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We test out some Superfeet insoles. These make hiking a little bit easier on your feet, which is a good thing 🙂

Superfeet Blue Insole

Superfeet Blue Insole

Walking is an easy form of getting exercise outdoors.

However, if your feet are uncomfortable, you’re not going to enjoy it.

I’ve mentioned before about replacing the insole of your shoes or boots to make them fit better for walking.

Well, Shell and I recently had insoles fitted from a company called Superfeet, and we’ve been quite impressed.

What’s wrong with the insoles in your shoes

The insoles in many walking shoes and boots are just there to cover up the stitching where the sole meets the side of the shoe or boot.

I have been using a pair of Merrell walking shoes for some time now, over all sorts of terrain (literally from desserts to snow). These have been a really good fit.

However, I have noticed recently that after a day on my feet, they do get a little tired now.

So far, with the Superfeet insole, I’ve not found the same problem.

What’s different about Superfeet

Superfeet has a background in podiatric medicine. Unlike many other insoles, they consist of a rigid part to better stabilise the foot.

Superfeet Layers

Superfeet Layers

As it was explained to me, the way they support the heal supports the arch of the foot.

Top part

The top part of the insole

Bottom part

The bottom part of the insole

Shaped for foot support

Shaped for foot support

There’s a whole range of different insoles to support the different foot and shoe shapes.

Rigid part

The rigid part

Although you can purchase Superfeet online, the easiest thing to do is to go into a specialist outdoor shop and get them fitted properly. Cotswold Outdoor staff are trained to fit Superfeet insoles, so you should be able to find somewhere for fitting these quite easily.

As a guide, the different insoles are colour coded.

  • Green- suitable for outdoor hiking /roomier footwear
  • Blue – suitable for more approach style shoes
  • Carbon – suitable for tighter athletic shoes- such as low volume running/cycling shoes
  • Orange/Berry – more cushioning for sporty activities

They do have junior sizes, but only down to size 11.5.

The Results

It was recommended that you build up the use of the Superfeet insoles gradually. Perhaps just an hour or two at first to give your feet time to adjust to the different feel. And at first, you did notice the shoes felt different.

Now we don’t notice the Superfeet insoles in our shoes at all.

And what’s more, after many more miles of walking across different terrain, my shoes are still really comfy…and no more aching feet either 🙂

9.3Expert Score
We test out some Superfeet insoles. These make hiking a little bit easier on your feet, which is a good thing :-)
Value for Money
  • Great support to your feet, especially for long hikes.
  • None found so far.

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