The Outwell Springwood 5

A Great Tent for Weekend Family Camping

Outwell Springwood 5

The Outwell Springwood 5 is an ideal tent for a family of 3 or 4 people who want to get away for just one or two nights camping.

Review Score

This is an ideal tent for a family of 3 or 4 who wants a quick getaway when good weather is forecast at the weekend.

Our Score: 9.2/10

Value for MoneyFeaturesFamily FriendlyQualityPracticality

The good

  • Lightweight and small to store and transport to the campsite.
  • Darkened bedrooms.
  • Tinted windows.
  • Quick and Quiet bedroom door.
  • Optional tent extension if you want to upgrade the living space.
  • 4000 mm Hydrostatic Head.

The not so good

  • None found though I would recommend a slightly larger tent if you want to take your family camping for a week or more.

Price Guide

Outwell Springwood 5 has a recommended retail price of £576.99.

The best price we've found so far is £314.10. That's £262.89 off the RRP of £576.99.

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Outwell Springwood 5 Photos

The Outwell Springwood 5

Outwell Springwood 5

Tinted Window

Springwood 5 Tinted Windows

Outwell Springwood 5 tent layout

Springwood 5 Layout

Front Profile

Springwood 5 Front Profile

Hook and Track System

Hook and Track in the Springwood 5

Large Rear Vent

Springwood 5 Large Rear Vent

Inside the tent

Looking inside the Springwood 5 tent

Springwood 5 Tent Dimensions

Outwell Springwood 5 tent dimensions

The Outwell Springwood 5

Outwell Springwood 5

Toggling the tent's blinds

Easy Toggle Blinds

Head Height

Springwood 5 Head Height

Our Review

We think Outwell Springwood 5 is ideal for a family of three or four who want a tent to quickly get away for a night or two camping at the weekend.

We believe smaller tents are ideal for weekend camping, as you'll spend less time setting up and taking things down, and you'll need to take less, making last-minute getaways possible when the weather forecast is good.

At weighing just less than 18 kilograms, and with a relatively small pack size for a family tent, the Outwell Springwood 5 should be easy to store at home and to put in the car when the camping whim takes :-)

The Outwell Springwood 5

We think the Outwell Springwood 5 is ideal for short family camping trips.

Tent Layout

The tent is designed for 5 people.  Our recommendation is less than 5 to give you a little more space.

Outwell Springwood 5 tent layout

The tent has two bedrooms; one larger than the other, plus a living space

The Tent's Bedrooms

You'll see that one bedroom is bigger than the other.  We think that's best for mum and dad, as it gives you more space for bags.

With the bedrooms, you get storage pockets, and cable power entry (ideal for charging your phones), and they are darkened to help you sleep when the summer sun rises early at the campsite.

Inside the tent

Looking inside, you can get a better look at the darkened bedrooms. Note that the above photo is of a similar tent, not the actual Springwood 5 tent, but one with the same tent bedrooms and layout.

Doors and Windows

As you can see from the photo above, the front door can be completely rolled back. Or you can have it half rolled back.

On one side is an additional door with a small porch, making it an ideal entrance if you get a rain shower.

On the other side of the tent is a large window. Note the windows on this tent are tinted and come with blinds that can be toggled up either all the way or part-way up.

Tinted Window

The large window on the tent's side is tinted, providing you with some privacy at the campsite.

Toggling the tent's blinds

The Outwell Springwood 5 has blinds that toggle in place. You can put them up or just halfway up for additional privacy.

Other Features

There are still quite a few other features on this tent.  Here are a few more worth mentioning.

The Outwell Springwood 5 is compatible with Outwell's HookTrack system, enabling you to position your lanterns where you want them.  This really does help when laying out your living space in your tent.

Hook and Track System

The Outwell Springwood 5 is compatible with Outwell's HookTrack system.

At the back of the tent is a large rear vent. This might not sound like the most exciting feature, but it is essential.  Many tents can feel damp, especially in the morning, due to condensation that builds up from everyone sleeping in a sealed-up tent. This large rear vent helps with airflow around the bedroom, helping keep condensation down.

Large Rear Vent

At the back of the tent is a large rear vent, which helps reduce condensation in the tent. It can be opened like this or covered with a flap if rain is expected

Using the tent for Longer Stays

If this is the ideal tent for yourself, and you're mostly going to use it for weekend camping, but you still want to use it on longer camping family holidays. I recommend you also purchase the Outwell Universal Extension Size 2.  This will provide you with much more living space and enable you to take more camping furniture, which is much needed on family holidays.

Outwell Universal Tent Extension Size 2

The Outwell Universal Tent Extension (Size 2) fits onto the front of your tent to provide you with a large porched living space

Purchasing this will, of course, push up your total budget for buying the tent.  If weekend camping will be mainly your thing, then this option on the Outwell Springwood 5 would be worth considering.  However, if you think you'll generally be camping for more than a night or two, save the budget and look for a larger tent where you don't need the extension.

Other Accessories

There are a few additions I've already mentioned that are worth getting:

  1. The HookTrack system. This isn't expensive and can be helpful, so lanterns don't get in the way.
  2. The extension (only if you plan on family camping holidays in this tent where you stay a handful or more nights).

Another accessory that is worth getting is the carpet. Yes, more money, I know. However, it will make the tent feel more comfortable and warm underfoot.  Picnic rugs are cheaper, but the fitted carpet is designed to fit the tent's living space, giving you good coverage without being a tripping hazard.

Another Video

Look at the Outwell Springwood 5 in our video below at 22:56.

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AttributeOutwell Springwood 5
Best Price£314.10
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Height (cm)200
Width (cm)300
Length (cm)480
Weight (kg)17.7
Pack Size (cm)70 x 32 x 32
Year Introduced2021
Height (cm)200
Length (cm)480
Width (cm)300
Tent Details
Recommended Tent UseIdeal for Weekend Camping
SleepsSleeps 5
Bedrooms2 Bedrooms
Frame TypeFlexible Poles
Tent AccessoriesTent Carpet, Tent Footprint, Tent Extension, Flexible Hanging System
Tent Construction
Flysheet FabricOutwell Outtex 4000 Select
Fly Hydrostatic Head4000 mm
Taped SeamsYes
Sewn-in GroundsheetYes
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm)Not Applicable (PE Fully Waterproof)
Sun ProtectionUPF30+
Wind Rating8 (Gale: 39-46mph/62-74kph)
Tent Windows
Window BlindsYes, toggle up
Tinted WindowsYes
Tent Doors
Additional Tent DoorsYes, on one side
No Trip EntranceNo
Rain-Safe EntryYes, on side door
Bug-Free MeshOn all exterior doors
Door converts to sunshadeNo
Tent Bedrooms
Bedroom DividerRemovable, zips in place (bottom not fixed)
Darkened BedroomsYes
Larger BedroomsYes, 215 cm depth
Bedroom Partially RemovableEntire inner tent
Storage Pockets in BedroomYes
Auto-seal Bedroom DoorsYes, magnetic
Cable entry to BedroomsYes, one bedroom
Tent Living Space
Inner Living Space Size1 section (e.g. bag space)
Living Area Storage PocketsYes
Cable EntryYes, one side
Wet-Dry ZoneNo
Built-in PorchNo
Porch Storage PocketsNot Applicable
Internal Hanging LineAdditional Accessory
Pitching and Storage
Weight (kg)17.7
PackSize (cm)70 x 32 x 32
Colour-coded Tent PegsYes
Colour-coded Tent PolesYes
Guy Line StorageYes
People to Pitch1 Person
Pump IncludedNot Applicable
Wheeled Tent BagNo, not required