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D of E Volunteering: It’s not just hiking in the hills

There's a lot more to the DofE Award than just hiking. There's an element that involves volunteering, but it's not always so easy to find opportunities...

Sleeping Bag Liners – What and Why

Not sure why you would want to get a sleeping bag liner? We look at what they are for and why you would want to get one, plus we review and compare two ...

Doing my D of E Bronze Expedition Practice Run

Know someone doing the D of E Bronze award? Here's Lucy to tell you what the D of E Expedition practise run was like.

What Clothes to Wear for the D of E Expedition

Are you doing a D of E Expedition and not sure what to wear or how to wear it correctly to stay warm? This post will help you get it right.

How to pitch a D of E Tent in Four Steps

Doing the D of E but not pitched a tent before? We show you how to pitch a D of E Tent in four simple steps.

Choosing a Rucksack for Teenagers – as recommended by Scouts and D of E

Kids still need to get out when they're teens, but they're not always quite into adult sizes yet. We look at the D of E and Scouts recommend backpack and ...

Pen Knives and Kids

Hiking, camping, or just being out, a pocket knife is essential. What does the law say? What's best for kids? Here's two recommended penknives for kids.

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards – Encouraging Teenage Explorers

The DofE (Duke of Edinburgh) Awards teaches your teenagers self-reliance and self-confidence.

Get Out With The Kids
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