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Vango Dragon Starwalker Review

Vango Dragon Starwalker Sleeping Bag

Looking for a bit of fun in your summer camping adventures? You might want to get the Vango Starwalker Dragon kids sleeping bag.

Review Score

We've really enjoyed this Dragon kids sleeping bag.

Our Score: 9.8/10

We've given the Vango Dragon Starwalker Sleeping Bag the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
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The good

  • The Vango Starwalker Dragon is a really fun child sleeping bag for family summer camping.

The not so good

  • Re-attaching the bottom section can be a bit fiddly. Summer use only.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Vango Dragon Starwalker Bag

Vango Dragon Starwalker Bag

Vango Dragon Starwalker Pack

Vango Dragon Starwalker Pack

Dragon Starwalker as a Backpack

Dragon Starwalker as a Backpack

Vango Dragon Starwalker Specs

Vango Dragon Starwalker Specs

Our Review

Only the other week, we reviewed the Easy Camp Image Kids Sleeping Bags, which are bright and fun for summer camping.

Well, Vango has taken it a little step further.

They sent us over their Vango Starwalker Kids Dragon Sleeping Bag for us to have a closer look.

Starwalker Dragon Kids Sleeping Bag

We've reviewed the Vango Starwalker sleeping bags before. These are great sleeping bags that you can walk in, or have your arms free if you need to.

Vango Dragon Starwalker Bag

Well, someone has been having fun in the Vango Design Department, taking the Vango Starwalker concept and turning it into a dragon outfit.

The Vango Starwalker Dragon is green (of course), with some wings printed on the back. OK, well, that's not the only feature, of course.

The sleeping bag is mummy shaped, and the hood has been turned into the dragon's head, complete with teeth around the hood, which makes it looks like your kid has been eaten alive! :-|

But they didn't stop there. On the back of the sleeping bag is a detachable tail!

Of course, as a Vango Starwalker sleeping bag, the bottom section of the bag can be unzipped, making it easier to walk around in.

So, as it is a Starwalker sleeping bag, your little dragon can run around the tent terrorising everyone. Or even, go off to the toilet block to clean all its teeth ;-)

Unzipping the bottom of the sleeping bag

However, once the bottom part of the bag is detached, it can be a bit fiddly to re-attach to the sleeping bag.

The bag that the sleeping bag comes in has shoulder straps, so your little dragon can carry their own sleeping bag into the tent.

Vango Dragon Starwalker Pack
Dragon Starwalker as a Backpack

Vango Starwalker Specs

Technically this sleeping bag is a 2-season bag, meaning it is designed for typical camping weather from late Spring to early Autumn. However, we have found that the Vango Starwalkers are more like a 2+ season, as their insulation fill appears to perform a little bit better.

Vango Dragon Starwalker Specs

Certainly, the Vango Starwalker Dragon feels quite thick for a 2 season sleeping bag.

Using the Dragon Sleeping Bag

We've used this sleeping bag on several camps this year already.

In practice, it works just like any other sleeping bag, but with a bit more fun.
The tail is attached with velcro, so it is easy to remove before bed, enabling your child to lie on their back.

Here's a fun photo that Shell snapped earlier this year, where we were all piled onto the Outwell Heated Carpet. It shows little dragons like the heat too ;-)

This is one way to keep warm while camping


Camping with the sleeping bag

We love this sleeping bag. It's both practical and incredibly fun.

It gets the GOWTK Thumbs Up award.


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