Water to Go Filtration System Review

Water to Go Filtration System Review

Water to Go Filtration System Review

We test out the Water to Go filtration system. A water bottle with a built-in filter that’s supposed to even filter out bacteria and viruses, but does it?

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Our Score: 5.5/10

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The good

  • In theory, a way to top up water from streams.

The not so good

  • We found the black bottle hard to squeeze.
  • The filter won't remove 100%.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Water to Go Filtration System Review Photos

Water to Go Filtration System Review

Water to Go Filtration System Review

Water To Go Filter

Water To Go Filter

Our Review

You can never have too many water bottles, something we get through a lot of. Water is an everyday essential, so having a reusable water bottle makes sense. Not only for the environment but saves you money too. We've been having a look at the Water to Go water filtration system. If you've not heard of it before here's a bit of information about how it works.

3-in-1 Filter

It is a unique, portable, reuseable filtration system. The bottles are made of BPA-free plastic, so much kinder to the environment.

They come in two sizes 75cl and 50cl and various colours.

We were sent over a 75cl and 50cl to try. Each bottle comes with a filter.

Water To Go Filter

The 50cl bottle filter lasts for two months or 130litres and the 75cl bottle lasts for three months or 200litres of water ( replacement filters are available )

The filters have been proved to filter more than 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cysts and also reduces or removes fluoride, chlorine, heavy metal, bad tastes and odours. So you can have clean/safe water anywhere. (Click here to see the test results from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine).


We were alerted by GOWTK reader John S that although 99.9% sounds good, it's not good enough.

They rely on the fact that most people will look at the LSHTM logo and assume it’s therefore meeting standards, as 99.9% sounds pretty good doesn’t it… The only problem is that US EPA standard (also listed on their own website - see https://www.watertogo.eu/additional-testing/ - and which form the basis of most international standards) for virus reduction is 99.99% (WTG = 99.937 to 99.982% reduction) and for bacterial reduction it’s 99.9999% (WTG = 99.9837 to 99.9992 reduction). That might not sound like much of a fail, but this can represent significant numbers of potentially infectious bacteria and viruses. There’s a reason why companies who use the same filter cartridge in the US state “This product is for use with municipally treated water only!”.
John S

Looking at the test results for Steripen as another example, Steripen has a higher reduction percentage. However, I'm no scientist, but even Steripen doesn't look perfect.

So, with anything where your family is concerned, I recommend being cautious, and only use these bottles for filtering treated tap water.

We do plan on covering more things for purifying water, such as chlorine tablets, and perhaps a chlorine tablet and a filter might be the safest way to go.

Before use, you have to activate the filter by soaking thoroughly for 25 minutes.

Setting up the filter

We recommend you watch the video on the water to go website on how to do this to ensure you do it correctly. We found it to be a simple process, although when you empty the bottle by squeezing the water out, I found this quite difficult especially with the larger 75cl bottle.

After preparing the bottles, we took them out on their first adventure. We liked the look of the bottles; the kids favoured the 50cl bottle design. I think it was the green colour that won them over.

The kids liked the green one

Both bottles were a good shape to hold, lightweight and fitted perfectly in my rucksack.

A handy drink on the move

So how easy were they to drink from?

You do have to suck the water in, which we didn't find to be an issue nor did the children. The water tasted pleasant and didn't notice a huge difference in the taste of the water, but it was clean tap water from home we had used!

We had no problem with the bottles leaking but, of course, you do need to make sure the lids are fitted correctly and on tight.

With the smaller 50cl bottle you get a single Timestrip indicator, which changes colour when the filter needs changing a useful little reminder or you could of course just write it on the calendar! It fits behind the silicon band on the bottle. The small Timestrip is hidden in the packaging, so be careful you don't miss it like I nearly did.

Timestrip shows when to change filter

We loved the design of these bottles and the concept behind them - the ability to have clean, safe water wherever you are. They are practical for everyday use like the gym, sports, school and more adventurous activities where access to tap water may be limited travelling, long-distance hikes, wild camping and backpacking. The two sizes allow you to choose what would best fit your needs.

The water-to-go filtration system is an ingeniously simple design with added environmental benefits for the planet and your purse.


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