The Robens Trekker XL table

Robens Trekker XL - A compact wooden camping table

Robens Trekker XL

The Robens Trekker XL is a great option if you want a good-sized smart-looking table that doesn't fill your car boot.

Review Score

We've been using the Trekker XL on lots of camps this season already. It's a must take bit of kit.

Our Score: 9.3/10

We've given the Robens Trekker XL the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
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The good

  • A decent looking camping table that can easily fit in the boot of your car.

The not so good

  • You can, of course, get cheaper tables, but none that fold this small and look this good.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The Robens Trekker XL table

The Robens Trekker XL table

Using the Robens Trekker XL Table

Using the Robens Trekker XL Table

Connecting the Table Top

Connecting the Table Top

Our Review

I like these wooden camping tables. They look very smart.

Bamboo tabletop

The bamboo looks good and is durable too.

Yes, plastic can be cheaper, lighter, and more practical. But you must admit, these tables look very smart.

And since the wood is made from Bamboo, it's hardwearing, good with water, and eco-friendly.

Unfortunately, a family-sized wooden table could take up a lot of space in your car when you head off to the campsite. This Trekker XL table from Robens is just the ticket: it packs down small, is lightweight, and isn't a bad size when set-up.

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Let's look at the details...

Trekker XL Pack Size

The Trekker XL table packed up

This is a small lightweight pack size for a wooden table for four

When packed, the size is 100 cm long and 15 cm x 12 cm deep.

It only weighs around 6.5 kilos, so not a heavy item to lift to and from your car.

Setting up the Table

When you first open the pack, you'll see a sprawling tangle of legs. Don't let this put you off. It's really simple to put up.

Lightweight metal poles simply slot together to make up the legs.

Slotting the legs of the camping table together

The legs slot together

Once you have the legs together, some top supports simply clip on. This is where the wooden bamboo tabletop clips on.

Attaching the table top

The table top of the Trekker XL slots in place on the frame

Using the Robens Trekker XL Table

Once set-up, the Robens Trekker XL is a good size table and measures 60 cm wide and 100 cm long (with a height of 68 cm).

OK, so it's not the biggest of family tables, but it is big enough for four people.

We've found the best layout is a chair at either end of the table and one at each side.

A camping table for four people

This table could seat four, depending on how big your chairs are


Using the Robens Trekker XL Table

I really like this table, which is why I wanted to review it and test it out.

If storing and taking your camping equipment to the campsite is becoming an issue, this is worth investing in.

It gets the thumbs-up from us!


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