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Sometimes it can be hard getting your family to get outdoors. Here’s a few things that may help.

10 Tips for Motivating Kids to Get Outside

Sometimes all we need, and all our kids need, is a little motivation to get outside. We provide 10 tips for motivating your kids to get outside.

What Clothes to Wear for the D of E Expedition

Are you doing a D of E Expedition and not sure what to wear or how to wear it correctly to stay warm? This post will help you get it right.

Tip: Keeping your kid’s feet dry with plastic bags

Did you know you can keep feet dry with plastic bags? Not something you would want to do normally but useful in an emergency. It helped us out...

Leaf Art Ideas to help with those Autumn Walks

Autumn is a great time of year for family walks: little kids can stay motivated by finding different leaves. Here's some leaf art ideas that you can do.

18 Tips for a Woodland Walk with Kids

A walking in the woods doesn't have to be dull for the kids. There's loads of fun things to do. Here's a list of ideas to help brighten your woodland walk.

How to make your walking boots more comfortable

You will want comfortable walking boots and good fitting boots for hiking. We look at how insoles designed for hiking can improve your boots and reduce injury.

Enthusing Kids to Get Outside

Sometimes kids need motivation to go outside. Here's some useful tips on enthusing kids to get outside and enjoy it.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt – Great for Autumn Family Walks

Autumn is a great time of year for walks. If you are hiking with young kids, try this Autumn Scavenger Hunt to keep them motivated.

Making Tracks: Children’s Walking Book Review

Making Tracks is a collection of children's walking books for popular regions around the UK, with excellent designs and lots for your kids to do.

Quick Tip: Create a Simple Windbreak for Picnics

Here's a simple way to create a windbreak for family picnics. No need for expensive gear. Quick and simple to put up.

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