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Sevylor Waterton Test: great design improvements in inflatable canoes

We test out the new Sevylor Waterton inflatable canoe and like all the improvements we see.

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How to repair an inflatable canoe (Intex Challenger K1)

Inflatable canoes are easier to store and easier to transport, but the can and do get punctured. Here’s how we repaired ours, which was very easy to do.

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Are expensive inflatable canoes worth it?

Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Canoe

There are some really expensive inflatable canoes, but are they worth it? What’s better than the cheaper ones?

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Osprey Kiddy Kayak

The Osprey Kiddy Kayak is only 1.8m and 12.5kg. Ideal safe paddling for smaller children. Tough, stable, buoyant. Comes with child-sized paddle.

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Intex Challenger K1 Kayak – 1 Person Inflatable Canoe, with paddle

The Intex Challenger K1 Kayak provides a single person inflatable canoeing experience at a reasonable price. Very good reviews, and we bought two ourselves.

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Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak – Great for Families

Highly recommended. The Sevylor Hudson takes two adults and a child, though can be paddled by one adult easily. Lots of features, stable, and versatile. An ideal family inflatable kayak.

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Two Person Inflatable Kayak – Sevylor Tahiti

The Sevylor Tahiti is an ideal entry inflatable kayak that can see your family getting out and enjoying some water fun.

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