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Just because you have an addition to the family doesn’t stop you going out for a walk.

Most child carriers will take your baby from around the age of 6 months or when they can support them selves in the sitting position.

You could think of them as a backpack that’s been adapted with a child seat.  Like backpacks, they can vary in weight and price. However, unlike backpacks they have lots of additions that you need to transport your little person, such as:

  • A way to secure the carrier when it’s on the ground whilst you are securing your child.
  • Padding so that your child doesn’t hurt themselves as you walk around.

Different Child Carriers will have a mix of different accessories, such as:

  • Rain cover
  • Sun shade
  • A mirror so you can see what they’re up to behind your back!

Browse the child carriers bellow to find one that suits your needs.

A lightweight option for child carriers: LittleLife Ultralight Convertible Child Carrier

The LittleLIfe Ultralight Convertible child carrier is a backpack. Open it up and it’s a child carrier. Ideal when toddlers start walking, or travelling.

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Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier

The Deuter Kid Comfort III is a top of the range child carrier. It comes with a free teddy bear too.

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Freedom Child Carrier – Start them hiking when young

The LittleLife Freedom Child Carrier

The LittleLife Freedom Child Carrier is a great child carrier with plenty of storage and some well thought through features with parents in mind.

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Having a baby doesn’t stop you hiking: LittleLife Cross Country S2 Child Carrier

From our our experience we can recommend the LittleLife child carriers. The Cross Country S2 is ideal if you have a young child and still wish to get out.

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