The Breezy Bed

Taking it easy at the campsite is a breeze

Breezy Bed

We have a look at the Breezy Bed; a fun way to lounge around at the campsite, at a picnic, or just at home in your garden.

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Our Score: 7.7/10

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The good

  • Lightweight and small to pack for picnics or camping.
  • Easy to create a sun lounger or a seat for a couple of you.

The not so good

  • Needs a bit of practice to get it to inflate.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The Breezy Bed

The Breezy Bed

Our Review

This has to be one of the coolest camping gadgets around at the moment - Breezy Bed. It's a new product on the market and takes outdoors chilling to a whole new level! It's portable inflatable furniture, but no pumping, blowing involved you just use a breeze to fill it with air.

Best buddies

Best buddies

It's made from waterproof polyester and weighing in at just 1.4kg, it is very light to carry around so that you can chill anywhere.

So how does it work?

It comes in a carry case.  You just take it out of the carry case, unroll it drag it towards a breeze and the bed inflates - simple eh?! To seal, you fold over the opening ( like you would with a dry bag ) and clip together.

Breezy Bed

We took our Breezy bed on its first adventure: camping. We are used to pumping tents and beds, so we were intrigued and excited to see how the Breezy bed would perform.

The first occasion we used it was a hot day with not much breeze, and we were still able to inflate the bed.

I would say there is a bit of a technique to inflate the bed.  You don't have to run around like mad things ( like we did! )

The advice from Breezy Bed was to take it easy and let the air glide in. It doesn't have to be a particularly breezy day to fill it with air. How much air you inflate it with obviously dictates how soft or hard the bed is.

While perfecting our technique our first attempts resulted in a semi-inflated bed, a bit like a bouncy castle! The kids had great fun with it and thought it was amusing watching me roll off it!

They are extremely comfortable; you can use it as a chair to sit on or as a lounger to lie down on.

Spot the teenager

Spot the teenager

According to Breezy bed they stay inflated for approx 5 hrs, we have not put that to the test yet will update this post when we do.

In the garden on the Breezy Bed

In the garden on the Breezy Bed

The fact that it is so light means there are many opportunities to use it, pop in your rucksack and take it up a hill, camping, festivals, outdoor events, picnics and parks. You can use it in the garden too.

We love cool outdoor gadgets that make the outdoors even more fun. This is one of those novel products you never knew you needed......but you do now!


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