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Vango Langley 500 Family Tent

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Brand: Vango

The Vango Langley 500 provides a good tent layout for families and could be used on long weekends or camping holidays. Simple tunnel tent design makes pitching easy.

The Vango Langley 500 offers good living and sleeping space for a family of four or five.

Vango Langley 500


The Vango Langley 500 is one of the entry-level range of family tents from Vango. That doesn’t mean it isn’t any good: it’s more affordable as it uses flexible fibre glass tent poles (not metal, and not air framed), and has a polyester tent material instead of poly cotton (click here if you’re not sure of the pros and cons of the different tent materials).

There’s a good amount of space in the Langley 500 and some good features that make it a good family tent.

Here’s our video for a quick tour.


Vango Langley 500 Interior

Vango Langley 500 Interior
You get plenty of space in the Vango Langley 500.

There are two bedrooms; one larger than the other. This makes it great for Mum and Dad with two kids, with Mum and Dad bagging the bigger bedroom, or if you have three smaller kids, they could all share the larger bedroom.

The living space is a decent size too, with enough space for some storage, bags, getting the kids dressed, etc.

A few features that are worth pointing out:

  1. A large porched entrance – provides some shelter to sit out without the need for an extension, but also makes it more practical getting a family in and out of the tent if it’s wet. Leave muddy shoes outside in the porch.
  2. Side entrance with storm porch – around the side of the tent is another door with a porch over, which again makes a good entrance to the tent if it is raining.

Langley 500 Layout

Vango Langley 500 Tent Layout
You get two bedrooms, with one larger than the other, and a good sized living area, as well as a sheltered porch on the front of the tent.

The bedrooms also have darker material, which is great for the summertime when the sun gets up earlier than most people.

Pitching the Langley 500

The Langley uses fibreglass tent poles and is a simple tunnel tent. These are easy to pitch – see how to pitch a tunnel tent.

Click here to download pitching instructions from Vango.

Langley 500 Awning Extension

Excel Side Awning Large
You can also get a side extension (as seen in our video).

This may be a good investment if you wish to use the tent for both long weekends and longer camping holidays, as it will give you more space for storage and sitting if the weather does turn bad.

It’s also a good place to fold up and put chairs and tables at night so that they stay dry for breakfast, or to put the kid’s bikes.

The extension that fits the Langley 500 is the Vango Excel Side Awning Large.

Click here to see more details on the Vango Excel Side Awning (Large).


Some useful links for Langley 500

Here’s a video from Vango on the Langley 500.

You can read more details on the Langley at Vango’s Website.


Too Big or Too Small?

Vango also make a Langley 400 or a Langley 600.



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Videos: Vango Langley 500 Family Tent

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Vango Langley 500 Family Tent
Vango Langley 500 Family Tent
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