Vale Air Shelter

Outwell Air Shelter

Outwell Air Shelter

The Outwell Air Shelter is an inflatable event shelter or additional shelter for when you are camping or just having a BBQ at home in your garden.

Review Score

Our Score: 7.7/10

We've given the Outwell Air Shelter the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Value for MoneyQualityPracticality

The good

  • Easy to pitch
  • A good size

The not so good

  • Very expensive
  • Sidewalls are extra

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Outwell Air Shelter has a recommended retail price of £559.99.

The best price we've found so far is £289.00. That's £270.99 off the RRP of £559.99.

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Outwell Air Shelter Photos

Vale Air Shelter

Vale Air Shelter

Side Walls Attached on the Vale Air Shelter

Side Walls Attached

The Pump

The Pump

Shelter in the Bag

Shelter in the Bag



Our Review

A few years back, I mentioned the idea to Outwell of creating an inflatable shelter. I thought this would be a quick way for families who don't like pitching tarps or tent extensions to have an easy-to-use additional shelter when camping.

This year, Outwell introduced such a shelter, and it's called the Outwell Air Shelter, and they agreed to send me a sample to review :-)

The Outwell Vale Air Shelter and two side walls in their bags

Pitching the Outwell Vale Air Shelter

Pitching the Outwell Vale Air shelter is very simple.

  1. Peg out the legs.
    There is a strap to keep the Air Shelter square. You peg out each corner of this square.
  2. Inflate.
    There are two inflation valves. To inflate, you only need to use one. Just make sure the other valve is closed before you start inflating.
  3. Secure with the guylines.
    This is especially important if there's a breeze.


The Outwell Vale Air doesn't come with sidewalls. These are optional extras.

There is a model that does: the Outwell Vale Air Deluxe.

A sidewall pack has two walls, which should be sufficient for most situations.

We did find there weren't enough pegs in the sidewall pack to peg out both walls.

Side Walls Attached on the Vale Air Shelter

Pitched with the two side walls attached

Deflating the Shelter

Deflation and packing away are simple.

  1. Detach the sidewalls and unpeg the guy lines.
  2. Open both air valves and let the shelter deflate.
  3. Roll it up and put it back in the bag.


I like the Outwell Vale Air shelter. It does what it is supposed to.

The pitched shelter

The Outwell Air shelter pitched in our garden

Apart from not having enough pegs for the sidewalls, it also appears to be good quality.

The downside, though, is the price. This is a very expensive shelter and as someone fine with putting up a tarp, it is not something I would personally buy at this price.

I still think the idea of an inflatable shelter is an easy-to-use solution but it comes at a price.

Update 2023

This zip-on tent connector is a new extra item you can purchase for the Outwell Air Shetler. It creates a dry tunnel to walk straight from your tent into the Air Shelter.

Outwell Air Shelter Tent Connector

Outwell Air Shelter Tent Connector

Air Shelter Tent Connector Dimensions

For details, view on the Outwell website.


AttributeOutwell Air Shelter
Best Price£289.00
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Height (cm)230
Width (cm)335
Length (cm)335
Weight (kg)6.4
Pack Size (cm) 75 x 20 x 20