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Vango Skye Family Tents – Skye V 400, V 500, and V 600

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The Vango Skye range of tents comes in 3 sizes: V 400, V 500, and V 600. The V 400 and V 500 have two bedrooms; the V 600 has three bedrooms.

New for 2014 is the Vango Skye range of tents, complete with a front canopy and panoramic windows.

Vango Skye V 500

Vango Skye Range

The Vango Skye range of tents come in three sizes:

  • Skye V 400 – A four person tent with two bedrooms
  • Skye V 500 – A five person tent with two bedrooms
  • Skye V 600 – A six person tent with three bedrooms

The Layout


Vango Skye V 400


Vango Skye V 500


Vango Skye V 600

These tents are a simple cabin style shape, where the bedrooms are in a row a long the rear of the tent.

This layout is ideal if you have young kids, as you can just unzip the partition between one of the bedrooms at night if you need to tend to them. (Only one partition unzips in the Skye V 600).

The living area is an OK size for storage, and has large windows to let in plenty of light.

The tent also has useful storage pockets, which are great for loose items, from toys to torches.

Tent Tour

Here’s a quick video tour we made of the Vango Skye V 500.

Vango Skye V 600 tent
The big thing noticeable on this tent is the front canopy. Ideal for keeping the sun off if you want some shade, or (and more often the case in the UK), to keep off the odd shower.

This provides a great space to sit outside and still do activities like cooking, despite the weather.

You may want to get a wind break to cover of one side, to keep out any breeze. This is what we often do to protect the cooking area.

The tent fabric is polyester with a 4000mm hydrostatic head (if you are not sure what that means, then click here), and the tent poles are fibreglass.

(If you want a polycotton AirBeam version of this tent, have a look at the Vango Eden).

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Vango Skye Family Tents – Skye V 400, V 500, and V 600
Vango Skye Family Tents – Skye V 400, V 500, and V 600
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