The Starland on a campbed

Trying the Outwell Starland Sleep System

Outwell Starland Sleep System

The Outwell Starland is a sleep system and a very comfortable one at that.

Review Score

Our Score: 8.8/10

We've given the Outwell Starland Sleep System the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
QualityValue for Money

The good

  • Comfortable
  • Insulated Top
  • Anti-slip Bottom
  • Quick to inflate and deflate

The not so good

  • A little pricey for an airbed.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The Starland on a campbed

Trying the Outwell Starland Sleep System

In the box

Outwell Starland in the box

Close-up photo of the fabric top

Fabric Top

Reviewing the Starland

Reviewing the Starland

Starland Single

Starland Single

Our Review

Inflatable air beds have been around for years. At one time, this was mainly what we used, though, in more recent years, we've preferred self-inflating mats, like the Outwell Dreamboat or Deepsleep.

So when I saw the new Outwell Starland Sleep System from Outwell, I was very intrigued. Fortunately, Outwell agreed to send one over to us to get a better look :-)

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The Problem with Most Airbeds

Airbeds are easy. They inflate easily enough (especially with an electric pump) and are much more comfortable than sleeping on old foam mats.

However, there are a couple of problems.

The first, especially in double air beds, can be slightly bouncy. The other person moves, and you bounce around all over the place.

The other, more concerning problem, is that they can get rather cold. The air in the bed cools when placed on the ground, which can cool you down at night.

This makes you cold and, in some cases, can cause condensation to build up between you and the bed. Now you are cold and wet!

Many airbeds try to avoid this problem by making the top side 'flocked' so it feels like fabric and provides some insulation. You can also get airbeds with many chambers to reduce the bouncing. However, they are generally not as comfortable as a large self-inflating mat, like the Outwell Dreamboat.

The Outwell Starland Sleep System - Not Just an Airbed

The Outwell call the Starland a sleep system. It's a set of components that work together to bring you the benefits of an air bed, such as being quick to inflate and deflate, but with a cover that removes some of the airbed problems.

At the heart of the Starland, an airbed. It has a large valve that makes it easy to inflate and deflate.

The valve of the airbed

The Starland has a large valve for easy inflation and deflation

Blowing air into the Starland

Easy to inflate, but would have been even easier with an electric pump ;-)

The airbed is encased in an outer fabric shell. The top of this shell is very plush and insulated.

Close-up photo of the fabric top

The Outwell Starland has this plush fabric fleecy top.

The insulated fabric top help prevent the coldness that can accompany airbeds.

On the underside of the Starland, you'll find a non-slip coating. Airbeds can sometimes move around, and this bottom will help prevent that.

The underside of the Outwell Starland

On the underside of the Starland is this non-slip material.

How does it solve the bouncing double-airbed problem?

So how does the Outwell Starland address the problem of a bouncing double bed? Well, quite simply.

Along the sides of the Starland, you'll find a zip. If you want a double, you zip two of them together. Now, if one person moves at night, the other person is less likely to bounce around as their own airbed supports them. Simple :-)

The zip on the side of the Starland

You can zip two Starlands together to make a double

Bonus Repair Kit

The Starland comes in a bag with a shoulder carry strap. And inside that bag, is a repair kit.

This consists of an adhesive patch to help with any punctures, scissors to cut the patch to size, and even a small sewing kit if you need to repair the fabric cover.

The Starland Repair Kit

It comes with a repair patch, small scissors, and a small sewing kit. Ideal for any accidents at the campsite to repair the air bed and cover.

Packing away the Outwell Starland

Now, some people struggle with SIMs and Airbeds to get them back in their bags. Fortunately, the Starland is easy to put away. Just follow these steps.

Opening the valve

Unscrew the large valve. This lets out a lot of air quickly.

Measure up with the bag

The bed is about twice the width of the bag.

Folding the bed in half

Fold in half

Rolling up the bed

Roll it up from the opposite end to the valve.

It's back in the bag

And it's back in the bag :-)

Verdict on the Starland

So, when writing this, I have only slept on it for one night, and that was with the Starland on top of a camp bed!?

The Starland on a campbed

Trying the Outwell Starland on the Outwell Laguna Hills L Campbed.

The bed was very comfortable and, combined with the camp bed, felt like a mattress at home.

It wasn't too narrow either, with a width of 78cm.

I must say, I was impressed with this, and I happily give it the thumbs up.


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