Vango Icarus 500 XL Family Tunnel Tent - Good Size Living Area

Vango Icarus 500 XL

The Vango Icarus 500 XL has a slightly larger living area than the normal Icarus 500, which is even better for family camping.

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The Vango Icarus 500 XL is a slightly larger version of the popular Vango Icarus. Ideal for weekend camping.

So the first question is, why is this Icarus a Limited Edition? Well, it's actually the 'XL' that's the special bit. This version of the tent has an extra section added to the living space.

The Icarus 500 XL makes a good family tent for a family of two adults and two children. Though it can sleep up to 5, Mum and Dad would welcome the larger room. However, you do have that flexibility, and if you have three young children that can sleep together then this tent may be just what you are after.

The divider between the two bedrooms can be unzipped, making it easy to get to small children in the night (without leaving your sleeping bag!).

The 'XL' gives you a lot of tent for the money, and you get a very large and bright living space. This is ideal for a family as it gives you plenty of space for bags, and somewhere for the kids to play if it gets too wet (mind you, read up on how to build a tarp shelter and stay dry when camping).

The very front section opens up and is ideal on a Summer's day. (You can get some King Poles that fit through eyelets on the bottom of this door to make a canopy).

The Icarus 500 extension also fits if you want to make this tent even bigger, but that is probably not necessarily.

Being a tunnel design the tent is easy to pitch, and there are also lots of extras like good ventilation, cable entry, and lantern hanging point.

If you don't need the extra size then the Vango Icarus 500 is a little cheaper, but with a family, it would be worth the extra space of the XL.

Vango Icarus 500 XL Layout

As you can see from the Icarus 500 XL interior, you have one bedroom bigger than another.

Pitching the Vango Icarus 500 XL

The Icarus 500 XL uses flexible fibreglass tent poles, and is a simple tunnel tent design. Read our guide on How to pitch a tunnel tent if you are not familiar with this type of tent.

Vango Icarus 500 XL Accessories

Vango made an Icarus 500 carpet, but I couldn't find a larger version of the carpet for the XL.

The regular Icarus 500 canopy fits.

Why you should buy a tent carpet Tent awnings, canopies, and extensions

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"...I can't recommend it highly enough", Mr Homer, customer


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