Robens Wolf Moon 5XP – A Tough Family Tent for Regular Campers

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SKU: Wolf Moon 5XP
Brand: Robens

The Robens Wolf Moon 5XP is a 5 person tent designed for quick pitching and regular use.

At first glance, the Robens Wolf Moon 5XP tent looks like a typical family tent that you might see from Outwell.  However, there are some subtle design differences that make this ideal for those who want to camp often. Let’s dig in.

The Robens Wolf Moon 5XP

The Robens Wolf Moon 5XP (Photo credit: Robens)

Robens Wolf Moon 5XP Tent Layout

The tent layout is as you’d expect.  It’s not a massive tent, and one we would class as ideal for weekend camping or a few nights.

And although it’s rated for 5 people, for a family we recommend two adults and one or two children.

Robens Wolf Moon 5XP Layout

Robens Wolf Moon 5XP Layout (Image credit: Robens)

Even though this looks like a traditional family tent layout, there are a few features worth calling out.

The built-in porch is a great addition, and extremely practical for regular family campers. As well as providing somewhere sheltered to sit outside, it’s where you keep all your muddy boots and wet raincoats.

The tent also has two side doors as well as a massive front door that can be fully opened (more on the doors in a bit). This is going to give you lots of pitching options, different layouts for furniture, as well as the option to fully open the tent up on warm summer days.

The Tent’s Doors

There are a few features on the doors you might not find on your typical family tent.

First, let’s look at the side door that doubles up as an additional sun shelter.

Wolf Moon 5XP Side Door Shelter

This is the tent with all the doors open. You can get a good look at the side canopy (Photo credit: Robens)

When the sun does shine, this feature will create a nice shaded area, and with the doors fully open, plenty of fresh breeze in the tent.

Note that the additional poles do not come with the tent. However, if you are a regular camper, you’d probably have tarp poles like these anyway.

I’d love to pitch this at one of the campsites by a beach 🙂

The other side door is interesting too, in that it is has a built-in vent.

Wolf Moon 5XP Side Door Closed

This is what the Wolf Moon 5XP looks like with the side door zipped up. (Photo credit: Robens)

The top half is a mesh, which helps keep the tent well ventilated, reducing condensation inside.

There is a waterproof blind that toggles up on the inside of the tent.

Looking inside Wolf Moon 5XP with front door half zipped

Looking inside Wolf Moon 5XP with the front door half-zipped, showing the flexibility of the different door configurations (Photo credit: Robens)

The front door also has different configurations.  As shown above, the door is half-zipped.  You can unzip the entire door leaving the front of the tent fully open.

As you can see, this front door is recessed into the porch, providing a way to get in and out of the tent when it is wet, without getting rain into your tent.

All the doors come with mesh to let the airflow in, but not the bugs 🙂


The bedrooms at the back of the tent are darkened for a better night’s sleep.

Looking inside the Wolf Moon 5XP

Looking inside the Wolf Moon 5XP you can see the darkened bedrooms and get a good idea of the space available (Photo credit: Robens)

The bedroom also uses the Robens Adaptive Inner, which means you can remove the bedroom on the left if you needed the area for more storage space.

Wolf Moon 5XP Adaptive Inner

Wolf Moon 5XP Adaptive Inner is shown in the background, as well as the hanging rail and lantern point (Photo credit: Robens)

Other Features of the Robens Wolf Moon 5XP

As well as a lantern hook, there’s a cord running across the ceiling, which is an ideal place to hang lightweight clothes to dry.

There are also plenty of storage pockets throughout the tent.

Another nice touch is the re-enforced pegging points.  And while talking of re-enforcement, the tent uses the Robens HydroTex HD material, which is extra durable and designed for tents that are going to be used a lot. This material also provides 5000 mm of Hydrostatic Head, which is a lot more than most tents.  (The groundsheet has a whopping 10,000 mm hydrostatic head!)

Wolf Moon 5XP Strong Pegging Points

These pegging points are interesting. See how they are re-enforced. This should help the tent put up with a lot of use. (Photo credit: Robens)


Compared to a lot of family tents, the Robens Wolf Moon 5XP is extremely lightweight, coming in at just 16 kg.  That is featherweight for a family tent.

This means it’s going to be really easy to throw this in and out of the back of the car, and very easy for a person to pitch themselves.

The lightness of the packed tent is due to the advanced Robens HydroTex HD tent fabric and the Yunan Alloy anodised tent poles.

The pack size isn’t too big either, coming in at 75 cm long with a diameter of 35 cm, so plenty of room left in your car boot. 🙂

9Expert Score
Robens Wolf Moon 5XP – A Tough Family Tent for Regular Campers
A Family Tent for lots of Regular Use
This is not just a regular family tent, but from Robens, there are design features that make this tent ideal for those that want to spend a lot of their weekends going camping.
Value for Money
Family Friendly
  • A tent designed for regular use, with hardened alloy poles, tough material, and re-enforced pegging points.
  • Comes with a porch and a large flexible front door.
  • Two side doors.
  • One side door can be used as a sun shelter.
  • All doors have bug mesh.
  • Darkened bedrooms.
  • Adaptive inner.
  • Lots of storage pockets.
  • Lightweight and small pack size for a family tent.
  • It would have been good to have the tarp poles included.

Photos: Robens Wolf Moon 5XP – A Tough Family Tent for Regular Campers

Price Guide: Robens Wolf Moon 5XP – A Tough Family Tent for Regular Campers

Specification: Robens Wolf Moon 5XP – A Tough Family Tent for Regular Campers

Height (cm)


Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Weight (kg)


Pack Size (cm)

75 x 35

Tent Bedrooms
Bedroom Divider

Removable, toggles in place

Cable entry to Bedrooms


Darkened Bedrooms


Larger Bedrooms


Removable Bedroom


Storage Pockets in Bedroom


Auto-seal bedroom doors


Tent Details


Recommended Tent Use

Frame Type

Wind Rating

12 (Hurricane: >72mph/118kph)

Tent Fabric

Hydrostatic Head

5000 mm

Taped Seams


Sun Protection

Not Specified

Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm)


Sewn-in Groundsheet (main tent)


Tent Accessories

Tent Carpet, Tent Footprint

Year Introduced


Tent Doors
Additional Tent Doors

Yes, on both sides

No-Trip Entrance


Rain-safe Entry

Yes, at main door

Bug-Free Mesh

On all exterior and bedroom doors

Door converts to sunshade


Tent Living Space
Inner Living Space Size

1 section (e.g. bag space)

Living Area Storage Pockets


Cable Entry

Yes, one side

Wet-Dry Zone

Yes, in the porch

Built-in Porch

No, but small shelter

Porch Storage Pockets


Internal Hanging Line


Tent Pitching and Storage
Colour Coded Tent Pegs


Colour Coded Tent Poles


Guy Line Storage


People to Pitch

2 People

Pump included

Not Applicable

Wheeled Tent Bag

No, not required

Tent Windows
Window Blinds

Yes, toggle up

Tinted Windows


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  1. Regina Hau

    Hi. I recently bought the Robens Wolf moon 5xp. After spending the first night in the tent, I was quite disappointed. The outside tent was full of bugs, although we closed the door and window. Finally we saw that the tents front corner are not sewed up. Same problem with the side door. The upper corner of the side door is not sew up.

    Does anyone has the same problem?

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    • Gav Grayston

      That’s a disappointment. If it’s a manufacturing defect, raise it with who you bought it from. They should issue you a replacement or refund.

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  2. Chris

    Hi Gav
    Please can you explain more about how the window system works? I’m baffled!

    Is it, from outdoors to indoors:
    1) mesh
    2) clear window
    3) blind

    And which of 1,2,3 can be unzipped or unclipped? If the clear window is behind the mesh how is the water managed that comes through the mesh? The pictures make it look like there is a black mesh panel as the last layer outside? If so, do you always have that dark triangle appearing?

    Thanks in advance – and sorry if I’m being dim!

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    • Gav Grayston

      Hi Chris,

      Yes, that’s right. The mesh is on the outside, then you have the clear window, then you have the blind.
      So the dark triangle is the mesh and that’s always there.
      It is a similar set-up that Zempire tents use. I was sceptical at first on the Zempire tents, but when I tried it, and sprayed it with the hose, it worked OK. No water came in (as the clear plastic window was zipped up), and the mesh dried out in the air very quickly. I suspect it will work the same on this Robens tent.

      On our Robens Kiowa, it has the plastic window on the outside, then the mesh, then the blind. However, to unzip the window, you have to go outside.

      I had a look at this window set-up in a similar tent to the Robens Wolf Moon, the Robens Eagle Rock, and both the clear window and the blind could be unzipped and rolled up from inside the tent.


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    Robens Wolf Moon 5XP – A Tough Family Tent for Regular Campers
    Robens Wolf Moon 5XP – A Tough Family Tent for Regular Campers


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