Salomon Manila Mid GTX

Salomon Manilla Walking Boot Review - A lightweight boot for wome

Salomon Manilla Walking Boots

So my old boots were given the boot, and it was time to find something new. After much searching, I bought the Salomon Manilla boots and have been very pleased with them.

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Salomon Manila Mid GTX

Salomon Manila Mid GTX

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Salomon Manila Mid GTX

Salomon Manila Mid GTX Walking Boot for Women

Old Walking Boots

My well worn old walking boots. Time for a change!

After 100s of miles (maybe even thousands?!?) of days out, hiking, camping, and the relentless walking to and from school, my old boots looked tired. Very tired.

I had replaced these old boots once already, but the 'cheap' boots didn't last a few months, and I was back to my trusty old pair of boots.

So, this time, it was time for me to get a new pair instead of the kids. And I didn't want to go for the cheapest after what happened last time.

What sort of walking boots to get?

Now I do some walking, but this is mainly on paths or fairly good ground.

We do go out climbing rocky hills occasionally, but not mountaineering. So I didn't need a full-size boot or something too stiff, and I didn't want anything heavy that would be like walking around with a pair of bricks strapped to my feet!

I was looking for a mid-sized boot, lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof.

Salomon Manilla Boots

Testing the Salomon Manilla walking boots

Testing the Salomon Manilla walking boots

After an hour of trying on boots in Cotswold Outdoor, walking up and down their ramp, I decided on the Salomon Manilla Mid GTX boot for women.

I was surprised at just how lightweight these boots are.

They are also comfortable, provide sufficient foot protection, and grip the sole well. The loop on the back of the boots makes them easier to get on & off.

I did find their sizing slightly small and went for a larger size than I usually buy (and yes, I took walking socks to try them on).

Already, I've been out on many walks in these boots. No blisters. No water leaks. Very impressed. Will it finally be time to get rid of my old boots!!

I recommend these Salomon's if you're looking for some walking boots.


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