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Outwell Wind Gust Pump


Last updated: 2019-05-22 16:21:25
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SKU: Wind Gust
Brand: Outwell

We have a closer look at this high-end electric pump, designed for safely inflating your tent, canoe, SUPs, or other inflatables.

We’ve been converts of inflatable tents for some years now: they save so much time pitching, especially for larger tents.

However, there’s no denying, that you can sometimes work up a bit of a sweat pumping your tent up by hand.

you can sometimes work up a bit of a sweat pumping your tent up by hand

Although there’s technically nothing stopping you from using an electric pump, there’s been a few problems with this approach.

  1. The pump you use to inflate your airbed probably isn’t powerful enough to inflate a large family tent.
  2. There’s a danger of over-inflating the tubes in your tent with an electric pump.

However, this new pump from Outwell, called the Wind Gust, has been specifically designed for inflating tents. It’s powerful enough to inflate the air tubes, and it has an automatic cut off when the correct inflation pressure is reached.

Using the Outwell Wind Gust Pump

you don’t need an electric hookup to use it.

The Wind Gust pump has a 12V adapter so you can use it with your car; you don’t need an electric hookup to use it.

At the other end of the pump is a very sturdy tube, hinting at the sort of pressures this pump can inflating things too.

Setting the maximum pressure on the pump

Operating the Wind Gust is very straightforward.

After you have it connected to your car’s 12V power supply, you use the first button to set the units. PSI or BAR for example.

You then use the plus and minus buttons to set the desired inflation pressure.

Then you press the power button, and the pump whirs into life.

It’s not quiet, and it bounces around a bit as it tries to inflate, but it made easy work of the Easy Camp Tempest 500 inflatable tent we tested it on.

When it starts pumping the display resets to zero. This isn’t a fault. It displays the actual pressure in the air tubes, so as the pressure builds, the numbers on the display changes until the desired pressure is reached. Then the Wind Gust automatically turns itself off.

They recommend that the pump isn’t run more than 20 minutes as it will overheat, and they advise running it just for 10 minutes.

This wasn’t a problem on the tent we were inflating; we only needed a few minutes.

Not Just for Tents

without the usual ten minutes of pumping by hand

Of course, other delicate items that need pressure but not too much are also ideal candidates for being inflated with the Outwell Wind Gust.

We tried it on two inflatable canoes, and it worked a treat, getting them both to the right pressure without the usual ten minutes of pumping by hand.

Using the Outwell Wind Gust to inflate some canoes


This is a high-spec pump designed to safely inflate your tents without destroying your investment. For such a high-spec device you naturally have to pay a higher price over regular 12V pumps.

We’ve found the Outwell Wind Gust does the job well, and it’s very easy to use. So, it gets the thumbs up from us.

Many thanks to Outwell for supplying us the Wind Gust pump to test out. Full specs can be found on the Outwell Web page.

9.3Expert Score
Value for Money
  • The Outwell Wind Gust makes inflating your tent or canoes so much easier.
  • Pricier than normal 12V pumps, but you get a lot more power and safety, with an automatic cut off so you don't destroy your tent.

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Last updated: 2019-05-22 16:21:25

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