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The Robens Sunstone 120 is a well-insulated and comfortable self-inflating mat that does actually self inflate.

As with many big camping brands, Robens also now has a large, comfortable, self-inflating mat in its range: the Robens Sunstone 80, an 8-cm deep mat, and the Robens Sunstone 120, a 12-cm deep mat.  Both of these mats come in a double and single version.

We take a closer look at the single Robens Sunstone 120.

Robens Sunstone 120 Self Inflating Camping Mat

The new Robens Sunstone 120 self-inflating mat is ideal for those seeking comfort. (Photo © Robens)

The Air Highway

As you would expect from Robens, rather than create a self-inflating mat like other brands, Robens has brought some new innovative thinking to the problem.

There’s no doubt that these large inflating mats are extremely comfortable, but they have a downside: they can be quite large to transport due to all the foam inside. Plus, they may not actually self-inflate that well.

Robens introduced what they call the Robens Air Highway. Rather than the regular chambers found inside SIMs, the Air Highway gets more air faster to parts of the mat compared to traditional designs. This includes chambers in both directions. The result: faster inflation and deflation and reduced pack size.

The pack size is reportedly 76 cm wide by 23 cm thick.  That’s extremely good for a large 12 cm deep SIM.

Robens Sunstone 120 Up Close

A closer look at the mat. (Photo © Robens)

Improved Mat Sides

Robens has also worked on re-designing the sides of the SIM.

You’ll find that the fabric on the sides of large mats is stretchable. This is the same stretchable fabric used to make the top and bottom of the mats. As you inflate normal mats, the sides stretch, requiring more air to make the mat rigid.

Robens has designed a new manufacturing technique so that the sides are made with a non-stretchable fabric. This has not been possible until now.

This means that the Robens Sunstone requires less air to make it rigid than regular large SIMs.

Well Insulated

Replacing more foam with air didn’t make the bag any less comfortable when I tried it, nor has it reduced its insulation rating.

The Robens Sunstone 120 has been verified to an R-Value of 6.8. What does that mean? Well, insulation from -30°C! I don’t expect I’ll be camping in the UK if the ground reached that temperature 😉

Needless to say, this will provide comfort and warmth for camping, and remember, a common reason for waking cold in the night is that there isn’t sufficient insulation underneath.  The Robens Sunstone 120 will prevent that.


So if this packs small yet is still comfortable and well insulated, does it manage to pass the self-inflation test?

Well, the answer is yes! I am extremely impressed at how easily this mat inflates itself.
OK, you might want to blow a little more air in if you want the mat firmer, but most of the work has been done for you.

It’s also quick and easy to deflate, especially with the Robens Peak Valve, which can let air in and out quickly.

Robens Peak Valve

The Robens Peak Valve (Photo © Robens)

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to deflate and how well the mat re-inflates itself.


As with any high-spec kit, it does come with a higher-end price tag. However, compared to other similar-sized mats, such as the Vango Shangri-La or the Outwell Dreamboat, it’s in a similar price range. So that’s not bad given all the additional features, such as the higher insulation rating, convenient smaller pack size, and both fast inflation and deflation.

8.9Expert Score
An impressive high-tech self-inflating mat that's deep and comfortable, packs relatively small and is easy to inflate and deflate.
Value for Money
Easy of Inflation and Deflation
Pack Size
  • Very comfortable.
  • Extremely high-spec insulation rating.
  • Very quick and easy to deflate and pack away.
  • Very quick and easy to inflate.
  • High Price

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Specification: Robens Sunstone 120 Self Inflating Mat

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Width (cm)


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Pack Size (cm)

76 x 23

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Insulation Specification

6.8 (-30°C)

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Robens Sunstone 120 Self Inflating Mat
Robens Sunstone 120 Self Inflating Mat


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