Enjoying the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS - A Stove Capable Tipi

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS - A Stove Capable Tipi

The Robens Chinook Ursa PRS is a fantastic tent, combining the best bits of several great Robens tents. But is it for you?

Review Score

This is an excellent tent if you want to give your family a bit of all-year adventure camping.

Our Score: 8.3/10

Value for MoneyFeaturesFamily FriendlyQualityPracticality

The good

  • You can use a wood-burning stove with this tent.
  • Small and light pack size that just measures 108 cm long and 29 cm round, and is only 14 kg, including poles.
  • The front of the tent has a unique design to open up as a shelter.

The not so good

  • An inner tent is an optional extra.
  • There are no windows.
  • Being a tipi design, the standing height is towards the centre of the tent.

Price Guide

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS - A Stove Capable Tipi has a recommended retail price of £944.99.

The best price we've found so far is £127.99. That's £817.00 off the RRP of £944.99.

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS - A Stove Capable Tipi Videos

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Robens Chinook Ursa PRS - A Stove Capable Tipi Photos

Enjoying the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS

Camping with the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS Tent

Dimensions with front open

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS dimensions

Standing height with door open

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS standing height with door open

Groundsheet with starmap

Star Map

Looking up at the ceiling

Ceiling with Stove Port

Low-level vents

Low-level vents

Fleece carpet

Chinook Urs PRS Fleece Carpet

Tent poles

Simple poles

No windows but vents

No windows but there are these low level vents

Guyline tidy

Guyline storage as standard

Front of tent opened

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS with the door opened up

Robens Chinook Urs PRS

Chinook Ursa PRS standard pitched

Inner tent

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS Inner tent

Tent floor space

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS floor layout

Doors Closed

Chinook Ursa PRS with fly screen on door

Tent standing height

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS standing height

Our Review

For us, the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS has got to be one of our favourite tents of 2022.

Why? Well, we love our Robens Kiowa and running the Robens Kobuk stove in it.

We also love the now discontinued Robens Field Station. Although you couldn't run a stove in it, the lightweight Robens Hydrotex material made a small and light pack size, making getting away camping at the weekend easier.

And, we love the Robens Chinook Ursa tent, where the front opens up, making a massive shelter.

So with the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS, takes all the best bits of the above tents and combines them into one fantastic new tent in the Robens range.

Enjoying the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS

Enjoying the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS.

Watch our video at 7:35 to see this tent.

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Love it, or hate it?

However, this tent is not for everyone.

For instance, there are no windows, limited standing height, or built-in porch.

This tent is not the big family camping tent you might take on holiday.

No windows but vents

The tent has no windows, but there is some light via the low-level vents in addition to the door.

But for us, it returns to more basic weekend camping with added style. Plus, the fact that you can run a stove in it means we can make it nice and toasty for camping in the colder months.

Our family tent algorithm gave the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS a score of 8.3, which is good, but I'd give the tent a much higher score. However, it reflects that this is more of an adventure tent than your typical family tent, and it doesn't have separate bedrooms - though you can purchase an inner tent for it.

Inner tent

Here's the inner tent, which is an optional extra.

If you want some comfort, you can also get a fleecy carpet.

Fleece carpet

This tent has a fleece carpet (optional extra).

Fitting a stove

The stove fits similar Robens tents, such as the Robens Kiowa or Robens Chinook Ursa.

Looking up at the ceiling

If you look up in the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS, you'll see the stove pipe sleeve and the vent. The red lines open or close the vents.

Push the stove pipe up and through the sleeve.

Ensure the heatshield is on the flue pipe where it touches the sleeve.


This tent has lots of positives, like being easy to pitch, lightweight and small pack size, and the ability to use a stove.

However, if you are after a tent with lots of bedrooms, a porch, and plenty of living space, look at other tents, such as the ones from Outwell.

For me, I'd love to have it in my tent collection. :-)


AttributeRobens Chinook Ursa PRS - A Stove Capable Tipi
Best Price£127.99
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Height (cm)300
Width (cm)455
Length (cm)475
Weight (kg)14
Pack Size (cm)108 x 29
Year Introduced2022
Height (cm)300
Length (cm)475
Width (cm)455
Tent Details
Recommended Tent UseIdeal for Weekend Camping
SleepsSleeps 8
BedroomsNo bedrooms; optional extra inner tent
Frame TypeRigid, steel or alloy poles
Tent AccessoriesTent Carpet, Tent Footprint, Inner Tent
Tent Construction
Flysheet FabricRobens HydroTex® HD RS
Fly Hydrostatic Head5000 mm
Taped SeamsYes
Sewn-in GroundsheetZip-In (no gaps)
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm)Not Applicable (PE Fully Waterproof)
Sun ProtectionNot Specified
Fire Retardant FabricYes
Wind Rating9 (Strong Gale: 47-54mph/75-88kph)
Tent Windows
Window BlindsNo
Tinted WindowsNo
Tent Doors
Additional Tent DoorsNo
No Trip EntranceYes, at main door
Rain-Safe EntryYes, at main door
Bug-Free MeshMain door only
Door converts to sunshadeYes
Tent Bedrooms
Bedroom DividerNot Applicable
Darkened BedroomsNo
Larger BedroomsNot Applicable
Bedroom Partially RemovableEntire inner tent
Storage Pockets in BedroomNot Applicable
Auto-seal Bedroom DoorsNo
Cable entry to BedroomsNot Applicable
Tent Living Space
Inner Living Space SizeNot Applicable
Living Area Storage PocketsNo
Cable EntryNot Specified
Wet-Dry ZoneNo
Built-in PorchNo
Porch Storage PocketsNo
Internal Hanging LineNo
Pitching and Storage
Weight (kg)14
PackSize (cm)108 x 29
Colour-coded Tent PegsNo
Colour-coded Tent PolesNo
Guy Line StorageYes
People to Pitch1 Person
Pump IncludedNot Applicable
Wheeled Tent BagNo, not required