How to fill your family’s life with adventure

"You don't need to go to the Yukon to have an adventure". You can have them closer to home, making it easy to fill your family's life full of adventure.

Our Autumn Microadventure Kit List

Here's our microadventure kit list. We list the things we took, what worked well, and what worked less well. Check list for your micro-adventure planning.

An Autumn Microadventure – Wild Camping on a hill in Wales

Just because it's autumn it doesn't mean your adventures have to stop. Our Autumn Microadventure was night on a hill, and we saw some amazing sights.

A Winter’s Night Micro Adventure

We set off on a Winter micro adventure, to climb a hill and have a picnic in the dark with warm tacos and mince pies, despite the freezing cold wind...

Surf and Turf – One Family’s Double Micro Adventure

Read about this family's double micro adventure: wild camping followed by sea kayaking (with a bit of coasteering too!). Micro adventures are great!

Get Out With The Kids
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