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The Catamarca Sofa – A space saving double seat


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We try the Outwell Catamarca Sofa, a double-seat camping chair that doesn’t take up twice the space that two singles would.

One of the great things many of us like about camping is the social aspect.

Without the usual distractions (TVs, Xboxes, etc.), there is more of an opportunity to sit around and chat. That might be with friends, extended family, or just in your family unit.

And though we could all sit on the floor, the camping chair is the defacto tool you need for this! 😉

We’ve reviewed many camping chairs over the years, from the big and luxurious to the small and lightweight.

A new chair I spotted this year is the Outwell Catamarca. It looks like a regular camping chair, but it’s a double. But is it any good? Fortunately, Outwell agreed to send me one to have a closer look 😀

The chair in the tent at night

The Outwell Catamarca

The Outwell Catamarca looks just like a regular folding camping chair, but with two seats. I admit a double-seated chair is not amazing. However, what caught my eye, is that when folded, this double seat is a very similar size to a regular folding chair.

Making more space in your car boot

Camping chairs take up a lot of space in your car boot or camping trailer. Especially if you need a lot of chairs. We’ve been using the smaller lightweight Robens chairs for many camps as they are easier to fit in the car.

However, since the Catamarca is not much bigger than a regular folding chair, you can get more bums on seats for less car boot space! 🙂

This is why I thought this chair looked particularly interesting to us family campers. Two Catamarca chairs will not take up much more space than two regular camping chairs, but instead of just seating for two, you will have seating for four.

Catamarca folded

For a double seat, the Outwell Catamarca folds up to about the size of a single chair.

Comfort and using the Outwell Catamarca

Comfort is very subjective, but in my view, the chair feels like a regular camping chair. Not an uncomfortable one mind you, but one you can easily sit on without any complaints. Outwell call this the Catamarca Sofa. I wouldn’t it’s as comfortable as a sofa, but it’s good for a folding camping chair. 🙂

In each arm, you’ll find a can or bottle holder. Now, on some cheaper chairs, I found that a full can or bottle could be catapulted out from the chair if you sit down to fast. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with the Outwell Catamarca, and it didn’t eject your drink when someone sat in the seat next to you.

Bottle Holder

For us, the chair is plenty wide enough that you do not feel squashed together when two are sitting it in. It is like a regular good-sized camping chair, but just as a double.

Catamarca inside the tent

Practicalities….how easy is it to set-up and fold away?



No instructions required.

It is very easy. Just take it outs its carry case (which comes with a shoulder strap), and the chair easily unfolds. There’s no clipping anything into place. Just unfold and sit.

Unpacking the Catamarca

Putting away is just as easy 🙂

When folded the pack size is just 24 x 17 x 96 cm.

For comparison, the single-seat version of this chair is 15 x 14 x 86 cm.

The downsides?

Well, being for two people, it does have more material and metal legs than carrying a single camping chair, and so is a little bit heavier at 5.4kg. Not too heavy, but you’ll notice the difference compared to single camping chairs. And although the bag does come with a shoulder strap, you might not want to walk too far with it.

The RRP is £69.99, so a bit more expensive than just a single seat. In fact, it could be more expensive than two single seats! So you save on space, but not on money. However, shop around, as you can find the Catamarca Sofa for less than the RRP.


The biggest downside is the cost, but if you can get a good deal, one or two of these chairs could save you space and make life easier when setting up camp, so we’ve given it the Thumbs Up Award.

Thumbs Up

Trying the Catamarca Sofa

8.5Expert Score
We try the Outwell Catamarca Sofa, a double-seat camping chair that doesn't take up twice the space that two singles would.
Value for Money
  • Small pack size for a double chair.
  • Includes carry bag.
  • Bottle/can holders in chair arms.
  • Obviously, slightly heavier than carrying a single.
  • Shop around to get a good deal.

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Specification: The Catamarca Sofa – A space saving double seat

Tent Details
Year Introduced


Pack Size

24 x 17 x 96 cm

Max Load

125 kg per seat

Seat Height

45 cm

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 146 × 56 × 98.5 cm

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The Catamarca Sofa – A space saving double seat
The Catamarca Sofa – A space saving double seat


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