The What Knot Review

The What Knot

The What Knot

Do you struggle with knots? We give the ‘What Knot’ a try.

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The good

  • An easy way to secure ropes if you don't know how

The not so good

  • Learning to tie ropes would be another option!

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The What Knot has a recommended retail price of £5.80.

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The What Knot Review

The What Knot Review

Our Review

Don't you know your double-figure-of-eight knot from a granny knot? Or you just need a simple way to attach rope without the risk of accident from overstretched bungees? This might be an answer to the problem...

Using the What Knot to secure a tarp

The What Knot (also known as the Super Rope Cinch) is a simple but clever little gadget that you may find useful for all sorts of camping and outdoor activities, from putting up a tarp shelter, to securing extra loads on roof bars.

We give it a try in this video where we use the What Knot to put up a tarp shelter.

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It works quite simply.

  • Twist the What Knot to open up a hole that you can pass a rope through.
  • Twist the What Knot shut and it will lock into place around the rope.

The What Knot has a locking mechanism, so it won't come undone unless you release the lock.

Pro's and Con's of the What Knot

I found the What Knot a good sturdy product. Yes, it's made from plastic, but the plastic is thick and strong, with no obvious bending when I put a lot of pressure on it.

They are also a good size for a larger thickness of rope though perhaps a little thick when we were using with smaller paracord.

Using them was straightforward, with a simple twist of the What Knot.

In our test of using it to secure paracord around a tree, I personally would have found it easier using a knot....but then someone who isn't so confident with knots would have found the What Knot much easier. :-)

I can also see the What Not being useful when securing loads, where you might not have sufficient length of rope for a decent knot. In that situation, the What Knot could easily fasten rope together.

Info on Knots

If you do want to learn about tying knots, here are some useful resources:


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