      There’s a few options here

      For a completely sealed extension, something like the Hi Gear Kalahari might fit onto the side. However, the way the Regatta Premium slopes downwards over the sleeping area might mean it’s not a perfect fit all the way around, but would probably work.

      Another option may be to opt for the Coleman Classic Awning, which you could fit to the front of your tent.
      This isn’t a completely sealed extension, but provides some additional protection from the elements. Add a few windbreaks and it becomes a good shelter to cook under and sit if the weather isn’t so good.

      Finally, you could always try using a tarp extension (this is what we’ve been using this year – see our High Peak tarp review).
      Like the Coleman Classic Awning it won’t provide a completely sealed extension to your tent, but it does provide a flexible shelter to cook, sit and eat under.

      Hope that’s been of some help.


      8:53 pm on August 1, 2014
  81. I have an urban escape akashi 4 tent. I’m looking for a side porch but i’m a bit confused by the height of the porch i need. The highest point of ten is 210 cm & there’s another measurement which looks like door height at 180 cm. Do i go by the highest point or by the door height, Thank you

    8:12 pm on July 30, 2014
    • Hi Gareth,
      You want to use the tent height, not the door height. This is because the extension has to go over the top part of the Akashi tent to make a weatherproof shelter over the top of the door.
      Hope that helps.

      9:12 pm on July 30, 2014
      • Thank you Gav, could i ask one more question. Could you recommend one that would fit. Sorry i’m new to camping.

        9:20 pm on July 30, 2014
        • 210cm is quite high.
          You could go for a basic shelter like the Coleman Classic Awning, that will give some protection from the elements.
          Alternatively there’s the Gelert universal side awning. It’s a bit smaller than the highest point in your tent but there may be enough slack to make it work. Check the dimensions and see for yourself.
          Finally, if you just need a shelter to cook and sit under you could use a tarp kit.
          We’ve been using the High Peak Tarp this year. You can find our review on this website.

          The tarp doesn’t extend your tent but does create a useful shelter next to it, and is an ideal place for cooking.


          9:44 pm on July 30, 2014
          • Gav, thank you very much and i’m glad i found this website it’s full of great tips for newbies like myself, Great work

            9:51 pm on July 30, 2014
          • Thanks Gareth.

            10:00 pm on July 30, 2014
    • HI Gareth I have been trying to source a side canopy for Akashi 4 man did you find a solution? be great to share info.
      I be;lieve that Halfords have Cobalt Innovations holding parts on ex stock

      10:23 pm on August 19, 2014
  82. I have a Gelert Horizon 6 tent. Looking for a side porch. The Gelert one is quite expensive. Can you suggest a cheaper alternative.

    2:00 pm on July 29, 2014
  83. Hi Gav
    First off great site
    I’ve just bought the Vango Inspire 600 and although it has a porch area (but
    just not quite wide enough for kitchen and shade) I’m looking to extend this
    area with either a tarp or extension so seeing what you would recommend for
    this wide tent. If we go for a tarp (maybe High Peak Tarp /2, 3m or 4m not
    sure) do you think it’d be okay to strap it over /onto the front porch so the
    tarp will be sitting on top of the tent with guys holding it down and maybe 3
    king poles out front with the middle one higher. Do you think this could work,
    just don’t know if you should have a tarp touching the tent (especially
    airbeam). We’re heading up to Yorkshire this weekend and looks like the weather
    is setting in.

    8:45 pm on July 28, 2014
    • Hi Terry,

      We put the High Peak Tarp in front of the tent and not over it. There may be a gap of half a foot or so between the small porch on our tent and the tarp, but this little gap has never caused any problems.

      We also sometimes put it to the side of the tent, as we did this weekend, where it would have spoilt the view form the tent.

      You could put the tarp over the top of your tent, especially if you got the big tarp. There’s plenty of material there to make a lot of things work.

      We got the very large High Peak Tarp and it is very big – perhaps a bit too big. I used it this weekend initially with 3 extra king poles, and then added a further two smaller ones. This gave us plenty of space when a cold wet front moved in yesterday morning, so we could sit under the shelter, cook breakfast, have a brew, and even a small morning fire. We also managed to get the trailer under as well as the kitchen and 3 tables (out of shot).

      Have a good time in Yorkshire.


      6:31 am on July 29, 2014
  84. hi I have a corado 6 tent which they no longer do and am looking for a front porch any ideas which porch would fit

    8:44 pm on July 27, 2014
    • I couldn’t spot anything that would fit the front of the Hi Gear Corado 6 tent.

      If you wanted to provide extra cooking space and somewhere to shelter at the front of your tent you may want to think about using a tarp shelter.

      Alternatively, if you want an enclosed space I’m wondering if the Hi Gear Voyager 6 ( would work as a side porch. It appears to have enough height for the Corado 6.

      If that’s something that would still work for you, I advise ringing Go Outdoors (0114 292 1073) to see if they think that combination would work.


      6:41 am on July 29, 2014
  85. Hi we have an old Vango Amazon 600 which we they dont make anymore! We really want a side porch to cook in and were debating whether the Vango Excel Large Side awning would work? Any advise would be great

    8:47 pm on July 22, 2014
    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes, the Vango Excel Large Side awning looks a good option. The new Vango Langley 600 has similar dimensions to the Amazon 600.

      Try contacting Vango to confirm. A few people have had responses.


      9:23 pm on July 22, 2014
      • Many thanks. I contacted them last summer and they said that they didn’t do anything appropriate which I thought was weird!! I will get the vango excel and fingers crossed .
        Njoy the summer

        9:49 pm on July 22, 2014
  86. Hi. I have a Coleman Lakeside 4. The Gelert universal (large) is the same height but seems much wider (400). The tent tapers to 180 at the door but is 320 at its full width. Any ideas of what may fit?

    7:06 pm on July 22, 2014
    • Hi Amanda,

      Yes, I agree the Gelert Universal side extension will be a difficult fit.
      With the Coleman Lakeside 4 you may be best with a tarp shelter if you don’t need an enclosed shelter.
      Have you looked at the Coleman Classic awning?


      8:09 pm on July 22, 2014
  87. Hi I have a 10 year old Coleman Trispace and am looking for a side porch preferably with a closure at the front. Any ideas please,

    7:17 pm on July 5, 2014
  88. Looking for an open side canopy / porch for a 2007 Outwell Vermont XL (never used to date)! Colour not as important as best possible fit and waterproof.
    Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you 🙂

    2:01 pm on July 5, 2014
  89. Hi there. We have just purchased a Vango exodus V 800 airbeam 2014 and also went for a canopy as well. We purchased the Exclusive airbeam canopy, before I open it I wanted to check if this would fit as the canopy that is meant to go with the tent is the Elite airbeam canopy. They have the same height and footprint so I thought they would be interchangeable.
    Is that correct? I didn’t have time to put both up this evening and the tent is now down also. Thanks

    6:32 pm on July 2, 2014
    • Hi Nathan,

      Firstly, nice tent 😉

      We have an Outwell air framed tent and pitching is so quick.

      As with regard to the extension for the Vango Exodus V800, I can only advise on the information I have from Vango, and according to the literature I have, the ‘AirBeam Elite Side Awning’ fits the Exodus V800.
      The AirBeam Exclusive Side Awning fits the Infinity 600/800 and the Lumen V400/500/600XL… but this may not be a problem…

      These extensions certainly look the same, but one is for the Elite Range and the other for the Exclusive Range.
      The AirBeam Prestige Elite Range (such as the Vango Exodus V800) has 6000mm polyester, where as the AirBeam Prestige Exclusive Range has 5000mm polyester.
      Unless Vango have a slight colour difference between the materials, the Exclusive canopy having 1000mm less hydrostatic head won’t make any real difference.

      If in doubt, contact where you purchased from or e-mail [email protected]

      Hope that’s helpful.


      6:53 pm on July 2, 2014
      • Thanks Gav, we think it’s a great tent also – a dream putting up. That’s we we thought with the differences and they are the same colour on the bag and also the same colour name. We’ll have to bite the bullet and put the tent back back up with the canopy as well.

        Thanks for your help Gav. I’ll see how we get on when I’ve got some good weather to try putting them both up.

        The 1000mm I hope won’t make too much of a difference

        Thanks again

        7:23 pm on July 2, 2014
  90. Hi. Can anyone please help me find a Hi Gear Rock 4 canopy. I think they have stopped making them but don’t want to buy a new tent. Many thanks.

    5:31 pm on July 2, 2014
  91. Hi i’m struggling to find a front extension for my Outwell Nevada 4 (300cm wide x 200cm high). Anyone got any suggestions?
    Many thanks

    2:16 pm on July 1, 2014
    • Hi Gareth,

      As I suspect you’ve found out already, the newer 4 person Outwell Nevada is slightly larger than their previous Outwell Nevada 4. I think it’s going to be a challenge to find something that will fit over the front, or the side, and match the colour, of the Nevada 4.

      A tarp or basic awning, like the Coleman Classic Awning (see here ) may be the only option.

      This setup is fine for cooking under or sitting out of the rain, and a few windbreaks down the side and around the front can make it more sheltered and private.

      Hope that helps.


      7:53 pm on July 1, 2014
      • Thanks Gav that’s really helpful. I might consider that, i was hoping for a more enclosed space but might be ok with a few windbreaks.
        Yeah my tent is the older Nevada 4 and is about 60cm narrower than the new Nevada M which means the new Nevada extension would be a bit baggy.

        I did find the Gelert lakesbury 4 which is a similar size, it’s 2cm higher but 10cm narrower than my tent.
        Never tried fitting an extension to a tent before but guessing it will just sit a bit higher where it joins the tent with a slight gap at ground level? Is that right?


        8:59 am on July 2, 2014
        • Being slightly higher is normally OK, as a lot of extensions have material that goes over the top of your tent. See the picture I took of a Gelert Side Porch that wraps around the tent.
          Some extension though are specific to certain models and will have clip-on points that can only be found on the matching tent. However, a simple extension that has a flap that goes over the top of your tent can be made to work in most cases.

          Ideally a good fitting extension won’t have a gap at ground level. There are lots of extensions with groundsheets, so a gap wouldn’t be good 😉

          6:01 pm on July 2, 2014
          • Thanks for your help Gav. I’ve realised the Gelert extension is quite heavy with its steel poles so gonna try the tarp approach this time and try and find a lighter alternative further down the line. Off to St Davids tomorrow so hoping for good weather!
            Great website btw, gonna try your campfire roasted tomatoes recipe while i’m away!

            1:03 pm on July 10, 2014
          • Thanks Gareth.
            We went to St Davids a couple of months ago. Have a great time and enjoy the tomatoes!

            7:53 pm on July 10, 2014
  92. Hi, I’m having huge problems trying to find canopy/extension for our vango Icarus 600, any suggestions on alternatives that fit the tent well will be very much appreciated.

    Many Thanks


    1:41 pm on June 29, 2014
  93. Hi we are looking for

    universal extensions for our kampa hayling 4 for our tent but with no joy can anyone help many thanks .

    2:12 pm on June 26, 2014
  94. I’m having real trouble trying to find a front extension for my Vango Samara/Athena 600 and wondered if you could suggest any other extension that may fit?
    Many Thanks

    8:06 pm on June 22, 2014
    • Hi Ian,

      Yes, I’ve been having a good a look too, but not found anything that’s an exact match.

      Finding something to fit the front of the Samara/Athena 600 I think is going to be quite difficult.

      The new ‘Vango Exclusive Side Awning Large’ (see here looks as if it has the right height to go over the top of your tent, but if course is a different colour.

      I’m not sure how well it will marry up to the sides of the tent, but looking at the profile, may not be too far off.

      If you only need a shelter for some cooking or sitting out of showers, you may want to get a tarp shelter. That’s what we’ve been using this year.

      Hope that’s been of some help.


      8:51 pm on June 22, 2014
      • Thanks for the quick reply Gav, I’ll check out one you suggested, I may indeed go down the tarp shelter route.

        9:13 pm on June 22, 2014
  95. We are looking for a front porch to fit our Easycamp Ancona 400, any ideas please. This will be our first family camping holiday so don’t want to spend too much ?

    6:40 pm on June 22, 2014
  96. wow thanks Gav that’s great help!

    1:21 am on June 11, 2014
    • Hi can I ask did this extension work. I’m in the same boat trying to find an extension or porch /canopy for a hi gear rock 5.

      4:52 pm on February 21, 2015
  97. I cannot find a porch for my hi gear rock 5 can anyone suggest an alternative that will fit please?

    4:13 am on June 10, 2014

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