Products we’ve used and place’s we’ve visited that carry our recommendation for getting out with the kids.

The Happy Knight at Acton Burnell Castle

Discover a lot of history in this sleepy part of Shropshire, and let your little knights run off some steam, with a visit to Acton Burnell Castle.

Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre will help you find out more about this secret and fascinating part of the country.

Halloween in a 400 year old Lake District cottage

The Lake District is a wonderful place to visit. Back in October 2012 we decided to rent a cottage for a few days in the October half term, right ...

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Tips on choosing a family beach bag

If you're taking the family to the beach you need a decent beach bag. Here's what to look for.

Which coolbox is the best? 3 Coolboxes compared

We test 3 popular family coolboxes to see which coolbox keeps things cool for the longest.

Go Ape: The Family Guide – What you need to know for Tree Top Fun

Go Ape is a great family outdoor activity, with stuff in the trees and on the ground to do. Read this family guide to Go Ape, include child heights, adult ...

Extra Peace of Mind: Well Designed Travel ID’s for Kids

Every parent's nightmare is losing or getting separated from your child when on a day out or travelling. Luckily, it is something we have never experienced, ...

How to use a Charcoal Chimney Starter

You don't need fire lighters or lighter fluid. A chimney gets your coals very hot without any chemical smells or taste to your food.

How to cook a stir-fry over a campfire using a BBQ Wok

If you like Chinese style food, then you'll like this stir fry you can cook over campfire or BBQ. Cooked with a BBQ Wok.

Back Garden Archery

Back garden archery is a fun thing to do on a sunny day. You could get a complete family archery set, or just stick to a realist toy.

Get Out With The Kids
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