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Proviz REFLECT360 Kids’ Jacket


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Brand: Proviz

The REFLECT360 kids’ jacket is fleece-lined, waterproof, and helps your kids be seen at night.

Proviz sent us over their new REFLECT360 Kids’ jacket for us to have a look at.

I’ve been using a Proviz top for my running training for a few years, which works really well for the dark nights.

The REFLECT360 is not just a reflective top though, but a full fleece-lined coat, and so ideal for winter walks, but also extremely practical for walking to and from school during these short winter days.

Fortunately, even though your child is wearing a very reflective coat, they don’t look like they are wearing a workman’s high-viz jacket! During the daytime, the coat looks just like a regular outdoor coat.

However, at night, if any light hits it, the coat shines bright. Just look at the pictures below!

Proviz Jacket

The REFLECT360 jacket, straight out of the bag from Proviz


Label for the REFLECT360 jacket

As it says, ideal for the outdoors, running, and cycling. We’d also like to say ideal for kids going to and from school during these dark days!

Testing out the Proviz jacket

So as well as being amazingly reflective, our Tom found the jacket warm too. It’s also waterproof.

Useful pockets

Our Tom found the zipped pockets useful and a good size.

The jacket up close

During the day time, the jacket does reflect some light, but it’s in the dark when you notice it…

Proviz Reflect360 at night

At night this jacket transforms! There’s no way a motorist won’t see your child at night!

Yes, this coat might be more expensive than a simple child’s coat, but it does look a good quality. I’ve also found my Proviz top that has lasted for years, is still as good as new, despite years of washing and drying.

However, compared to the cost of outdoor coats, the REFLECT360 isn’t expensive, plus of course, it has safety built-in!

From our testing, we will happily give it the GOWTK Thumbs Up Award.Thumbs Up


9Expert Score
A great option for kids out walking or cycling this winter.
Value for Money
Family Friendly
  • - Good Quality
  • - Warm coat with a good fit
  • - Extremely reflective
  • None found

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Proviz REFLECT360 Kids’ Jacket
Proviz REFLECT360 Kids’ Jacket


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