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The What Knot

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Do you struggle with knots? We give the ‘What Knot’ a try.

Don’t you know your double-figure-of-eight knot from a granny knot? Or you just need a simple way to attach rope without the risk of accident from overstretched bungees? This might be an answer to the problem…

Using the What Knot to secure a tarp

The What Knot (also known as the Super Rope Cinch) is a simple but clever little gadget that you may find useful for all sorts of camping and outdoor activities, from putting up a tarp shelter, to securing extra loads on roof bars.

We give it a try in this video where we use the What Knot to put up a tarp shelter.

It works quite simply.

  • Twist the What Knot to open up a hole that you can pass a rope through.
  • Twist the What Knot shut and it will lock into place around the rope.

The What Knot has a locking mechanism, so it won’t come undone unless you release the lock.

Pro’s and Con’s of the What Knot

I found the What Knot a good sturdy product. Yes, it’s made from plastic, but the plastic is thick and strong, with no obvious bending when I put a lot of pressure on it.

They are also a good size for a larger thickness of rope though perhaps a little thick when we were using with smaller paracord.

Using them was straightforward, with a simple twist of the What Knot.

In our test of using it to secure paracord around a tree, I personally would have found it easier using a knot….but then someone who isn’t so confident with knots would have found the What Knot much easier. 🙂

I can also see the What Not being useful when securing loads, where you might not have sufficient length of rope for a decent knot. In that situation, the What Knot could easily fasten rope together.

More Information

If you think this gadget will save you time, you can find out more about it on the What Knot website: You can also find them as ‘Super Rope Cinch’ on

Info on Knots

If you do want to learn about tying knots, here are some useful resources:

Disclaimer: We’d like to thank What Knot for sending over a couple of samples for us to test. All opinions are our own. 



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