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Ellipse: Adult and Child Sleeping Bags

Ellipse Lake Sleeping Bags

Here are some sleeping bags to kit your whole family out with: adult and junior sized 2 season sleeping bags.

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Outwell Colibri Sleeping Bag

Colibri Sleeping Bag

The Outwell Colibri is a new luxury sleeping bag, that’s easy to convert into a duvet and helps to make sleeping at camp more like sleeping in your bed at home.

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Vango Shangri-La 15 Grande Self-Inflating Mat (that works!)

Vango Shangria-La Self Inflating Mat

The Vango Shangri-La 15 Grande is a very comfortable sleeping mat to take camping. It will feel much more like a bed at home.

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Robens Killarny Sleeping Bag: A duvet style sleeping bag with retro looks

The Robens Killarney Outback: a comfortable duvet style sleeping bag with a slightly retro look.

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Coleman Basalt Single sleeping bag review

Sleeping bags can be a personal thing: sometimes you just can’t find one that is comfortable enough. The Trudgian Family put the Coleman Basalt to the test.

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Camping Pillow Comparison: Which pillow is the best?

We’ve spent nearly a year testing different camping pillows. Here are our results. Which is the best camping pillow?

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Outwell Deepsleep Double with a new Easy-to-Use Valve

SIMs can provide a much better night’s sleep than air beds, but you might find them difficult to put away. Now there’s a solution to that problem.

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Coleman Comfort Raised Double Airbed review

These extra large raised airbeds look more like a bed at home. But are they any good? We test out the Coleman Comfort Raised Double.

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Adult and Child ‘Camo’ Sleeping Bag Test

We test out adult and child Highlander sleeping bags on a winter camp. Read on to see how they stood up to the test.

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Want to keep warm at night? Check out the MondoKing 3D SIM

We test out the Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D SIM on a cold winter camp.

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