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Brand: Outwell

If you are taking your family on a camping holiday, and want a top-of-the-line family tent, then it’s well worth looking at the Outwell Vermont 7PE.

Tent Overview

The Outwell Vermont 7PE is a massive tent that will give your family plenty of space for camping holidays.

Outwell Vermont 7PE Tent Card

The Outwell Vermont 7PE comes with many features.
Tent photos and images © Outwell

See it in our video at 0:36.

Tent Layout and Features

The Outwell Vermont 7PE has an excellent tent layout for families.

Outwell Vermont 7PE Layout

Outwell Vermont 7PE Layout
Image © Outwell

The Front Porch Zone

At the front of the tent is a large wet/dry zone. You can have the groundsheet up in this area, making it a great place to store wet coats and muddy boots and bring in chairs and other items at night to avoid them getting wet.

It also provides a rain-safe way to get in and out of your tent, avoiding bringing any water into the main living area.

You can unzip and roll away the main tent door and use this area as a large porch sheltered porch.

The Large Living Space

Between this front zone and the ample living space is the excellent Outwell Quick & Quiet door, enabling you to come and go without zipping and unzipping.

A great feature of this door is that it comes with bug mesh, and the Quick & Quiet door mechanism will help automatically close the bug mesh behind you, helping you keep the tent free from bugs.

The living space has two additional side doors, and both of these have bug mesh. You can have the doors unzipped and rolled away but with the bug mesh covering the entrance, helping you cool the tent when it gets warm while keeping those bugs out.

The living space is very generous, enabling you to place camping furniture to store clothes and other items, so you don’t need to rummage (and trip over) bags.

The Outwell Vermont 7PE is ready for running electricity into your tent, with a choice of zipped cable entry points on either side of the tent.

You can then run power into bedrooms (there are two cable entry points to the bedrooms), which is helpful for powered lanterns and charging your phones at night. There is also a cable run into the front porch zone. We’ve found this helpful in hanging a lantern within the porch.

For hanging lights, I recommend getting the Outwell HookTrack system accessory. The tent is compatible with it and will enable you to hang your lights where you want them.

Hook-track system

The Outwell HookTrack system enables you to position lights and other objects where you want them in your tent.
Photo © Outwell

The Bedrooms

The bedrooms are an excellent layout for families.

Although the tent is rated for seven people, we think it’s ideal for a family of four with teenagers, or a family of 5 or 6 with younger children.

The central bedroom is the larger room, and ideal for mum and dad. This main bedroom also has a Quick & Quiet door.

All bedrooms are much longer than standard tent bedrooms, at 230 cm deep. All the bedrooms are dark to help you get a good night’s sleep.

A large vent runs behind the bedrooms to reduce condensation at night. You can open the blinds on the vent to provide light during the day. And like other openings in the tent, it’s covered in bug mesh.

The bedroom dividers can be unzipped and removed if you want to make a larger bedroom. The zippable walls are helpful if you have young children that you may need to get to during the night, as you can unzip a divider to get to them without having to go through the two bedroom doors.

Pitching and Transporting the Outwell Vermont 7E

The Outwell Vermont 7E tent uses tent poles, and the poles and main tent flysheet come in separate bags, making it easier to transport and lift such a large tent.

We recommend that you need at least two people to pitch the tent. Try and get your family to help with tasks.

Outwell have made it as simple as possible, with colour coded poles and pegs. Follow the pitching instructions on the inside of the tent bag.

9.5Expert Score
If you are taking your family on a camping holiday, and want a top-of-the-line family tent, then it's well worth looking at the Outwell Vermont 7PE.
Value for Money
Family Friendly
  • A great family layout.
  • Plenty of space for camping holidays when staying many nights.
  • Steel poled, with poles in separate bag, to make transport easier.
  • Top of the range Outtex 6000 Pro tent material, with 6000 mm Hydrostatic Head.
  • UV protection for tent and occupants up to UPF50+
  • When pitched correctly, rated to Wind Force 10 (storm winds)
  • Zip-up blinds. Makes it quick and easy and can be set at different heights for added privacy.
  • Tinted privacy windows.
  • Large front door, plus two additional side doors.
  • Bug mesh on all openings to keep the tent insect free.
  • The excellent Quick & Quiet doors on the main living door and the main bedroom.
  • Much longer bedroom size than standard: 230 cm deep.
  • Front part of tent can be used as porch or additional living space.
  • Storage pockets throughout.
  • Electric power cable entry on both sides of tents, plus into bedrooms, and into porch/front zone.
  • A tent this high spec is obviously expensive. However, much cheaper than a caravan (and with more space), and a lot cheaper than a package holiday for a family.
  • The tent is large, and we would not recommend if you are only thinking of camping for a single night at the weekend.

Photos: Outwell Vermont 7PE

Videos: Outwell Vermont 7PE

Price Guide: Outwell Vermont 7PE

Specification: Outwell Vermont 7PE

Height (cm)


Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Weight (kg)

Flysheet: 32.1 kg, Poles: 23.6 kg

Pack Size (cm)

Flysheet: 80 x 44 x 44 cm, Poles: 76 x 25 x 18 cm

Tent Bedrooms
Bedroom Divider

Removable, zips in place (bottom not fixed)

Cable entry to Bedrooms

Yes, two bedrooms

Darkened Bedrooms


Larger Bedrooms

Yes, 230 cm depth

Removable Bedroom

Entire inner tent

Storage Pockets in Bedroom


Auto-seal bedroom doors

Yes, magnetic, on main bedroom only

Tent Details


Recommended Tent Use

Frame Type

Wind Rating

10 (Storm: 55-63mph/89-102kph)

Tent Fabric

Hydrostatic Head

6000 mm

Fire Retardant Fabric


Taped Seams


Sun Protection


Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm)

Not Applicable (PE Fully Waterproof)

Sewn-in Groundsheet (main tent)


Tent Accessories

Tent Carpet, Tent Footprint, Tent Extension, Flexible Hanging System

Year Introduced


Tent Doors
Additional Tent Doors

Yes, on both sides

No-Trip Entrance

Yes, at main door

Rain-safe Entry

Yes, at main door

Bug-Free Mesh

On all exterior and bedroom doors

Door converts to sunshade


Tent Living Space
Inner Living Space Size

2 sections (e.g. furniture space)

Living Area Storage Pockets


Cable Entry

Yes, both sides

Wet-Dry Zone

Yes, front of tent

Built-in Porch

Yes, with outer door

Porch Storage Pockets


Internal Hanging Line

Additional Accessory

Tent Pitching and Storage
Colour Coded Tent Pegs


Colour Coded Tent Poles


Guy Line Storage


People to Pitch

2 People

Pump included

Not Applicable

Wheeled Tent Bag

No, not required

Tent Windows
Window Blinds

Yes, zip up

Tinted Windows


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