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Robens Wayfarer Table - We love this. Something easy to take camping!

Robens Wayfarer Table

The Robens Wayfarer camping table folds to a manageable size, is lightweight, and is easy to put up too!

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We love this table. It has been on every camping trip with us this year, and we've already done quite a few ;-)

Our Score: 9.5/10

We've given the Robens Wayfarer Table the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • A beautiful looking table that is small and lightweight to take to the campsite.

The not so good

  • Being a bit larger would seat a bigger family.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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This table folds really small Thumbnail

This table folds really small Thumbnail

Our Review

Family camping gear is generally getting larger and larger.

Whilst it is nice to set up a home from home for longer camping stays, where you may treat your tent as a base rather than adventure camping, the amount of gear you have to take is getting ridiculous.

Also, wouldn't it be nice to reuse that investment for a quick weekend camp if you buy something for that family holiday?

Well, Robens is bucking that trend with this gorgeous-looking table that is lightweight and small to transport. It's called the Robens Wayfarer.

Wayfarer Table Folded Dimensions

If you've not heard of Robens, that may be because they mainly concentrate on adventure camping, where you want lightweight items that can easily fit into a backpack. While this isn't small enough for a backpack, they have brought that lightweight innovation to family camping.

We love this table. It's been with us at every camp this year and on a picnic too!

We love this table. It's been with us at every camp this year and on a picnic too!

Now, unfolded, it is not a huge family table, but we found enough space for four people. And although you can sit four more comfortably on other camping tables, I'm happy with being a little cosy for the ease the Wayfarer table brings to the campsite.

It's also easy to set up. We've owned some tables that needed a degree in rocket science to put up. Our seven-year-old is now a master at setting up the Wayfarer table. (He loves that this is a grown-up job he can do!).

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We've been thoroughly using this, and the bamboo table top is still as good as a new one.

the bamboo table top is still as good as a new one.


The Robens Wayfarer gets the Thumbs Up award from us as a great piece of family camping kit.


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