Project Mum

Project Mum

Getting your kids the right gear is essential for successful family outdoor activities – cold and wet kids are miserable!

Unfortunately they always appear to be growing out of things not long after buying them. It’s a never ending cycle of kitting out the kids. There’s never time to kit out poor old Mum, who’s still climbing the hills in the same old worn out boots, whilst her ‘little darlings’ have had nearly a dozen pairs between them!

Now it’s time to get Mum some decent gear too. (Note: cold and wet Mums are miserable too!)

This is Project Mum.

Here you’ll find a number of posts dedicated to things for Mums. So if you’re a Mum, dive right in, and find something for you, as Mum’s count too.

Family Summer Walking Shoes

Hot feet when walking in the summer isn't nice. We've been putting the Salomon XA kids and adult shoes through the test, as well as the Merrell Moab shoes.

Get Out With The Kids
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