Robens Kobuk Stove in our tent

Keeping warm with the Robens Kobuk Stove

Robens Kobuk Stove and Accessories

We test out the Robens Kobuk stove and some fantastic accessories to keep our tent warm.

Review Score

Our Score: 9.3/10

We've given the Robens Kobuk Stove and Accessories the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
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The good

  • The Kobuk is a fantastic stove with some great accessories too.

The not so good

  • The RRP looks a little pricey but if you shop around you can get it cheaper (see our price search below). Plus, it's a great package considering all the flue sections, heat shield, spark arrester, and carry case.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Robens Kobuk Stove and Accessories has a recommended retail price of £434.99.

The best price we've found so far is £299.99. That's £135.00 off the RRP of £434.99.

Robens Kobuk Stove and Accessories Videos

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Robens Kobuk Stove in our tent

Robens Kobuk Stove and Accessories

First firing

First firing



In the case

In the case

At night

At night

Robens Kobuk Flue Height

Robens Kobuk Flue Height

Kobuk stove keeping warm

Kobuk stove keeping warm

Our Review

New Version

Robens has now updated the design with the excellent Robens Hunter Stove.

When I first stayed in a tent with a stove, I was blown away at how warm it was. Almost too warm. Electric tent heaters don't compare to a real stove.

We've been using the Robens Volcano stove for the last few years when we camp with our Robens Kiowa.

Well, now Robens have a new stove design: the Robens Kobuk. They sent us one over for a closer look and some of the stylish and practical new accessories.

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The Robens Kobuk Stove

The Robens Kobuk Stove is a rectangular shape and has a glass window so you can check the fire without having to open the door.

Regulating Air

With the door shut you can still see the fire burning. You can also regulate the air with the knob on the front.

As with the Robens Volcano Stove, the new Kobuk comes complete with flue - and enough sections for a tall tipi tent - a heat shield, and a spark arrester.

Flue Height

The flue comes with enough sections for a tall tipi tent. Here we just needed it long enough to clear the ridge line.

The Flue

The Kobuk Stove flue is supplied with a heat shield and a spark arrester to protect your tent.

The Robens Multi Axe

To light your stove you need some kindling. For this, I used another new Robens accessory: the Multi Axe.

Using the multi-axe

The Robens Multi Axe comes with a wood saw and fire steel.

This is a really handy bit of kit for getting wood down to size.

Inside the handle of the Multi Axe is a wood saw. It also comes with a protective case, which includes a fire steel.

Lighting the Kobuk Stove

Lighting the Kobuk stove was really easy. All that was required was some scrunched up newspaper and the kindling.

The flew had a good draught, and with the door opening and feeding it the small strips of wood I created with the Multi Axe, the fire was soon roaring.

First fire in the stove

It didn't take long to get the Robens Kobuk stove roaring with just some scrunched up newspaper and kindling.

The White River Kettle

With the retro style canvas (or polycotton, to be precise) tent and the wood stove, you need a good kettle to finish it off.

Fortunately, I think this Robens accessory is one of the smartest looking kettles you can get. It's called the Robens White River kettle.

The White River Camping Kettle

The White River Kettle has got to be one of the smartest kettles we've seen.

With a good capacity and the stainless steel body, it's both practical and looks great sitting on top of the Kobuk stove.

Hot Water on Tap

There's another accessory you can get: the Robens Bering Water Heater.

Hot water heater

Here's a closer view of the kettle and Bering Water Heater, which fits around the flue pipe.

This sits at the back of the stove and wraps around the hot flue pipe, turning potentially wasted heat into a way to warm water.

Once again, this has a smart stainless steel polished exterior and a brass tap, completing that retro look.

I knew we could easily boil water in the kettle but I wasn't sure about how hot the water would be in the Bering Water Heater. It turned out to be very hot and would boil water quicker than the kettle!

Stove water heater

The Robens Bering Water Heater worked exceptionally well. We now have hot water on tap.

So our cold weather tent set-up now has a very good heater and hot water :-)

Packing the Stove Away

Another detail I like with this stove is that Robens have also considered how to get it to and from the campsite as the stove comes complete with a bag that can carry the stove and the flue.

I also had room to fit my fire blanket and fire proof mat.

In the case

The Kobuk stove fits neatly in its carry case with the flue fitting down the sides.

The stove packed away

All packed up in its carry bag. The additional bag is for the flue's heat shield.


If you have a tent that can take a wood stove, then the Robens Kobuk stove is a fantastic addition to your tent.

The accessories are also worth getting to complete the package.


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