Products we’ve used and place’s we’ve visited that carry our recommendation for getting out with the kids.

Camping Lantern Round-up

We've been testing 5 new camping lanterns. You can get some great stuff to light up your tent these days.

How to keep the rain off using a camping tarp kit

We show you how easy it is to provide your family with some additional shelter at the campsite by using a tarp kit.

New and updated family friendly items from Outwell

Here are a few new and updated items from Outwell that are great for family camping or family days out.

Wildlife Jack I want fly book

Wildlife Jack wants to learn to fly..... we review one of the books from the hit TV kids series.

Didriksons Wet Weather Gear for Kids

We check out some excellent outdoor kids clothes from Didriksons.

New sleeping items from Outwell

We review a couple of add-on items from Outwell that could help improve your camping sleeping experience.

Sleeping Bag Liners – What and Why

Not sure why you would want to get a sleeping bag liner? We look at what they are for and why you would want to get one, plus we review and compare two ...

Choosing a Rucksack for Teenagers – as recommended by Scouts and D of E

Kids still need to get out when they're teens, but they're not always quite into adult sizes yet. We look at the D of E and Scouts recommend backpack and ...

How to use a Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle is a great way to boil water, whether for camping, hiking, or picnics. We show you how to use one and which we recommend for families.

Learning with Nature – Book Review

Learning with Nature is a fantastic new book for helping you get your kids outside, have fun, and learn at the same time.

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