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Items you need to know for successful cooking at camp.

The Primus Campfire Cookset

Primus Campfire Cookset over campfire

The Primus Campfire Cookset looks very smart, but how practical and useful is this set of pots and pans? We take a closer look.

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Primus Tupike Stove Review

Primus Tupike Stove

The Primus Tupike Stove not only looks smart, it can save you a whole load of hassle at the campsite.

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Using the Robens Bighorn for a Family Campfire Cookout

We love cooking over the campfire, and the Robens Bighorn is our new favourite campfire cooking must-have item.

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Like to cook when camping? Check out these pans

If you are cooking for your family at the campsite then pots and pans are essential, but they can be a bulky item to take. We look at a couple of solutions.

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A safer camping fuel but how well does it work

We test out the Vango Fuel Gel, which is an eco-friendly and safer alternative to meths. But how well does it perform?

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Vango Folding Stove Review

We test out Vango’s folding stove, which is small enough for you to throw in a backpack and enjoy warm food on your next picnic.

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Primus Onja Stove Review

Jen and family test out the Primus Onja stove on one of their camping trips. Is it any good? Read here to find out more.

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6 Campfire Items to Get You Cooking

Here are 6 items that we’ve been testing this year that you can use for a spot of campfire cooking.

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Like coffee when camping? Then you’ll like this: Noble Arbre

You can take a few luxuries when you go camping, like this disposable luxury drip coffee system from Noble Arbre. Read our review.

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The Campingaz Party Grill – An Alternative to the Cadac?

We test out the new Campingaz Party Grill, and cook pizzas on it (of course!). This is a really versatile cooking system that you can use as a grill, hotplate, hob, BBQ, and oven.

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