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Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock Set


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SKU: Trace Ultimate Hammock Set
Brand: Robens

Interested in trying hammock camping? You get a lot with this set at a great price.

This year, Robens introduced their Trace Ultimate Hammock Set.

I had a good look at this set at the Robens season launch and was impressed with what you get with the kit.  What’s even more impressive is the low price.

Rrace Ultimate Hammock Set

The Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock Set comes with the hammock, bug mesh, tarp, and even the means to secure it to trees.
Photo © Robens

The Hammock

Hammock camping is different.  Having tried it before, I can see the advantages and disadvantages of hammock camping compared to tent camping.

Of course, the essential component you need is the hammock.

Hammocks allow you to camp in more remote locations, which means carrying your gear.  The Robens Trace Hammock is lightweight compared to carrying a tent and weighs just 1090g, and fits into a pack size of 12.5 cm by 28 cm.  Easy enough to slide into your backpack.

The pack includes the hammock with an integrated mosquito net and the slings and carabiners.

Trace Ultimate Hammock Set Storage Pocket

The hammock includes a handy storage pocket.
Photo © Robens

Not all hammocks come with a mosquito net.  And you may also be surprised that not all hammocks come with the mechanism to attach the hammock to a tree!  (Remember – always check your kit before heading out.  A hammock that you can’t hang from a tree is nothing more than a thin blanket!).

Fortunately, in the Robens Trace Hammock Set, it comes with slings and carabiners for securing to a tree.

The attachment mechanism also acts as a drip break, so if it rains, water doesn’t run down the line and into your hammock.

Unlike typical hammocks, the set includes a ridgeline, which you can clip the mosquito net; another excellent design feature keeping the mosquito net off your face.  Without it, that mosquito net can become very annoying.

Trace Ultimate Hammock Set with Mesh on Ridgeline

The bug mesh clips onto the ridgeline, so it isn’t in your face.  Photo © Robens

The Tarp

A disadvantage of just sleeping in a hammock compared to a tent is exposure to the rain.

Hammock campers solve this problem by pitching a tarp.

Trace Ultimate Hammock Set Tarp Shelter

Using the included tarp will shelter you from the elements.
Photo © Robens

With this set, you get the excellent Robens tarp, which weighs just 730g and packs down to 12 cm x 28 cm, another backpack-friendly size.

Pitch the tarp over the ridgeline to create a shelter from the rain.

You can use trekking poles as additional tarp supports.

Additional tarp support with walking pole

You can use walking poles as additional tarp supports.
Photo © Robens


You get a lot with this set, but if you want to take things to the next level, consider a lightweight Self Inflating Mat to provide stability and support, like these from Robens.

Robens also has a matching hammock under-quilt to add insulation.

The Robens Hammock Underquilt

The Robens Hammock Underquilt provides extra insulation when hammock camping in colder seasons.  Photo © Robens

Photos: Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock Set

Price Guide: Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock Set

Specification: Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock Set

Length (cm)


Pack Size (cm)

22 x 31

Tent Details
Hydrostatic Head

3000 mm

Max Load (kg)


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Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock Set
Robens Trace Ultimate Hammock Set


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