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The Primus Tupike Stove not only looks smart, it can save you a whole load of hassle at the campsite.

Our first impression of the Tupike Stove from Primus is that it looks very smart.

It pulls off the balance between timeless-retro looks and modern functionality.

However, when you look at the price tag, you might think that this is just an expensive fancy-looking stove. Fortunately, it doesn’t just have good looks, it is a hugely practical and well thought through design.

Connecting the Gas – Easy Peasy!

With most camping stoves, you need to get yourself a gas hose, fit it safely, and get a regulator that fits onto your chosen gas bottle or cartridge. It’s not too difficult a job (click here for some instructions), but the Primus Tupike removes that hassle altogether.

The Tupike comes pre-fitted with a durable gas hose, which tucks in neatly under the stove when transporting it.

very simple to set-up, connect, and use, right out of the box

The regulator on the end of this hose has some adaptors to fit a wide range of gas bottles and canisters. This makes it very simple to set-up, connect, and use, right out of the box. You also don’t worry that you’ve not connected the gas hose tight enough.

Gas fitting on the Primus Tupike camping stove

Different adapters are supplied to fit a wide range of gas bottles and canisters

Better use of your Camping Gas

The Primus Tupike comes with some fold-out windshields to protect the three sides of the stove from the breeze, which will help make your gas supply last longer.

Stove windshields folded out

The side windshields fold out from the lid.

The only niggle I had here, is that I wished these side panels would clip into place a little better.

Ease of Cleaning

Another great aspect of the Tupike is the easy cleaning.

The entire tray around the hobs lifts out, so you can simply take it to the wash-up with your plates and give it a proper clean.

Cleaning the Tupike Stove

The tray on the Tupike removes to make cleaning easy

Using the Primus Tupike Stove

All these features are great, but what’s it like to use?

Well, we found this is one of the best igniting stoves we’ve used. Some camping stoves can have a stiff piezo ignition, but the Tupike was easy and worked every time.

The amount of gas and heat you get out will depend on what cannister or bottle you use. Our cannister put out a lot of heat with this stove – something normally only seen on small backpacking stoves.

Using the Primus Tupike Stove

The Primus Tupike stove, ready for action.

The stove was wide enough to use with family sized pans.

It doesn’t have a grill as part of this stove, but there is a hob-top griddle pan supplied. The lack of grill is not a big minus in my opinion, as many of the grills on camping stoves are a bit disappointing.

We were also really impressed with the build quality. So far, we’ve only used it on a handful of camping trips, but it’s still as good as new.

The foldable design with locking handle makes it easy to pack away and transport, and it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space at home either.

So, a lot of pluses for the Primus Tupike stove. It gets the thumbs up from us.

Disclaimer & Thanks: Many thanks to Primus for sending us their Tupike stove for us to create this review. All opinions are our own.

9Expert Score
This is a great stove package.
Value for Money
Family Friendly
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks smart.
  • Pricey. Fortunately, it's not just about looks. The Primus Tupike is very practical.

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No, but has a hob-top griddle pan.

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  1. Maria

    Hi, thanks for the great article!

    I am trying to connect my kinjia (from what I gather it’s got the same fittings as the Tupike) to Calor 4.5kg Butane. The stove is supplied only with the lindal adaptor for Primus single-use canisters, and I am really struggling to figure out the best way of switching, and whether it’s a good idea at all!

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    • Mountain Leaders
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      Gav Grayston

      We were lucky in that the stove we got had all the adaptors. It does look like Primus are forcing people to use gas cartridges.
      I see nothing on the stove that would prevent it from burning the Calor gas, so, as you say, it’s about connecting the correct adaptor.
      Does their Lindal adaptor unscrew from the hose? Or can the hose be disconnected?
      If the latter, you could get a butane hose with the Calor gas regulator, and attach that hose directly to the stove.
      Alternatively, there are plenty of adapters out there so you can screw the Lindal fitting onto a hose connected to the butane. I’ve not tried these, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work as long as all the connections are tight.

      Just seen this Primus adapter guide that may be useful too.

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  2. Jo Jo

    Great stove — adapters available on internet so I can connect to Calor Gas (via the P.O.L. adapter), to Campingaz 905 (via the M16 x 1.5 adapter).

    Also can buy an extension hose (you replace the original) which helps with the bigger cylinders.

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  3. Chris

    Great site – so useful thankyou.

    I’ve just taken delivery of the Tupike, but it no longer comes with the adpater kit. In the UK, it now only comes with the Lindal Valve regulator.

    I really want to power this using a calor gas butane 4.5kg cylinder.
    Will this work? and what adapters do I need to connect it safely?

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    • Mountain Leaders
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      Gav Grayston

      That’s disappointing. The variety of connections was a real bonus. Does the hose still have a screw thread to connect different adapters?
      Most Calor regulators connect to a rubber gas hose with jubilee clips to tighten. You might need to get a rubber hose connector for the hose that can connect up to the Calor has bottle.

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  4. Joey


    Just brought this stove, excited to get out with it? A bit off topic. But do you have any recommendations for pots and pans for it? We’re looking for lightweight and packing small ideally!



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  5. David Singer

    Hi – Just bought this based on your comprehensive review – thanks!

    Would you be able to help me with the make and model of your large blue gas cylinder please?

    Also do you know where best to buy this from? And for a 2 week camping trip how big a bottle should I get?



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    • Mountain Leaders
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      Gav Grayston

      Yes. The blue one is from Campingaz, and you can get a number of sizes. See this post here on gas cylinders https://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk/camping/camping-tips/choosing-gas-cylinder/
      The grey one we use is also very good but obviously holds less gas. You can pick up the grey one from most high street camping shops like Blacks, Cotswold Outdoor, and Millets.
      For the larger blue Campingaz, and also Calorgas cylinders, you’ll need to go to a larger camping shop, or even some petrol stations do these cylinders. A caravan accessory shop is likely to have larger cylinders in too. If in doubt, you can take your connection set from your Primus stove along with you, and they can help pick out the best gas cylinder.
      As for how much you need, well that depends on how much gas cooking you do. We tend to use the campfire plus the gas stove, so we don’t use the gas stove all the time. We’ve taken the smaller grey gas canister with us on a handful of trips, and the blue one on dozens.
      Have a look at this article for some more info https://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk/camping/camping-tips/choosing-gas-cylinder/
      I hope that helps.

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      • David Singer

        Thanks Gav,

        Will I need to buy a regulator for the campingaz or will the included adapters suffice?

        Am looking at the 907 bottle.

        Thanks again

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        • Mountain Leaders
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          Gav Grayston

          No, you won’t need to by a regulator, as the Primus has the adapter. You’ll need to change the one fitted to one of the others in the pack. There are some instructions included in the box that show you how to do that.

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          • Weekend Wanderers
            Points: 15
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            David Singer

            Thanks Gav. Just the insight I was looking for!

            Thanks for the quick response.

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