Exploring Nature

We think it’s important that kids learn and appreciate nature and the environment, and engaging with nature is an easy thing to do when you are out on a walk.
Here’s a number of posts related to exploring nature, whether it’s useful facts, observing things, or getting hands on.

Spotting Tracks – Can you find these footprints?

Going out with the kids? Take our track spotting sheet and see if you can find the footprints of our nature friends.

Are your kids budding Wildlife Watchers?

Get out spotting nature as a family with the Wildlife Watchers from the Wildlife Trusts.

What will your family discover?

With this app you can help scientists understand the biodiversity of your area the next time you get outside with the kids.

10 Things Your Kids can do with Conkers

During Autumn conkers are a favourite of kids to collect - but what do you do with them all? Here's 10 ideas of things you can do with all those conkers.

Deer Rutting Season

Get the kids out for a walk this autumn. Not only pick up some leaves, conkers, etc., why not see some deer rutting too?

Leaf Art Ideas to help with those Autumn Walks

Autumn is a great time of year for family walks: little kids can stay motivated by finding different leaves. Here's some leaf art ideas that you can do.

Red Squirrels

Red Squirrels are actually the native squirrels of the UK, but there numbers are few. We've got a few interesting facts and some squirrel kids activities here. ...

Seedballs: From little things grows big things

You don't always have to go far to get out with your kids. We've been making Seedballs in the garden. Great fun to do with the kids. See how we got on.

Hooting with the Owls

We've been trying out this owl hoot whistle, which makes the sound of a Tawny Owl. This is a great activity to do with kids; you may get an owl hoot back.

18 Tips for a Woodland Walk with Kids

A walking in the woods doesn't have to be dull for the kids. There's loads of fun things to do. Here's a list of ideas to help brighten your woodland walk.

Get Out With The Kids
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