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Robens Kiowa Tent Review

Robens Kiowa Tent

We've been testing out the excellent Robens Kiowa family tipi tent. If you like this tent or want to use a wood-burning stove in your tent, read this.

Review Score

We have liked using the Robens Kiowa tent, especially when combined with the Robens Volcano stove. This tent has lots of character, and people have been impressed with it at every campsite we've taken it.

Our Score: 8.8/10

We've given the Robens Kiowa Tent the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Value for MoneyFeaturesFamily FriendlyQualityPracticality

The good

  • A fast-to-pitch large tent that you can use a wood burning stove in :-)

The not so good

  • A strong gust of wind took the tent down before I had finished pitching it and we lost a few groundsheet anchors in the process, but otherwise, the quality of this tent has been very good.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Robens Kiowa Tent has a recommended retail price of £1,457.99.

The best price we've found so far is £1,199.99. That's £258.00 off the RRP of £1,457.99.

Robens Kiowa Tent Videos

YouTube Video Thumbnail
YouTube Video Thumbnail

Robens Kiowa Tent Photos

Robens Kiowa

Robens Kiowa

Robens Kiowa Tent

Robens Kiowa Tent

Robens Volcano Stove keeping the Kiowa warm in Winter

Robens Volcano Stove keeping the Kiowa warm in Winter

Storage Pockets

Storage Pockets

Robens Kiowa Tent Layout

Robens Kiowa Tent Layout

Removable Groundsheet for Stove

Removable Groundsheet for Stove

Robens Kiowa 2015 Review

Robens Kiowa 2015 Review

Robens Kiowa accidents

Robens Kiowa accidents

Cable Entry

Cable Entry

Robens Kiowa

Robens Kiowa

Our Review

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a wigwam as a kid?

Do you fancy the idea of a traditional-looking tent with a wood-burning stove in it?

Do you want a large family tent that’s quick to put up and not too heavy?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at the Robens Kiowa.

Traditional Looks but Modern Tent

The Robens Kiowa is a modern tipi style of tent, where the tent is held up by a central pole.

The useful porch area of the Kiowa gives it a slightly different shape than many other tipi tents. It looks a little like a cross between a wigwam and an igloo. And we like it. :-)

The tent uses modern technologies despite its traditional looks, as you would expect from Robens.

Heavy canvas has been replaced with lighter polycotton. The heavy wooden central pole found in traditional tipis is a lightweight aluminium pole that neatly folds up to make it easy to transport.

Robens Kiowa 2015 Review

Robens Kiowa 2015 Review

Inside the Robens

You enter the tent through its sizable porch, which is big enough for a family’s set of boots.

There is a groundsheet for the porch that clips into place. We left this out when it was very wet (as our boots were very soggy) but used it when camping in drier weather.

The porch has a second internal door. This second door can be unzipped to expose a flyscreen, enabling you to get plenty of fresh air without the bugs.

The main tent area is large with lots of headroom.

It feels quite warm inside the Kiowa. This comes from the polycotton fabric that insulates better than polyester tents, and the light has a warm glow as it shines through the light mocha tent skin.

You can find a window on either side of the door. These come with blinds and another flyscreen protecting you from the bugs.

Below each window are handy storage pockets.

The groundsheet in the Kiowa can be unzipped and removed or just unzipped a little so that you can pass in a cable if you are on an electric hookup.

Robens recommends that the groundsheet be rolled back if you use a stove in the tent….more on that later.

Extras for the Interior

Robens Kiowa Tent Carpet

You can get a carpet to fit the Robens Kiowa…and the Kiowa carpet makes such a difference, immediately transforming the tent with a homely feel and making it even warmer.

YouTube Video Thumbnail

The carpet has a waterproof rubber backing and is quite thick, providing very good ground insulation.

It is well worth getting the Kiowa carpet, especially if you aren't using the additional inner tents.

The carpet can roll up on itself, complete with carrying handles, so you don't need a separate bag.

Robens Kiowa Inner Tent

There’s an optional inner tent that enables you to split up the interior with 2 three-person bedrooms.

This wouldn’t work well for our family, but you may prefer an inner tent.

One thing to note is that you can’t use a stove with the inner tents in place.

Pitching the Robens Kiowa

I want to say that we pitched it perfectly the first time…but that wasn’t the case.

The instructions led us to believe you pitch it differently to how I thought, and the Robens pitching video wasn’t too helpful. However, after a bit of discussion between Shell and me, we realised you pitch it as I expected.

You can see this video of our first test pitch, and looking back, I don’t think we did too badly after all. ;-)

YouTube Video Thumbnail

So, to clear up any confusion, here’s how we pitch the Robens Kiowa.

  1. The Robens instructions (and video) will tell you to attach the groundsheet. Our Robens came with it pre-attached so you can skip that first step.
  2. Unfold the tent and position where you want the door to be. Tip: if you have a stove, you want the air to flow into the tent, so face it slightly into the wind.
  3. Use the thin aluminium round tent pegs and peg out the groundsheet, not the pegging points on the main flysheet.
  4. Set up the main tent pole.
  5. Open the door and insert the small end of the pole into the cap at the top of the roof. Tip: untie the guy lines at the top of the tent and position the roof vent covers while the top is still reachable.
  6. Walking through the door, push the central pole up. Tip: get someone to insert the pole's plastic foot as it goes up to avoid the metal pole damaging the groundsheet.
  7. Insert the tent poles around the front door.
  8. Zip the door up and peg out the flysheet and guy lines.
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Using the Kiowa in Bad Weather

Robens Kiowa accidents

Unfortunately, while pitching on a very windy North Wales coast, a gust blew before we had completed pitching. This knocked the pole down and removed 3 anchor points on the groundsheet.

Since checking other tents in the Robens range, the anchor points are solid. I don't know if it was pitching it in strong winds or if ours had weak stitching that caused these to come out. They were only held in by the round wire pegs.

However, strong winds were not a problem once the Kiowa was up. The groundsheet anchor points are easy to fix and aren't necessary to pitch the tent, as you can pitch it without the groundsheet attached.

The other issue we had was a few puddles in the tent. Now, this was our fault. :-(

With polycotton, you have to avoid your things touching the sides of the tent. In heavy rain, something touching the sides could let water seep in.

Unfortunately, we had too many bags close to the tent sides, and overnight as the wind blew the tent's sides onto the bags and the rain continued to lash down, enough water came in to make a few puddles.

The following night, we made sure nothing was near the tent sides, and as the wind gushed and rain lashed all night, we stayed nice and dry.

With strong winds and heavy rain, this was a thorough test of the Robens Kiowa, and apart from those two incidents, the tent handled it well.

The Robens Kiowa is a tent with loads of personality and gets the thumbs up from us.


AttributeRobens Kiowa Tent
Best Price£1,199.99
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Height (cm)320
Width (cm)450
Length (cm)580
Weight (kg)25.1
Pack Size (cm)93 x 28
Height (cm)320
Length (cm)580
Width (cm)450
Tent Details
Recommended Tent UseIdeal for Weekend Camping
SleepsSleeps more than 8
Bedrooms1 Bedroom
Frame TypeRigid, steel or alloy poles
Tent AccessoriesTent Carpet, Tent Footprint, Inner Tent
Tent Construction
Flysheet FabricRobens HydroTex® Polycotton
Fly Hydrostatic HeadNot Applicable
Taped SeamsNot Applicable
Sewn-in GroundsheetZip-In (no gaps)
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm)10000
Tent Windows
Window BlindsYes, velcro up
Tinted WindowsNo
Tent Doors
Additional Tent DoorsNo
No Trip EntranceYes, at main door
Rain-Safe EntryYes, at main door
Bug-Free MeshOn all exterior doors
Door converts to sunshadeNo
Tent Bedrooms
Bedroom DividerNot Applicable
Darkened BedroomsNo
Larger BedroomsNot Applicable
Bedroom Partially RemovableEntire inner tent
Storage Pockets in BedroomNot Applicable
Auto-seal Bedroom DoorsNo
Cable entry to BedroomsNot Applicable
Tent Living Space
Inner Living Space SizeNot Applicable
Living Area Storage PocketsYes
Cable EntryNo
Wet-Dry ZoneYes, in the porch
Built-in PorchYes, with outer door
Porch Storage PocketsNo
Pitching and Storage
Weight (kg)25.1
PackSize (cm)93 x 28
Colour-coded Tent PegsNo
Colour-coded Tent PolesNot Required
Guy Line StorageYes
People to Pitch2 People
Pump IncludedNot Applicable
Wheeled Tent BagNo, not required