Camping Pillow Comparison: Which pillow is the best?

We've spent nearly a year testing different camping pillows. Here are our results. Which is the best camping pillow?

How to kit out a terrific family holiday tent

Planning on taking your tent on a family holiday? We go through some items you can take camping to make it a fantastic holiday tent.

New sleeping items from Outwell

We review a couple of add-on items from Outwell that could help improve your camping sleeping experience.

7 Things to make Nighttime Better for Kids when Camping

Here's some essential items to take to ensure your child has a good night when camping.

The Secret to Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

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Sleeping Bag Liners – What and Why

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How to best setup your family tent for sleeping

Getting started with family camping? You'll want to read these tips on what works best for sleeping, including tips you won't get at your camping store.

How to roll up a Self Inflating Mat (SIM)

Part of what makes a self-inflating mat great is that they self-inflate, but this works against you when you need to roll up your mat and get it back into the ...

Self Inflating Mats, and What’s Recommended for Family Camping

Self Inflating Mats can save you time and space, but most of made for backpackers, not family campers. Here's our recommended SIMs for family camping.

Four Season Sleeping Bags – Sleeping Bags for Winter

Camping needn't be for summer months only. Here are some great four season sleeping bags to keep you warm during winter, and explains what the ratings mean.

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