Girl in the child's SLPY sleeping bag

The SLPY Sleepy - a wearable sleeping bag

The SLPY Sleepy - a wearable sleeping bag

We check out the Sleepy, a wearable sleeping bag that means you can get up in the morning when camping without having to leave your warm bed.

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We've given the The SLPY Sleepy - a wearable sleeping bag the Thumbs Up award.

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This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Girl in the child's SLPY sleeping bag

SLPY Sleeping Wearable Sleepingbag

Our Review

We've all been there when camping: you wake up in the morning, all snug and warm in your sleeping bag, but on your exposed face, you feel the cold bite of the morning air.


do you stay just a little bit longer in your warm bed?

Decision time. Do you get out of the warm sleeping bag knowing it will be C O L D, or do you stay just a little longer in your warm bed?

However long you put it off. Eventually, you'll need to get up for something. It may be to put the kettle on for the first brew of the day. It may be the call of nature. Or, maybe you have kids and don't have a choice of when you get up. ;-)

Fortunately, the guys at SLPY may have a solution and sent us a couple of Sleepy bags to review.

Stay in the sleeping bag

Is it a sleeping bag or is it a coat?

you can wear it like a coat

OK, so it's most definitely a sleeping bag...but you can get up and move around, without having to get out of it, and you can wear it like a coat.

When you are inside the sleeping bag, you can reach up and unzip some holes to poke your arms through.

Next, you can reach down and unzip the bottom of the sleeping bag to pop your feet out.

go for a hike if you so desire!

You could walk (waddle) around like this, but better still, you can pull up the bottom of the bag to your waist where there is a cord that you can tighten like a belt, freeing your legs....enough to go for a hike if you so desire!

Yes, that might be a little bit further than you'd be prepared to go wearing a sleeping bag, but you can easily walk off to the facilities, make a brew, or sort the kids out - all while not getting out of your sleeping bag.

It's also great at the other end of the day: pop into it while you are still around the campfire. You can then go to bed with your sleeping bag already warm and toasty.

Warming by the fire

What's it like as a sleeping bag?

well made and warm

So you might be thinking this is just a gimmick, but we found the sleeping bags to be well made and warm. They were also comfortable.

The sleeping bag is rated as a 3 season bag.

Mummy bags and slug kids

The Sleepy comes in small, medium, and large size. The two we had here were small and medium, with small aimed at children.

a warm fluorescent slug

The colours are quite bright, and as one of our daughters said, you looked like a fluorescent slug when walking in it; however, a warm fluorescent slug.

The only thing they wished was that SLPY made matching slippers!

Not just for camping

After returning from camp, our kids didn't want the Sleepy bags to go with the other sleeping bags. Instead, they wanted them to hand for lounging around the house, watching movies, and taking to sleepovers.

So, if you are looking for something a little bit different - and avoiding getting out of your sleeping bag first thing when it's cold - then consider the SLPY. It gets the thumbs up from us.

Wearable Sleeping Bag Comparison

Update 2015: Vango now also make a wearable sleeping bag called the Starwalker.

So what's the difference?

The biggest difference is that the Vango Starwalker is a summer 2-season sleeping bag, whereas the SLPY Sleepy is a 3-season sleeping bag.

There are some other differences in style and texture, but if you are wondering why the Sleepy is more expensive than the Vango Starwalker, it's because the Sleepy uses better insulation.

So if you are interested in getting a wearable sleeping bag, take into account what time of year you are likely to go camping and what the nighttime temperature is going to be.


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