Vango Starwalker Review

Take a walk in the dark with the Vango Starwalker

Vango Starwalker

Fancy being able to walk around in your sleeping bag? We review the Vango Starwalker adults and kids sleeping bags.

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The Vango Starwalker is a good sleeping bag that is available as both an adult and kids sleeping bag, and great for summer family camping.

Our Score: 9.5/10

We've given the Vango Starwalker the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
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The good

  • A good sleeping bag in its own right, plus the ability to arms and legs free makes this a really useful item.

The not so good

  • Re-attaching the bottom of the bag was a bit fiddly, but we found that you didn't always need to remove the bottom.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Vango Starwalker Photos

Vango Starwalker Review

Vango Starwalker Review

Our Review

We've written before about sleeping bags that you can walk in. Well, Vango now make one called the Vango Starwalker, and the guys at Vango sent us over a couple to have a closer look at.

Sleeping bag shaped creatures walking the campsite

The Vango Starwalker: For kids and adults

Kids and Adults Vango Star Walker sleeping bags

Kids and Adults Vango Star Walker sleeping bags

The Vango Starwalker is available in both an adults and kids size.

You could all look like a family of sleeping bag shaped creatures that roam the campsite at night!

Using the Starwalker as a Sleeping Bag

Fast asleep in the Vango Starwalker sleeping bags

Fast asleep in the Vango Starwalker sleeping bags

Before we get into walking around in your sleeping bag, what's it like as a normal sleeping bag?

Well we found they work quite well.

Officially rated a 2 season sleeping bag, the insulation on the new sleeping bags was quite good and they felt a little more than just a 2 season sleeping bag. This of course may change after they have been used for some time.

As sleeping bags they are the usual 'mummy shaped' design with the hood that insulates.

Hands Free

So the big thing with the Vango Starwalkers is of course the ability to walk around in your sleeping bag.

However, we found that the great feature on these bags is being able to unzip and poke your arms out the side of the sleeping bag.

If you want to sit in your sleeping bag and read a book (or the kids want to play on their gadgets), then this is a really great feature. In a normal sleeping bag you would have to have it unzipped or pulled down, and so you wouldn't stay as warm.

Walking and Roaming in your Sleeping Bag

Unzip the bottom of the sleeping bag to walk in it

Unzip the bottom of the sleeping bag to walk in it

To convert the Starwalker into a sleeping bag you can walk around in, simply unzip the bottom part of the sleeping bag.

Now we did find that reattaching the bottom once completely removed was a bit fiddly. However, when in the tent we found it easier to just unzip part of the bottom and stick your legs out with the bottom of your sleeping bag trailing behind you.

Obviously if you want to wear it outside and the ground is wet you would unzip the bottom completely.

Kids Vango Starwalker vs. Kids Sleepy Sleeping Bags

The Starwalker is very similar to the Sleepy we reviewed previously. However, the Vango Starwalker is considerably cheaper.

So what's the difference?

Well the Sleepy is a 3 season sleeping bag with more insulation. The Vango Starwalker is a 2 season sleeping bag (though we did find it quite a warm 2 season sleeping bag). Click here to read more details on sleeping bag ratings.

The designs are slightly different too.

Too tired

Too tired

The Sleepy you can hitch up without having to unattach anything.

The only problem we found with the Kids Starwalker Sleeping Bag, is that people could walk off and fall asleep anywhere, even if it's in the middle of the tent and not a bedroom. :-)


The Vango Starwalkers have certainly proved popular and we've had no problems on the several camping trips we've taken them on.

They get the thumbs up from us as a good bit of family camping kit.


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