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Tested: Storm Bloc Walking Socks


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Brand: Storm Bloc

Storm Bloc has come out with some walking socks in family sizes. But are they any good? The guys at MakeCamp test them out for us.

If you go to Wales then there is one guaranteed thing, it’s going to be wet. I have never ever been to Wales for any period of time when it didn’t rain.

the sun came out as we left – typical

Our latest trip across the border was no exception. It had rained before we got there, it rained while we were there and… the sun came out as we left – typical.

Undaunted by the weather we had two main aims for the weekend, first was to get out of the house and have some family time and second was to put some walking socks through their paces on a walk through the Welsh countryside.

Everywhere you put your feet was mud or standing water

There was a brief window of calm weather early on the Saturday evening, so we went for it.

The campsite we were on had a nature walk that took you around the edge of the campsite and then skirted the neighbouring golf course.

it was a good test of sock comfort

The trail takes you over the rolling fields, across streams and up some pretty steep banks. The course was about two and a half miles long, which isn’t very far, but it was wet going. Everywhere you put your feet was mud or standing water, so even though we didn’t walk very far, it was a good test of sock comfort.

Pulling on the Storm Bloc socks

We had been supplied with a Sock Shop branded sock called Storm Bloc.

30x more durable than a standard branded walking sock

They are made using Blue Guard Engineering which means they had been abrasion tested until a hole appears in the fabric of the sock. The packaging proudly announced that the Storm Bloc sock was 30x more durable than a standard branded walking sock.

Speaking of the packaging, each pack contained two pairs of sock and the strong cardboard wrapper looked and felt good quality.

In actual fact no expense has been spared on the packaging because it’s printed 4 colour and spot colour, foil blocked, embossed, matt UV and cut out to shape. I used to work in the print trade and I can tell you that’s an expensive workflow!

So right from the off, these socks look and feel good quality.

After peeling the tape and removing the sock from the wrapper you quickly feel the thickness and the strength of the socks in your hand.

They contain Lycra and that’s plainly obvious as you put them on. They hug your feet and you momentarily think you have picked up the wrong size.

It’s at that point that you feel the sock holding and supporting your foot. The arch is supported with elastic, the toe seam is reinforced and if you squeeze the fabric between your fingers you can feel the cushioning effect.

Slipping our feet into our boots we set off on our walk.

Walking in the Wet

The first part of our walk was on tarmac, but that quickly turned to shingle and then dirt track as we moved along.

My wife and kids have walking boots, whereas I have walking shoes. I find mine so comfortable that I have used them a lot more than everyone else and I soon found that I probably need a new pair.

I must have some hairline cracks in the soles as it became evident that the Welsh wet weather was invading my shoes.

[pullquote2 style=”right” quote=”dark”]Even though my feet were wet, they were warm[/wpsm_quote]Normally with wet feet, things start to rub quite quickly but I couldn’t feel any separation in the sock and my feet. Even though my feet were wet, they were warm, but not as warm as my son’s however who soon started telling us that his feet were boiling!

My daughter had no such issues and was happily making the most of the puddles. My wife was contentedly strolling along and guiding us all to the next information post.

We were muddy when we got back and one of us had wet socks (that would be me), but none of us had blisters or sore feet.

Two and a half miles isn’t a long walk by any means but I can’t see that our opinions wouldn’t change much even after a days wear.

These socks are pretty good at what they do

These socks are pretty good at what they do, they support where they are supposed to and cushion elsewhere.

You can undoubtedly buy more expensive socks, but these are more than capable for anything a serious walker has planned.

Reviewed by Ian, Tracey, Joe and Pippa Blackford around the rolling countryside of Mid Wales.

10Expert Score
As a family we really like these socks, they are comfortable, supportive, cushioning and warm. The toe seams didn't rub or get in the way and your toes are free to move. Would we buy more? Well, in each pack you get two pairs of socks and at under £15 per pack that represents superb value for money.
Value for Money
  • These are thick, heavyweight socks that grip and support your feet.
  • None really other than your feet do get quite warm.

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Tested: Storm Bloc Walking Socks
Tested: Storm Bloc Walking Socks
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