Primus Campfire Cookset over campfire

The Primus Campfire Cookset

The Primus Campfire Cookset

The Primus Campfire Cookset looks very smart, but how practical and useful is this set of pots and pans? We take a closer look.

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We really like the Primus Campfire Cookset. It get's the thumbs up form us.

Our Score: 9.7/10

We've given the The Primus Campfire Cookset the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • These pans look smart, function well, and some good features.

The not so good

  • These are obviously more expensive than a cheap set of pots and pans, but shop around, you can often get them cheaper than the RRP. Click on the Price tab above.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The best price we've found so far is £74.95.

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Primus Campfire Cookset over campfire

Primus Campfire Cookset

Our Review

Our first impressions of the Primus Campfire Cookset is that the whole set looks very smart. From their highly polished stainless steel, down to the little leather Primus tags on the pot lids.

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The polished stainless steel of the campfire cookset

The stainless steel pots and pans look smart.

But does the cookset only have good looks? How practical are they? We take a closer look.

What you get with the Primus Campfire Cookset

The cookset comes with its canvas bag, which makes it easy to bundle everything together and keep with your camping gear.

Inside the canvas bag, you'll find a frying pan, and two pots.

They fit inside one another, and the handles fold, so when packed away in the bag, the cookset doesn't take up much space.

Cookset frying pan handle

The frying pan handle folds for storage and locks into place before use

The smaller pot in the Primus Campfire Cookset

The smaller pot also has folding handles.

The handle on the larger pot has a notch in for hanging over a campfire.

Primus Pot on tripod over campfire

The big pot in the set has a notch in the handle for hanging over the campfire.

Other Features

A few other features we like about this set of pots and pans are the lids.

You get two lids; one for each of the two pots in the set.

Each lid has a little leather tag on the handle, which gives you something to pull to lift the lid off without burning your fingers.

The lids also lock into place. Locking lids are not only a useful safety feature but if you do have the pot sitting in the embers of the campfire, you don't want the lid accidentally falling off and covering your meal in ash.

The lids also have small holes, which not only help prevent liquids boiling over but with the lid locked into place, provide for a way to drain food such as pasta.

Holes in the lid of the pan

Holes in the lids are useful for draining. The leather tag on the handle helps with removing the lid when it's hot.

How Practical is that Stainless Steel

Well, shiny things don't always stay shiny for long.

We've been using this cookset throughout the summer, both on the gas camping stove, and also with the large pot over the campfire.

Of course, when cooking over the campfire, pots will get covered in soot. Fortunately, this simply washed off the polished stainless steel. So despite a lot of regular use, they still look as good as new :-)


The Primus Campfire Cookset is, as you would expect for something like this, a bit more expensive than a cheap set of pots and pans. However, from our experience of them, they are a good quality product, and if you shop around, you can find some good deals for them.

They get the thumbs-up from us.


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