Robens Mescalero Family Tipi

Robens Mescalero Family Tipi Tent

Robens Mescalero Family Tipi Tent

The Robens Mescalero brings tipi tent adventure to family camping. Lightweight, polycotton, and you can heat with a woodburning stove.

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Robens Mescalero Family Tipi Tent Photos

Robens Mescalero Family Tipi

Robens Mescalero Family Tipi

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When I saw the Mescalero for the first time, I thought, "wow"!

Tipi tents have been enjoying something of a comeback recently, whether it's due to them bringing back a sense of nostalgia, a simplicity through pitching (just one central pole), or the need to escape the daily grind and introduce a bit of adventure.

The Robens Mescalero is a big tipi that could theoretically sleep up to 10 - but you would probably sleep a lot less.

Robens Mescalero Inner Tent

The Robens Mescalero Inner Tent

Unlike your regular family tent, the tipi doesn't have many rooms; you usually share one room. You can get an optional 6-berth inner tent for the Mescalero if that suits you better.

The Robens Mescalero - Ready for Adventure

Robens Mescalero cozy interior

The Robens Mescalero cozy interior

One of the big things that make the Mescalero ideal for adventures is its ability to use a wood-burning stove to heat the tent, extending your camping season throughout the year.

When I took this photo, you could see half the groundsheet was unzipped and rolled back (so that it didn't get damaged from the stove's heat). This does reduce the sleeping area, but this being such a large tent, there was plenty of sleeping space left. And the non-sleeping area is a great living and eating space anyway.

I couldn't believe just how warm this tent was with a stove.

The wood burner was putting out a good amount of heat, and with the insulating properties of the polycotton tent fabric, a lot of that heat appeared to remain in the tent. It wasn't too cold outside, but it wasn't warm either. The tent was nice and cosy, though. It was very comfy lying on the Robens SIMs too.

Robens Mescalero with tent heater

Mescalero Details

As mentioned, this is a 10-person tipi tent with a polycotton fabric (you can read more on tent fabrics here) and a zip-in groundsheet.

The tent's footprint is about 5 x 5 metres.

When packed in its bag (just 92 x 27 cm), it weighs just over 17kg - so very light and compact considering the size of the tent.

Robens Mescalero Dimensions

Here's a video from Robens about the tent's features.

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Pitching the Mescalero Tipi

If you are used to pitching normal tents, the tipi is slightly different, having just one tent pole!

You first lay out the groundsheet and zip onto the tent. Keep the groundsheet in place with some tent pegs.

With the floor in, put the long pole through the open door of the tent and slot it into the cap at the top of the tent. At this point, put the black ventilation hood over the top of the tent (i.e the 'pointy bit').

Start pushing the pole upright, walking into the tent's centre, and placing the pole on the protection plate in the middle of the floor.

Adjust any tent pegs and peg out the guy lines.


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